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Recommendations On How To Remain Safe While Traveling

My job as a researcher for a magazine usually takes me to the road and sometimes to unfamiliar territories. In many instances I take these types of road trips by myself. I later on realized that as a young girl taking long drives with no companion whatsoever I must appear to be a fairly easy target.

I then thought it best to start being responsible for my own safety by researching the various self defense guns and gadgets which I could utilize. I quickly became informed regarding stun guns non-lethal products that leave no long term injuries however are built to disable any enemy momentarily giving away sufficient time for escape.

A brief online search brought me to a several quite interesting and also amazing types of stun guns for womens use in self-defense.

Disguised stun guns are covert devices built to resemble something else. Any would-be attacker would assume you to be completely defenseless and would certainly be taken aback whenever you put your weapon to use.

The selling point of mini stun guns also plays on the element of surprise since these types of small gizmos may be hidden very easily in the hand. Apart from this small stun guns are designed to be very compact and also portable.

Flashlight stun guns are dual-purpose items. Not just are they designed to give off electrical energy and stun would-be assailants but also equipped with a flashlight to give illumination particularly in the evening.

The stun gun which I now have is a Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun with flashlight. This lipstick-looking rechargeable stun gun is only 3 inches tall. Its built with a flashlight and zaps up to 950000 volts enough to knock down a person of any size.

Right now I feel more secure with my stun gun and never go at any place without it. I am very pleased with this tool. It essentially fuses the great properties of three types of self defense guns which appeal to me: a clever disguise size as well as a built-in light.

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