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  • Tips On How To Keep Kids Safe From Internet Dangers

    Today's kids are more technologically inclined compared to the moment we were at their ages. And considering the ease of access of the Web it scares me to know that my kids are one click away from unsafe as well as illicit information.

    Because of this I've been searching for solutions to make Internet as well as computer usage child-friendly. As I was considering options I learned about using a child safe Web browser.

    Child-safe Web browsers possess a kid-friendly user interface that will allow your young ones to utilize the PC and Internet safely. These assure us parents that their innocent thoughts will stay innocent while they enjoy their childhood.

    They are specifically developed for kids use. They are very colorful and also playful and promote independence as kids no longer need an adult's assistance for navigation. Consequently children have a great time while surfing the web and are protected from harmful information by a content blocker.

    A safe Web browser for kids is all we require to safeguard our children without keeping them ignorant of the educational benefits of the net. This is the reason why my husband and I purchased the KIDS netSAFE Web browser.

    This particular browser seems to have gone all-out to be able to keep children from accessing other menus as well as programs on the PC with its full screen window. It needs a parent password prior to exiting. Furthermore it is completely customizable. I can change the password add Internet sites to block and add or remove sites to or from the favorite list.

    I can download a history of visited internet sites in the past seven days to assist in managing the list of favorite as well as blocked sites. Moreover I can disable the address bar function so that my children cannot type in the addresses of just any website they would like to check out.

    Using a child safe Web browser I can keep track of the websites which my youngsters go to as well as their computer usage. I no more worry about them clicking accidentally into an adult website that contains illicit and harmful content material.

  • Most Effective Method Of Protecting Your Property From Intruders

    Despite the fact that my parents reside in a completely different neighborhood as compared to mine, I was very rattled the moment I heard that somebody had broken into a house close to theirs. I quickly found that even when we are home were not exactly safe from being targeted by criminals.

    I was determined to change that mainly because I wasn't just going to let anyone take control of my safety. I opted to get an entry alarm with RF remote control for use as home protection and recommended it to my mom and dad also.

    The device I acquired is an alarm which can be utilized on a door or window that can be armed using a remote control. By using a security alarm in various access points in my household I thought that I would be successful in keeping intruders out.

    It works with 3 different radio frequencies so I am able to activate and deactivate the different alarm units set up in my home with the mere use of a single controller. This is definitely handy and efficient in securing all entry areas.

    What's more the channels of the remote may be set to operate different units. This way I could easily customize each wireless alarm to suit my security needs.

    Installing this intruder alarm was easy too. All I needed to do was make use of strong adhesive tape to fix the primary unit and its magnetic bar onto a door or window frame. Now that it is mounted and ready to go anybody who attempts to enter my house will trigger a loud piercing 110-dB siren.

    Having safety home alarms put up to be able to guard the entry points throughout my home will definitely keep intruders out and alert me of their presence. At the very least the alarm will frighten them off and hopefully keep them away for good.

    I am thankful for my online discovery of a solid entry alarm with RF remote control. With such an alarming unit I feel much more confident about the personal security of my residence as well as my own personal safety.

  • Keeping Useful Tools Within Your Vehicle

    Much has changed in the world of automobile safety. There are no longer simply engine-powered seats on a set of wheels but instead meticulously designed and manufactured shells which encase drivers and passengers in a cocoon of protection.

    However, when it comes to accidents absolutely no vehicle is truly safe. At times the built-in features meant to protect you may turn out working versus you and its in conditions such as these that an auto emergency tool comes in handy.

    The first thing that you should take into account is the seat belt. It is meant to stop you from flying forward in your seat in the event of a sudden stop or crash. However in a car accident it might not be possible to disengage the seat belt to free the passenger.

    Second are the passenger-side and driver-side windows. In the event that your automobile is submerged completely you may not be able to open the door or break the windows because of the pressure of the water pressing down on them.

    The force of the water outside the vehicle will usually be greater than the pressure within. And the windows are manufactured to not shatter under normal conditions, so that special tools are necessary to break it.

    I got myself a 4-in-1 vehicle emergency tool to counter these kinds of possibilities. It comes equipped with a special razor blade which could cut through seat belts and also a small pointed hammer that is ideal for shattering the glass that car windows are made of. Furthermore it is outfitted with an extra-bright flashlight and also blinking emergency light.

    Given that it is compact, I can keep it either secured to my dashboard with Velcro straps or in my glove compartment ready to use in the event of an emergency. My friends and relatives have all followed my example and keep an emergency tool in their vehicles also.

    Nobody wants car accidents to take place and everybody should be responsible enough as drivers to avoid it. If it ever happens though an auto emergency tool can save your life.

  • Helping Elderly Persons Keep Their Personal Possessions Secure

    Ever since my pops passed away my senior-aged mommy has been living by herself in a suburb near Chicago. She has a cleaning lady that comes in daily and church friends who visit regularly. Apart from them she has the house all to herself.

    During our very last phone call my mother was distraught over missing jewelry. I did not wish to pass it off as forgetfulness kicking in because she was always careful with her things. I told her that it might be best to acquire a covert jewelry safe for her precious belongings.

    I did not want for mother to get a metal safe which could make another person feel that she had plenty of money all around the house. Thus I drove down one weekend to find out how she was and to show her exactly what diversion safes were.

    Soda can safes were ones that I started making use of soon after relocating to the busy downtown. In my apartment burglary was always a possibility, while figuring out my concealed safes was not. I wanted my mommy to have the same peace of mind that her possessions were securely hidden.

    I showed her the numerous disguised safes on the internet through my laptop computer. I also let her take a look at my Dr. Pepper stash can just to prove my point. Just like dad, mother can be stubborn sometimes, but she gave in grudgingly after seeing precisely how uncanny the resemblance was. Even this can safes weight got her fooled.

    We selected diversion safes that no person but her would touch. She does all the cooking, so designs just like a gourmet saltshaker safe which can be placed in the kitchen are a great idea.

    An Arizona iced tea can safe could be held in the refrigerator and her petty money would be safe. She found it easy to take the secret lid off, thus it was just suitable for her.

    For her jewelry safe she selected a hairbrush diversion safe that she could leave on her vanity. I am just glad that I helped mommy secure the prized trinkets which had come from father.

  • How To Effectively Protect Yourself During An Attack

    Any smart person would prevent getting caught up in a fight. When it comes to saving your life however you'll do anything you could to get away from a risky situation unharmed.

    I shiver to think that wielding a self-defense weapon to stop an opponent effectively is not always enough. It occurs to me that I need to be able to make use of what I have and can do in ways that will make me carry out an objective successfully. This is where I think that instructional fighting DVDs can certainly help people like myself.

    Despite the fact that every second matters in a dangerous condition, I realize that I need to plan my counterattack to be able to subdue an assailant. The most typical initial response to an attack is panic and criminals know how to take advantage of it.

    Knowing self defense skills is important even when I am a believer in sorting trouble without resorting to violence. At some point in life, I reckon that I will have to take care of a situation that presents fighting back as the only way out.

    As soon as I wanted to know core tactics that could be applied to warding off an enemy I tried Browns Indian Fighting Skills video. It has instructions on how to restrain an enemy with just a few easy moves. I learned how to throw a deathly punch without hurting my hand.

    Fight to Win by Jim West provides powerful street fighting techniques which can be picked up easily. Even a crook double my size might not stand a chance as soon as I have mastered these hand-to-hand fighting skills.

    Are you aware that your gun must be paired with the right skills to stack the odds on your side in the event of an attack? Cooleys Fighting Mindset DVD presents techniques that will help you use a gun effectively in a crucial situation.

    Viewing instructional fighting DVDs has bestowed on me knowledge and skills that I could actually apply in a real situation. You will be shocked to discover as I have that you need not be in perfect shape to become a capable fighter.

  • Suggestions Concerning How To Stay Protected On A Camping Journey

    My buddies and I are intending to go on a 3-day camping getaway at the end of the month. We were listing down things to carry such as our own tents a portable stove cooking utensils bear repellent in case we were attacked by a bear as well as other camping equipment.

    One of my pals inquired if we could make use of wasp spray as self defense instead considering that she already owned one.

    However after investigating a little bit on whether or not wasp spray could double as bear spray I found out that the answer just might be no. Apparently the contents of wasp spray havent been tested specifically versus people as well as other living things. Hence it might not be very effective or might actually cause long-lasting injury.

    I informed my buddies that it would definitely be best that we got a self-defense weapon which was specially meant for bears. With bear pepper spray the chances of getting permanent injury are lessened both in bears as well as in human beings.

    In addition bear repellent being a non-lethal weapon doesnt engage the bear to further attack. Instead it wards the bear off. The results will soon peter out without leaving any lasting injury. Needless to say this personal protection device shouldnt be used versus others either.

    A lot of my pals purchased the Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent which is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. It has a spraying range of 15 to 20 feet a comfortable enough range in between a person as well as a bear.

    My other buddies and I bought the Mace bear repellent spray. This particular bear pepper spray has a range of 30 feet as well as empties in 5.4 seconds. By that time the bear will have most likely received the full blast of the self-defense device and will have retreated.

    Obviously it would still be okay to bring wasp spray as self defense since we dont know what insects could possibly be within our camping area.

  • Using A Personal Security Mini Stun Gun To Be Able To Offer Protection To Yourself From Possible Danger

    Being an accountant I've got a job which necessitates me sometimes to finish up late to complete the days work. Realizing the fact that coming back home late at night exposes me to possible danger I decided to purchase a personal security weapon for my personal protection.

    I was searching for the perfect personal security tool when I came across stun guns. Surprisingly they came in all shapes and sizes. I could decide to buy a personal security mini stun guns, such as theĀ small Runt stun gun or something larger.

    At first I was hesitant regarding purchasing a stun gun. But I found out that all are non-lethal weapons. When used against an assailant one would just paralyze him momentarily. As soon as it subdues him successfully I could get away and ask for assistance.

    I was specifically looking for a high voltage stun gun because I had read that its more effective in stopping an attacker. As soon as I stumbled on the Runt stun gun I discovered that even personal security mini stun gunsĀ could pack an extraordinary electrical force.

    Small stun guns can unleash as much as 2.5 to 4.5 million volts. At just around 5 inches to 6.5 inches in length one can just be hidden in my palm and also utilized readily against someone who would like to hurt me. He would not even notice that Im carrying a weapon which could harm him extremely.

    I am surely glad that I have decided to look into the personal security mini Runt stun gun as it gave me an idea about small yet powerful stun guns. Its choices of size make it an excellent personal protection gizmo for me.

    Stun guns have always intimidated me, however I came to understand that they aren't meant to encourage a confrontation together with the helpless assailant. Rather the victim must grab the opportunity to escape quickly.

    I feel such relief right after checking out the Runt stun gun on the internet. By doing this it went into my mind finally that it would be much more advantageous to carry a weapon that gives an element of surprise.

  • Protecting Your Family And Property From Intruders

    This story is about one couples journey in finding the proper home security devices for their needs. We thank them for sharing their Journey..

    As burglaries rise steadily within our community my spouse and I have become worried for our personal home protection. The burglars do not seem to concentrate on properties to rob. They appear to just enter any household which they find.

    My partner desired to buy a firearm for our safety. I refused because I believed that would be very violent. I suggested that we consider different burglar alarm systems instead.

    We were certain that we needed some form of a wireless home security device that possessed motion detectors, sensors and a base unit. Basically the sensors and also motion detectors send a signal towards the base system whenever motion is found. The base device then calls preset numbers and sounds an alarm to inform the homeowner.

    The individual answering the call has the option to listen in on the room or say something via the base gadget to whoever is in the room. The system could be deactivated either through the call or utilizing a remote control.

    We specifically acquired the HomeSafe wireless home security system. It came with a base unit, with an AC adaptor, a window/door sensor, a motion detector and a remote control.

    This particular personal home alarm system will sound an alarm when it discovers activity. It will also individually contact the five contact numbers we have entered into the system to inform us of movement in the house or that a door or window had been opened.

    Its sensors can send out wireless transmission approximately 250 feet. The motion detector can monitor a whole room effectively as it detects motion for up to 8 yards.

    On the internet, I discovered numerous kinds of burglar alarm systems and home security devices in order to help keep your home secure especially during the night, the moment you are sound asleep, or whenever you are not in the house.

    Ever since setting up a home defense system we have felt safer as well as a lot more confident knowing that we are just a telephone call away from scaring off anybody sneaking around our house.

  • Pointers On How To Properly Defend Yourself Against Assailants

    A few weeks back a flatmate of mine got mugged as she was heading back to our dormitory. Due to the happening our resident assistant urged us to be much more informed regarding self defense tools.

    She held an impromptu mini-seminar introducing us to gadgets just like stun guns peppers sprays as well as kubotans. She even more taught us on how to make a self defense weapon function successfully against opponents.

    Amongst all the weapons that she introduced the one which hit my curiosity was the kubotan. Kubotans are short aluminum cylinders which come in several colors and have either pointed or flat ends. These kinds of tools look like regular key rings.

    Despite appearances a kubotan could become a lot more effective as compared to some other tools for self defense. This is because they appear to be very harmless and not frightening that an assailant would never think them to be weapons in any way.

    By reading further regarding kubotan key chains on the internet I discovered that the ideal blows done with the weapon should target the groin stomach solar plexus throat arm shin hip bone collarbone ankle as well as kneecap.

    A sharp strike making use of a kubotan to a bony section of the body will surely deter an assailant in order to stop his attack. A well-placed blow can also split bones especially if the force of the blow isnt restricted by clothes.

    I also learned that swinging attacks are better on hard and bony areas of the body. The fleshy areas on the other hand experience much more pain from pokes and jabs with the tips of a key chain kubotan.

    I was truly taken in with the simplicity of the kubotan. As a result I soon acquired one for myself. The others felt a lot more comfortable with other devices but I am happy that we all went out and got ourselves personal weapons for defense. At the end of the day whatever tool youve got what definitely is important is being aware of how to make a self defense weapon do a great job of protecting you.

  • Safe Walks Thanks To Undercover Self-Defense

    One friend of mine is a little paranoid in terms of walking alone be it in daytime or in the evening. Her knees literally buckle every time somebody approaches her to inquire about directions or for the time.

    Her fear increased after she was almost robbed on her way going to work once. So when she eventually learned about such a thing as a stun gun phone she felt as if her prayers were answered.

    A stun gun is a gadget that sends an electric shock to the body after direct contact. It paralyzes its victim momentarily. However the user of the stun gun should take note that the weapon is non-lethal so that the incapacitation lasts only for a few minutes. So it is best to go away rather than to confront the enemy.

    Stun guns come in different forms. Thanks to todays technology and the need to hide weapons smartly you can now see numerous disguised stun guns available in the market.

    A disguised stun gun gives you the upper hand when you are attacked. Since the opponent has no idea that you are holding a stun gun he or she will be caught off guard.

    One sample of this is a stun gun cell phone. It looks like an actual smartphone such as in some instances a camera phone. Due to its appearance you can truly hold this small phone stun gun in your hand when walking alone or every time you feel unsafe.

    Thus in order to feel safer whenever she goes out my pal after doing a bit of research obtained a 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun gun. She managed to test it on an unruly drunk who all of a sudden crumpled to the floor. One more excellent thing about her purchase is that it features a safety switch in order to prevent the user from stunning herself.

    Now my friend has no qualms regarding going out alone given that she brings her stun gun cell phone everywhere she goes. No one seems to ever suspect that it is a weapon.

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