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Remarkable Stopping Power In Your Hands

My dislike to electric stun guns was changed as soon as my older sibling introduced me to one up close and personal. He showed me a knuckle stun gun which was made to provide an extra powerful punch in order to repel assailants as soon as it hits them.

His concern came from a recent mugging incident involving a buddy and me. I came home one night shaken and just truly stunned. I guess that he felt kind of guilty about being nowhere near the moment I needed him the most.

A stun gun is technically a non-lethal weapon for personal defense that wont lead to any permanent injury. However longer contact can cause even more disorientation that could lead to assailants dropping down to their knees after several seconds.

As I was looking at the Knuckle Blaster stun gun from my brother he revealed that it was able to give 950000 volts of stopping power. When I tried to hold it as instructed this patented unit with soft rubber skin easily fit into my small hand conveniently just like a one-size-fits-all.

I was trying out the safety switch which was easily accessible to my thumb. A knuckle stun gun is quite a awesome unit because I can flip the safety off and fire with the same hand. This leaves my other hand free to grope for other tools for self-defense.

As a precaution my dear brother said to me that I shouldnt linger on to check if I hit my enemy or not. He was confident that my high voltage stun gun will be effective enough to immobilize any kind of target.

However I should take this as my cue to run away and ask for assistance. This is the part where he feels that I should gather my senses and just run as fast as I could.

I am hoping that nothing like the previous mugging incident will happen to me anymore. Should the occasion rise I know I am ready. Today I no longer look at electric stun guns the same manner I did.

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