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Pointers Concerning How To Protect Yourself Whenever Assigned To The Night Shift

As a nurse I am used to shifting work schedules even though I usually take evening shifts so that I can care for my children during the day. (My hubby works a nine-to-five job.) My hubby would often let me know that perhaps I should look for a different job that didnt require me to head back home in the wee hours.

In order to set his mind at ease I informed him that I would buy myself a personal security alarm. I got to know of these types of self-defense devices from an x-ray technician friend at work that likewise had one.

A personal alarm is a tiny piece of equipment that sets off an alarm when triggered. With one it is possible to draw in the attention of people close by that you are being attacked or robbed.

That colleague owns a mini personal alarm with clip. The alarming gadget whenever triggered produces a 101-decibel wail. It can be turned on as well as deactivated with a simple push of a button. Because of its small size it can easily fit in the pocket of your own coat or in your bag. For easy access you can attach it onto your belt or bag.

My husband was thrilled by the idea thus we began looking for personal alarms online.

I wished to acquire an electronic pocket/keychain whistle. It possessed a 120-decibel alarm. Contrary to its being a �keychain whistle� there was no need to blow on it in order to set off the alarm. Instead it used a button in order to inform all those around that you were having trouble.

My spouse on the other hand suggested I order a personal alarm with flashlight. Having a 130-decibel alarm in one people could quickly come to my aid. It had a flashlight that would be useful for whenever I had to walk through the hospital parking area to get to the street.

I was convinced by my husband�s viewpoint so I purchased his recommendation of a personal security alarm. Now we both feel safer and he can finally have a good night�s sleep.

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