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Suggestions Concerning How To Take Care Of Yourself When Alone Outdoors

I am a strong-willed lady. I go anywhere I please at any time I please and can look after myself thanks. Troublemakers can stay out from my path if they really know what is good for them.

Or so I figured until one night returning home. On a dimly lit street a big guy came at me out of an alley holding a knife. I ran fast so I got away. But I knew I simply got lucky. I started thinking then about personal security devices for self defense.

A lady friend that is a law enforcement officer confirmed with me that personal alarms are perfect for scaring opponents off. The racket they make can easily attract attention to you and what is going on and can enable you to get help faster. Furthermore theyre only intended for personal protection. These are effective weapons however non-lethal.

I decided that a small personal alarm with belt clip is going to be best for me. It is easy to use and its compact design makes it easy to put on or slide into your own pocket or bag. It may also be attached to a key chain. It may be tiny but its 101 dB alarm surely is not and ought to send an opponent running.

When compared to guns or knives personal safety alarms have advantages. You dont require training or a license so that even my younger sibling or my grandmother can carry one. They do now.

I have discovered that being raised in a city does not mean that you can take on violence without extra equipment. If you are assaulted your street smarts might end immediately.

Our place is among the most unsafe cities the Feds say. The U.S. crime rate has decreased however not here. That is why personal protection is more and more important.

When walking by yourself the usual precautions still apply. I avoid dimly lit streets and come home late at night only if Im together with friends. But now personal security devices have provided me as well as my sister and grandmother an even larger dose of protection. Even my dad and brother could each utilize one.

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