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  • Effective Means Of Ensuring Secured Weapon-Free Functions

    While attending college I made sure to sign up for a charitable organization to keep me active. It would look good in my resume also. As a member I was given the job of taking care of security for all of our fundraising events which were usually held on campus.

    I was truly worried about how I was going to keep everybody protected during these events on school premises. With all the shootings which had happened in other schools before I took this job of mine very seriously. I found a Garrett SuperWand on the internet and made a decision to give it a shot.

    Security metal detectors are extremely helpful in uncovering any kind of weapons that are in anyones possession so they would help ensure safety in our activities. This will enable me to keep wrongdoers out and also avoid any possible criminal offenses.

    Right after searching for options I made a decision to select the SuperWand. It features a 360-degree detection field that gives uniform sensitivity and tip pinpointing in order to discover weapons and other metal items with excellent precision.

    This lightweight metal detector wand is a high-volume screening detector furnished with a multipurpose alarm setting that permits either audible or silent search. Its self-calibrating thus there is no need for regular sensitivity adjustment.

    Handheld metal detectors are lifesavers in these kinds of events. They are known to uncover contraband metal objects stainless steel weapons and also ferrous and non-ferrous tools. With these kinds of tools no person can get away with carrying anything illegal into our activities.

    To be able to cover and secure just about all entrances I needed to buy several detectors. Our fundraisers are often full of parents teachers students and also other visitors thus it is my job to make sure that everybody is protected. In case any individual attempts to cause trouble these should help me prevent anybody from doing harm.

    After discovering the Garrett SuperWand I realized just how handy metal detectors are. The reality that they are used in airports and banks makes me feel confident that they will be useful for offering security in our fundraising events.

  • Helpful Devices To Keep Your House Protected From Thieves

    Our community isnt the safest place in the world. We have to deal with break-ins robberies and drive-by shootings constantly however since this is our home were ready to live with it.

    We have adjusted to our surroundings and also bought a complex home security system that features a number of home alarms and hidden cameras. Even though this might not prevent a determined thief we can at least make sure that well bring the criminals to justice.

    One of the more interesting items which we possess is an auto dialer security and safety alarm. When armed this particular auto dialer regularly scans the room it is in and is going to sound a 105 dB alarm the moment that motion is detected.

    As soon as the alarm is sounded it will also dial up to 5 preset contact numbers. We have set it to include the telephone number of the local police department so that it will call for help in case were not able to.

    We installed our auto dialer inside the main room which is the living room of our residence. We do not have a back or side door and there are no trees surrounding the house so we only have to worry about one entryway.

    In the summer months our front door is open throughout the day to air out our home so we have the alarm set to chime mode. In this mode it is going to play a light chime sound whenever it perceives motion but is not going to sound the alarm or call the police.

    We arm our motion detector auto dialer alarm during the night whenever we are resting and also every time we venture out on long journeys. Whenever used in combination with our hidden cameras this makes sure that anybody who trespasses could be tracked and captured.

    The home alarms that we utilize give us not just security but also peace of mind. Our motion-detecting auto dialer has shown to be so useful that we have decided to get one each for our office and also our shop as well.

  • Utilizing Stun Guns In Order To Safeguard Yourself From Peril

    Various degrees of stun gun voltage produce varying results. I discovered this fact as soon as I was looking for a non-lethal weapon that was powerful enough to take an opponent down without producing any long term harm.

    With a lot of news on occurrences of attacks on innocent individuals I felt worried and was compelled to provide myself with handy self-defense. I began seeking stun weapons and my search brought me to a web based site that offered these.

    It is important to note that it requires fewer shots in order to administer electricity to a target with a high voltage stun gun. The millions of volts being emitted can bring down even the most pain-tolerant opponent.

    Small stun guns on the other hand are lightweight and very portable no matter what voltage. They could immobilize any target but those that are low voltage stun guns may need to be repeated several times more.

    One item in particular caught my eye. It is all those and a disguised stun gun that appears like an ordinary Blackberry-type handheld device which gives it the benefit of the element of surprise.

    No opponent will ever suspect that theyll be jolted by 4.5 million volts of electricity from a Hot Shot stun gun as it will seem like you are simply taking out a cell phone to call for help. It is built with a safety switch and also an illuminated red light which signals you when it is all set to unleash hell on your attacker.

    Catching assailants off guard is far more effective in combating any serious harm which may fall upon any would-be victim. With this one can quickly escape danger and flag for assistance.

    In coming to terms with the possibility of being attacked I decided to arm myself quickly using a self-defense weapon that has the power of punch to the gut. So soon after reviewing stun gun voltage I thought that the best one for me is one that can teach my opponent a hard lesson with just a single shot.

  • Tips On How Women Approaching Senior Age Can Protect Themselves

    My auntie that is in her fifties is beginning to become a bit paranoid. Shes constantly suspicious of other individuals who give her so much as a glance. Thus when her 54th birthday was just around the corner I checked on the internet for any cheap stun guns so that I can give her one as a gift.

    As soon as the special day came and she opened her present she was a bit puzzled. I told her that stun guns are non-lethal weapons however they can disable a target momentarily to offer her enough time to flee her opponent.

    She asked with a bit of reluctance in her voice how it could possibly stop an attacker. I told her that a stun gun would deliver an electric shock when it comes in contact with the aggressors body.

    What I provided her precisely was a Z-Force stun gun. This kind of low voltage stun gun offers 100000 volts only which provides a mild electric shock which lessens the likelihood that the attacker might get really really hurt. Another choice that I discovered was a 300000-volt stun gun still low voltage as compared to other stun tools having a million volts or so.

    I added that her new small stun gun is handy as well. Due to its size it can easily fit into her handbag or perhaps in the pocket of her jeans.

    When walking home alone at night cannot be prevented I told my aunt that she should always be prepared thus have her slim stun gun in her hand . Because it is small and easy to hold it may be easily concealed within the palm. And if by any possibility she gets mugged her attacker is going to be totally surprised with what hit him or her.

    I reminded my aunt never to get crazy with fear given that she has a stun gun with her. She shouldnt just stun anybody that she suspects though. I also gave her the contact information of the shop I came across that offered cheap stun guns in case she required another one or maybe even a second one.

  • How You Can Make Sure That Your Financial Savings Are Certainly Safe

    The moment I started out working I would get 10 bucks out of my wallet daily and keep it as petty cash. Precisely what served as my own piggy bank was an unused container of chocolates being that I was far too close-fisted to snap up a much better moneybox.

    The flat in which I lived with 3 other people was burgled one day. My chocolate box was spared though as who will make an effort to try looking in it for spoils? That mere package got me an awesome idea on how to build a hidden safe cheaply.

    Thus for the next several years I would go from one used package to another one regardless of whether was an unused coffee can or perhaps ice cream cup and put those to use as storage safes. They dint ever became stolen from mainly because no one gave them the time of day.

    I am no more as destitute today as I once was. I lease a condo unit on my own and have moved some notches higher in the area of stowing my dollar bills away in reused product packaging. That is I currently save cash in diversion safes.

    These are masked safes that take the form of mundane consumer products in order that home invaders would fail to ID them as containers of valuable things. Theyre not unlike my empty cartons except that they keep better and have far longer shelf lives.

    For instance I have transferred my petty cash to three different areas. These are the Trader Joes Sea Salt can safe in the cupboard a fabric & upholstery cleaner diversion safe within the laundry area and also a carpet cleaner can safe in the utility drawer.

    Back when I initially happened on diversion safes online I read that burglars make an effort to clear out of the property they are robbing as fast as they are able to for fear of getting busted. They do not have time to check within cleaners as well as food cans for loot.

    Making use of stash cans for storage takes the uncertainty out of how to build a hidden safe securely without breaking the bank.

  • Combating An Aggressor Smartly Making Use Of A Self-Defense Stun Gun

    A telescopic stun baton is the longer and retractable edition of the regular self defense stun gun. Seemingly it can offer the owner the good advantage of striking his target at a risk-free distance.

    Some baton stun guns could be extended for up to 21.5 inches long from their regular size of 13 inches only. Their expandable feature gets rid of the necessity to go near any enemy to be able to debilitate him with a non deadly weapon.

    Retractable stun batons can be utilized in their complete size by simply pushing a trigger switch. When fully extended the exposed steel piece is usually electrified so that it gets impossible for a perpetrator of crime to grab the weapon from you.

    Just like virtually any self defense stun gun an extendable stun baton can stop a wrongdoer on his paths by dispatching electrical shocks to his body when hit. For instance the Stun Master 800000 volt telescopic stun baton could paralyze an opponent for 20 to 45 minutes.

    What makes a retractable stun baton the superior self defense stun gun is the fact that its span alone can intimidate an attacker. This can potentially stop him from getting his strategies into action.

    When searching for a stun baton the expandable and retracting function should not be neglected. This will provide you a longer reach so that you can easily strike the culprit using an electrical charge without being closer to him. Furthermore it becomes a handy device whenever retracted.

    This kind of self defense stun gun includes other valuable features too. You will find baton stun guns equipped with a built-in flashlight to help you get around dark areas and an alarm that you could switch on to inform the folks close by of difficulty.

    If you are concerned about being electrocuted while making use of a tactical stun baton you should not be. Even when your enemy touches you when he is being electrically shocked you can untangle yourself easily. It makes use of non-conductive substance to prevent the user from taking in an electrical shock.

  • Effective Method Of Staying Protected When You Have To Walk Home After Work

    Despite that I live just a few blocks from my place of work the walk home has consistently been a source of fear for me. My apartment building is located inside a relatively secure part of Chicago however in order to get home I need to walk by a number of unpleasant areas.

    Hearing about my predicament female co-workers urged me to take into consideration security options just like self-defense sprays. Desperate to find a solution to my safety dilemma I looked on the web quickly for details like what pepper spray really does and where to get pepper spray for that matter.

    I found out that defense sprays upon contact with the skin trigger a burning feeling which makes the would-be enemy motionless for a few minutes. This buys enough time for the would-be victim to try to escape and ask for assistance.

    Hot pepper spray like regular pepper spray is non-lethal. It also doesnt cause any kind of permanent injuries. The difference between the 2 is that hot pepper sprays have a more potent formulation enough to teach any wrongdoer a lesson the hard way.

    Whereas ordinary pepper sprays contain 10% pepper strong pepper spray contains 18% oleoresin capsicum. This concentration is responsible for making the pepper solution so hot that it not only results in a burning sensation but also forces the eyes to shut as well as causes a choking sensation.

    The 4oz. WildFire 18% pepper spray which I bought is known to act immediately and potently against assailants. Like the majority of other strong pepper sprays it immediately gets absorbed by the skin brings in a painful burning experience and makes respiration hard.

    Other variants I have tried out are the 1-pound Firemaster pepper spray and a 9 oz. pepper spray which has a pistol grip.

    Carrying out my research just before purchasing my pepper spray has paid off mainly because I really believe I have found an ideal tool for me. Learning where to get pepper spray and which sort I want hasnt been a total waste of my time.

  • Protecting Yourself Versus Wild Bears

    As a ranger working for one of the biggest national parks in the country Im in charge of safeguarding as well as preserving the park and its surrounding forest. My job takes me deep into the wilderness in which I inspect and record my discoveries.

    In the course of my job I normally encounter wild bears foraging for food or tending to their young. Normally they are peaceful however occasionally they may mistake you for a predator and face you. For situations such as these I have a bear repellent.

    It is a self-defense spray just like pepper spray and works in the same way but it is intended for use on bears. Its purpose is to drive the bear away so that you can escape.

    The effects do not cause any permanent harm and wear off in order that the bear can rejoin its population. But its not safe for use on humans. The use of bear spray can lessen the risk of permanent damage and loss of life among bears and humans as well.

    I encounter a number of different species of bears while on patrol so I carry a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent. Its registered solely with the EPA as a repellent which is effective against all species of bears and is eco-friendly.

    My patrol routes take me along several of the more popular hiking trails. The bears normally avoid these areas as there is not much food to be found. However in the summertime they are seen to wander out onto the trail.

    My fellow rangers and I were taught to keep our distance from bears especially when being faced with one. The bear pepper spray which I bring helps me with this as it is effective up to 20 feet.

    Over the years I have seen numerous park rangers and hikers saved because of the use of bear repellent spray. I find it to be a very useful tool for wildlife professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  • Things To Keep In Mind To Always Keep Your Precious Items Secure While On The Road

    Immediately after all of the kids have gone off to start families of their own my spouse and I obtained an RV in order that we can get on the road. We would like to enjoy travel and enjoy the great outdoors more regularly. Being in a position to see great places while keeping that homey feeling is essential to us so the RV is definitely best.

    However making use of an RV for touring is not without its disadvantages mostly on security. We used to have a problem with where to save possessions until we started using secret compartment books. These types of diversion safes have been the most suitable answers to our dilemma of secure storage.

    Our initial diversion book safe was a Christmas present from our eldest boy. He managed to trick me into believing that he had simply gifted me with a book. Since I read a great deal I wasnt the least bit surprised by his pick of present however was puzzled as soon as he advised me to glance inside.

    As I flipped the pages I came upon a rectangular box embedded within the middle. It appeared as if the pages had been hollowed out to make room for a box. When I nudged the cover off I discovered ample area inside for concealing things.

    I have to confess that this books compartment is a very smart method to hide valuable things without much effort. Goodness is aware that a thief would not hang around sorting through a bunch of books seeking money.

    Soon after asking our child where he obtained the disguised safe we browsed through web based stores and got a few more. We put some within a small library at home while keeping the rest along with my wifes cookbooks and my paperbacks inside the RV.

    We save money as well as important items within our book safes every time we are out on a trip now. My wife has put her jewelry within these hidden containers also.

    Having secret compartment books within our RV has surely decreased our worries throughout our travels. Were much more relaxed understanding that diversion safes have got us covered.

  • Things To Keep In Mind To Always Remain Protected In A Rough Neighborhood

    The condominium where I have resided for five years was a shiny new sight on a street lined with shiny new stores and also residences the moment I first relocated. But the location didnt take and soon my building developed a bad case of entropy.

    It got to a time in which just a fool would certainly step out of his home without the most powerful stun gun or hand gun along. So I procured exactly that except that I picked the non-lethal weapon over the deadly firearm.

    Once direct contact occurs the sudden release of electricity from a stun gun throughout the body does the job of causing temporary paralysis as well as confusion. Anyone who becomes hit loses his capacity to move his muscles and ultimately goes down.

    The effects dont cause permanent injury. They fade away within 20 to 50 minutes. You are supposed to use this window of opportunity to leave the scene of danger and seek rescue.

    When I started searching I found out that voltage is one quantifiable gauge of power. As high voltage stun guns send out a more powerful electrical shock at any given time it stands to reason that it could take them less shots as well as seconds to take an assaulter down.

    Disguises though act like silent partners. Considering that disguised stun guns dont appear like weapons youll have caught any thug with his guard down before he realizes that you arent precisely defenseless.

    I put two and two together and selected a Hot Shot stun gun. Looking misleadingly like a Blackberry-style handheld gadget it stays under the radar of a predator right up until I can find an opening to offload 975000 volts on them to take them down.

    You would be making a major mistake in case you dont make an effort to own the most powerful stun gun keep you safe in a rough area. I keep mine in a detachable stainless steel belt clip that came free along with it and I have it on me at all times.

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