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Suggestions On How To Safeguard Yourself From An Angry Pet Dog

One of my fiances most significant issues when it comes to jogging are dogs-that is the thought of dogs going after him. He told me that he used to really like mans best friend especially since he was raised within a household that constantly had pet cats and dogs. However the moment he took up a summer job being a newspaper boy he was pursued down the street by dogs frequently. Since then he had always been scared of them.

I was surfing the web one day as soon as I read an article regarding a device known as the Super Dog Chaser electronic dog repeller. Interested I read on believing that it would ultimately be the solution to my mans fear of dogs.

Apparently there is such a device that can repel dogs using a high frequency sound that can only be heard by dogs. This noise affects their hearing too much so that they are pushed to run away from it.

I contacted up my fiance and asked him his opinion on acquiring a dog repellant. Given that he wasnt a huge fan of working out at the fitness center he decided to give it a go. Thus I purchased one.

This kind of electronic canine repellent is equipped with ultrasonic technology which releases a 20000- to 25000-Hz sound that is unpleasant to a dogs keen sense of hearing.

Furthermore it has a brilliant LED blinking strobe that can blind and confuse a pet dog for a short moment of time.

Those two methods to stop a dog attack work even when the animal is 40 feet away from you. Thus you will be comforted with the knowledge that you wont have to get close before you can fend off a dog. It even features a training setting to assist you prepare yourself.

Getting the electronic dog chaser indeed helped my fiance with his dog problem. Certainly hes still afraid of them but at least the canines will be the ones going away from him instead of the other way around.

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