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Suggestions Concerning How To Stay Protected On A Camping Journey

My buddies and I are intending to go on a 3-day camping getaway at the end of the month. We were listing down things to carry such as our own tents a portable stove cooking utensils bear repellent in case we were attacked by a bear as well as other camping equipment.

One of my pals inquired if we could make use of wasp spray as self defense instead considering that she already owned one.

However after investigating a little bit on whether or not wasp spray could double as bear spray I found out that the answer just might be no. Apparently the contents of wasp spray havent been tested specifically versus people as well as other living things. Hence it might not be very effective or might actually cause long-lasting injury.

I informed my buddies that it would definitely be best that we got a self-defense weapon which was specially meant for bears. With bear pepper spray the chances of getting permanent injury are lessened both in bears as well as in human beings.

In addition bear repellent being a non-lethal weapon doesnt engage the bear to further attack. Instead it wards the bear off. The results will soon peter out without leaving any lasting injury. Needless to say this personal protection device shouldnt be used versus others either.

A lot of my pals purchased the Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent which is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. It has a spraying range of 15 to 20 feet a comfortable enough range in between a person as well as a bear.

My other buddies and I bought the Mace bear repellent spray. This particular bear pepper spray has a range of 30 feet as well as empties in 5.4 seconds. By that time the bear will have most likely received the full blast of the self-defense device and will have retreated.

Obviously it would still be okay to bring wasp spray as self defense since we dont know what insects could possibly be within our camping area.

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