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Picking Out Perfect Self Defense Weapons for Women

Being a modern girl entails many different things. Other than taking care of your very own finances, career as well as future, you will also have to take into account some type of women self defense. While an independent lady is prone to assaults and criminal offenses, she has the capability to control virtually any situation.

If a mugger cornered you in an alley and threatened you using physical violence you would have the way to escape this situation. When you purchase a self defense weapon for women, such as the stun knuckles the power and also control moves back to you.

A knuckle stun gun contains the strength to disable anyone and is a great stun gun for women. It administers electric shocks to a targets body whenever the unit comes in contact with it. A very simple touch or graze is sufficient to bring an attacker to his knees.

You would have plenty of time to try to escape or ask for assistance right after the mugger falls down. He would be unable to move or even attack once the shocks enter his body. Even though the effects are temporary the window of time is sufficient for you to secure your safety.

One more great thing about stun knuckles is that they are non fatal. You wouldn't need to bother about killing anyone or harming them completely.

Stun knuckles can be purchased as high voltage stun guns. This means that they discharge a substantial amount of electricity in one go. Utilizing a knuckle stun gun will be like striking your attacker with the power of many guys. Your own personal size as well as power would not be a factor in the performance of this self defense weapon for women.

A high voltage stun gun is a quick acting and also efficient non lethal self defense weapon. It will take much less shots for it to do its work when compared with lower voltage ones. One impact is going to be equal to several shots from a low voltage stun gun.

Obtaining your very own set of stun knuckles is going to be akin to having your own private bodyguard continuing to keep you secure 24/7. You wouldn't need to be afraid of being on your own or of traveling all on your own.

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