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Policies In Buying A Taser Legally In California

I am from Los Angeles in which Ive got an evening job. Each time I go to work I must pass by a certain place in Huntington Park that is considered to be quite dangerous. Well I did not feel so until I bore witness to a terrible criminal activity while I was driving by.

Luckily I was unharmed but since thought of getting myself a Taser for protection. A friend stressed though that I learn about California Taser regulations before I buy this self-defense tool.

By definition California Taser laws categorize a Taser as a stun gun. Tasers basically use the technology of stun guns but with additional range. This addition is available in the way of projectile wires 15 feet long. The wires lodge on a target to give electric current from a safe distance.

Tasers work just as efficiently without using the projectile wires. The close-quarter counterattack is done similarly to that with a stun gun. Virtually any point of contact will assure the immobility of the opponent.

Today California Taser laws grant the utilization of all forms of stun guns and their accessories as long as several requirements are attained. These needs include the acts of selling purchasing and utilizing the stated gadgets.

Each Taser stun gun for sale should have the name of the manufacturer stamped on it. The serial number applied by the maker should also be found. This self-defense weapon cannot be sold to people who have been convicted. People with drug concerns or mental issues cant buy a stun gun inside the state of California. Sale to children below the age of 18 is against the law.

Having a Taser should be in line with self-defense practices and by no means shall be utilized to help an attack. Medical staff should report to regulators any injury borne out of a Taser. Moreover Tasers are not allowed inside courtrooms except when brought by a licensed law officer that has clearance.

Actually I got all these coming from a booklet which the vendor provided as soon as I bought a Taser. Needless to say California Taser laws allow me the means to defend myself from danger.

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