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  • Suggestions On How To Always Keep Your Grownup Children Safe

    Her very first job straight out of college seems to have transformed my older daughter from a painfully shy teenager to the exact opposite. She is famous in her circles from the looks of it and she works very hard but parties even harder.

    As a father, I welcome it and dread it all at the same time. Her relentless social life forced me to research across Web stores carrying pepper spray where to buy one for use by a young female at the office. Sexual harassment is at present my greatest concern and not for myself.

    My own female co-workers a couple of them my kids age sold me on pepper spray because it is so convenient and pain-free to operate. You point and shoot. You probably have the best opportunity of remembering how to do that in the middle of being assailed.

    A defense spray brings about an extreme burning discomfort on the skin as well as in the eyes which incapacitates the individual in consequence. This would be the perfect time to make your escape and dial 9-1-1.

    Furthermore strong pepper spray hinders breathing due to inflamed mucous membranes and makes the eyes to shut by irritating the blood vessels in the area. These effects are non-lethal and non permanent. They fizzle out by 20 to 40 minutes.

    One such strong solution which I had my child try was a 2 ounce Pepper Shot effective at stopping an attack from 10 to 12 feet. The stream version was suitable for 10 to 12 one- second shots and the fogger for 8 to 10 one-seconds.

    My daughter reported later that she found occasion to use her defense spray once towards a colleague. He was an alpha male who resorted to verbal abuse whether it was sexual or prejudicial and she finally just needed to shut him up.

    It happened that one of her colleagues had been asking users of pepper spray where to buy a version for use at home. Soon after seeing what her spray did this officemate purchased two 4 ounce pepper shot canisters of the same and gave one to my brave kid.

  • Nap Alarm Will Wake Up A Drive Falling Asleep at the Wheel

    Here is a story submitted by someone whom has used one of our personal security products to help keep them stay awake on long road trips.

    According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sleepiness and fatigue account for 1.5% of all vehicle accidents every year.

    While, lawmakers are pushing to require a limit on the maximum amount of hours which a driver could be out on the road, nothing has come of it yet. For the time being numerous organizations offer gadgets which aim to deal with the issue of sleepy drivers.

    One such unit is referred to as a nap alarm and it is a small earplug-like gadget which is worn over the ear. It features a motion sensor which is capable of detecting if you are drifting off to sleep.

    It does this by keeping track of your head movements and whenever it finds that your head is moving forward or backwards too much just like when you're nodding off this portable sleep alert is going to produces and sounds a strong alarm to be able to wake you, as well as your passengers up.

    "As a truck driver, I normally spend weeks at a time faraway from my household and on the road. My job would be to carry cargo from one metropolis to another at times in different states. This means that I could be driving for 12 hours or more each day.

    My strict deadlines mean that there is little time for sleep and I frequently find myself falling asleep at the wheel.

    I bought a nap alarm for myself and I put it on every time I am on trips that take a few days to complete. Thanks to it's simpleness my nap alert does not get in my way and I often forget that it is there until it decides to wake me up."

    Even though this sleep alarm is often promoted towards truck drivers it can be utilized by anybody who needs to remain alert while on duty like security guards and also machine operators.

    With the economy at a standstill businesses are requiring more and more time from their workers. Motorists as well as drivers falling asleep at the wheel will still be a problem; however with gadgets just like the portable nap alarm organizations can minimize that danger.

  • Safe Options For Keeping Your Possessions At Home

    Many people buy safes that are overpriced and useless. These safes may be made of heavy-duty metal with tricky or hi-tech locks, but I think that if thieves are aware of where to find your safe it can be broken into and you have already lost half the battle.

    After researching the various security options out there for keeping my belongings at home I found that diversion safes are the most useful to purchase. These are safes that look like regular objects found within most anyones house and go undetected by thieves.

    Many come in styles that look like containers of Mortons salt, while some appear like cans of Scotch Guard. The point is that they keep your belongings safely at home and stop robbers from stealing those since they are overlooked during a break-in.

    Diversion safes have numerous benefits apart from the fact they look cool and fit well into any home decor. Consider the 2 other benefits below when considering a diversion safe for your house.

    First they're affordable. Do not mistake low cost for ineffective. The benefit of this is that you can buy more than one safe and spread your money and jewelry in these hiding places all around the house.

    Second they can be placed in areas that thieves won't bother searching through. The pantry is one place if you decide upon a Chef Boyardee Beefaroni can safe for instance. Unless thieves are dumb enough to stop and make a snack, a money safe hidden inside your cupboard or fridge won't be touched.

    Research has shown that thieves devote an average of ten minutes within a house during a burglary. You can't prevent your home completely from being burglarized, but having a well-hidden safe for your valuables is one victory.

    If you are worried about home security as numerous people are make sure to buy safes that have the above mentioned qualities. You'll be shocked to find however that only diversion safes provide these benefits and work just as well as their more expensive counterparts.

  • Ideas On Safeguarding Your Small Business Against Armed Attackers

    I was among the many small-scale business owners who branched out on the internet in the Nineties to stay competitive and keep from folding. Despite the fact that my ticket office hasn't seen as many clients since as my booking Web site it received some attention lately.

    Unfortunately the cause of the accidental publicity that made even the local newspapers was a security breach. If you're able to think about what forces business owners to look into how to use metal detector products all of a sudden this was one of those occurrences.

    A walk-in client at closing time very late at night requested a seat in a fully booked flight at gunpoint. He was in dire need to get to LAX because his dying mom had been asking for him. My travel agents were sympathetic but scared nonetheless.

    I went searching for the types of handheld metal detectors for use in schools as well as offices maybe even in bars and by police officers. This brought me to a variety of Garrett security metal detectors that could perform 360-degree detection.

    Apparently the good kind can easily expose a whole range of things from ferrous non-ferrous and also stainless steel weapons to contraband as well as other metal objects. Not merely can you reveal firearms and knives hidden in pockets or bags but scan IDs as well.

    I went with a tactical hand-held metal detector or THD that is super sensitive to metal. It is strong sealed as well as water-resistant all in a 4-inch package. I love the silent vibrating alarm and the built-in LED flashlight is really handy in the evening.

    While my night shift security guy was able to restrain the desperate gentleman eventually the entire thing could have been averted and hence my resolve to get us some security metal detectors.

    I had my day and night guards alike learn how to use metal detector devices right away for theirs and the rest of the agencys protection. Ours included a free ballistic weave holster each too for securing to the belt or a car seatbelt.

  • Things To Carry Out In Order To Evade Possible Danger At Nighttime

    Despite the fact that crime is more likely to take place in the evening we do not always account for nighttime usefulness as we make investment choices concerning self-defense weapons. Not many are aware that stun alarm flashlights are great protectors as soon as the sun goes down.

    Stun guns are proven effective danger repellents. They offload electricity straight into the human body upon direct impact. The resulting stun gun shock is not fatal however incapacitating and it will send out the target into paralysis on the short term.

    Flashlight stun guns in particular provide the added advantage of lighting at nighttime. Not simply would one illuminate your path and enable you to detect imminent danger but daunt any thug off as well by leaving him open and susceptible.

    Furthermore an intensely glowing stun gun flashlight should render a crook disorientated and blinded briefly. It would then be the best time to let loose stun gun shock on the attacker in order to immobilize him for a while.

    A stun gun with alarm gives a different added benefit that of drawing attention toward the would-be prey and informing the ones in the immediate radius of an upcoming threat. It happens that noise as well as notice are the last things that a bad guy wishes.

    While a stun gun built with either a light or an alarm is effective as it is one which has both is immensely helpful. You can pick from products giving off potent stun gun shock as high as 200000 volts or as low as 80000.

    Make your stun alarm flashlight a baton stun gun and you obtain a trifecta of strong points which thirdly include lengthier reach. Stun Master for example has flashlight stun batons with a 130 dB alarm which are from 8 inches to 16.5 inches in length.

    In addition look for a stun alarm flashlight with tough construction such as from fiberglass reinforced plastic. As all stun guns are non fatal they instill no lifelong harm. The stun gun shock effect remains for a maximum of 20 to 50 minutes.

  • How To Use A Stun Gun to Get Utmost From Your Personal Security Defense

    With all the self-defense weapons around, you might find it hard to find out from which one you can receive the greatest personal security. Stun devices are famous options however, even then, the strongest stun gun for each individual is sure to vary.

    A stun gun sends out electric shock when it comes in contact with the body of the receiver. The electricity discharged will incapacitate the target right away for a couple of minutes, buying you time to escape from the area of the crime.

    For instance, the Stun Master multi-function stun gun can possibly be the strongest stun gun available. It is because it has many functions that give extra layers of security.

    This one has 4.5 million volts of stunning power, a bright LED flashlight, red emergency signals and a personal alarm. When you are after ease, a rechargeable stun gun like it is ideal. You won't have to worry all the time about having to switch the battery packs.

    High voltage stun guns are the types that dispense approximately a million volts or more. These are really potent as well as give the benefit of quick protection whenever immobilizing an assailant.

    But, the strongest stun gun for people who are regularly out at night could well be a flashlight stun gun. It will let you aim much better at the target and will also absolutely help you see visibly at nighttime.

    Having a stun alarm will assist you to seize the attention of the people near you quickly in case of an assault. At the same time, the audio of the alarm can frighten the attacker away.

    A multifunctional stun gun may be the strongest stun gun available as it can be made with many or all of such very helpful features. Acquiring a weapon with a number of functionality will undoubtedly give far more security. Anyway, all stun guns are non-lethal weapons so any kind of effects that the target may feel are just momentary.

  • The Details To Take Into Account Whenever Choosing A Stun Gun For Yourself

    Choosing stun gun brands that satisfy your personal security preferences for a self defense weapon is a bit tricky. You can find yourself procuring items that you would regret at a later date. A great way to avert this is by performing a comprehensive canvassing of merchandise that are for sale on the internet.

    Awareness of exactly how a stun gun functions is crucial. Being non-lethal weapons stun guns guarantee your safety without bringing about permanent hurt to other individuals. This makes making use of them without hesitation as simple as pie.

    As society changes self-defense weapons conform to the modern times. Disguised stun guns fashioned after the newest mobile as well as lifestyle gizmos are being marketed under numerous stun gun brands. They're doppelgangers of the actual items so they won't be recognized very easily as weapons.

    Criminal offenses become bigger as well as a lot more ruthless, while stun guns become more compact and much more undetectable. Mini stun guns give the element of surprise in an aggressive encounter. An opponent can't block what he cannot see. The one thing he will be seeing soon after being stunned is the floor.

    Many stun gun brands have a bestseller a self-defense weapon which has regularly received high marks from actual users. This is generally the biggest as well as meanest in the lot. Holding a huge level of potential voltage these types of stun guns won't leave an opponent standing.

    Extra features like LED lights personal alarms and handling add-ons can be built into a particular stun gun. These implements are very helpful to making a stun gun a lot more useful.

    Established stun gun brand names give lifetime warranties for their goods. This guarantee along with other added incentives just like bundles and packages are really practical. You can ask your household or your buddies if they need to tag along with your purchase so you could all obtain items for less.

    Stun guns are highly durable self-defense weapons. They can endure rough handling and also repeated usage. It signifies that the only thing you must worry about after procuring your stun gun is how you are going to get away in your stilettos as your assailant twitches on the ground.

  • A String of dog attacks, Lead to a Fatal Dog Attack of a Woman

    On May 9th, in the Antelope Valley town of Littlerock, Pamela Devitt was killed in a fatal dog attack. She was 63 years young.

    Here is part of the original fatal dog attack news report:

    Numerous strays also roam the desert. Residents say Littlerock has become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs.

    "A car will come down the street at 40 mph, slow down and a door will open," said longtime resident David Cleveland. "A dog will be pushed out. It will tumble once or twice and let out a yelp, and then the car will take off."

    The dogs then head for the desert, where they meet other strays, Cleveland said. "And when you have five to seven of them in a group — that is a very dangerous situation."

    For years, residents in Littlerock and other towns in the High Desert have complained about stray and vicious dogs. Then a woman was fatally mauled by a pack of pit bulls May 9, resulting in murder charges against the dogs' owner this week. Now, both residents and Los Angeles County officials are vowing to finally do something about the problem.

    Neighbors say they carry sticks, rocks and even guns to shoo away the animals.

    "You just have to do whatever you can to get them away," Carolyn Eslick said. -- Read More about Fatal Dog Attack

    I must finish this blog by saying, I am very much a dog lover and I have owned a Pit Bull in the past. He was a great dog and never once was aggressive to me, my children nor anyone else.

    That being said, I have always been a responsible dog owner no matter what breed was part of our family. It is the owners or former owners of these dogs whom I blame in vicious and unnecessary fatal dog attack.

    Tragedies like this fatal dog attack are a failure in personal security, I am in no way implying that the victim has any fault in this situation, only that we should learn from it and if one person is saved from a similar fate, maybe this fatal dog attack is not in vain.

    TKW Self Defense Personal Security strives to help prevent this type of tragedy, through awareness, knowledge and personal security training.

    I am very sad for the family of this woman and hope this tragedy can somehow prompt others to increase their awareness of the types of personal security that will increase survivability in such a situation.

    Carrying some dog pepper spray or a dog chaser with you may be just the personal security tool needed..

  • Tips On How To Transform A Taser Into A Perfect Self-Defense Weapon

    An Air Taser stun gun can thwart an opponent within a long distance which gives you ample time to get away to a safe distance and ask for assistance. Tasers can also be used as contact stun guns for surprise attackers who spring up just a few feet away from you.

    Taser stun guns are non-lethal weapons that will not bring about an assailant permanent damage just like conventional stun guns. This can be fired on virtually any target body area. Its unlike other self-defense weapons that could only stop assailants whenever utilized on a specific body part.

    An air Taser stun gun uses electro-muscular disruption technology that is not similar to what regular stun guns make use of. Rather Tasers utilize a more potent electro-shock technology and are much more effective as compared to stun guns particularly in cases where an opponent has a greater pain threshold.

    The X26c Citizen Taser® specifically is capable of firing a pair of darts that are linked to 15-foot wires. Once the darts are shot 50000 volts will travel along the wires and will take over the attackers nervous system inducing short term incapacitation.

    Furthermore each and every air Taser stun gun possesses an Anti-Felon Identification system and also a one-of-a-kind serial number. The identification system functions by discharging 20 to 30 sequential paper tags that can then be gathered by the cops for owner identification.

    Taser technology has been tested to push back even attackers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As self-defense weapons Tasers also have a great effectiveness rating near to 100% and are utilized in numerous nations by several thousands of law enforcement organizations.

    Typically law-abiding citizens more than 18 years old may buy Taser stun guns. This is of course so long as they do so for self-defense reasons.

    However an air Taser stun gun such as the Taser C2 will work only as soon as the maker has accomplished a criminal history check on the owner. This is a part of the companies attempt to uphold responsible ownership.

  • Selecting A Defense Weapon That Gives Surprises

    From disguised stun guns to expanding stun batons you can certainly opt for a self-defense weapon that works best in your benefit.

    If you are searching for a cell phone Taser don't be surprised to find cell phone stun guns instead. They seem much like typical cellular phone,s however are basically stunning devices which could overpower bad guys.

    Just about all assailants utilize the similar tactic of surprising the potential victims to render them defenseless. With a disguised stun gun though youre armed and also all set for whatever happens. When yours is activated it would too late for an opponent to realize that your cellphone is a stun gun in disguise.

    In case you have been hunting for a cell phone Taser then your search has most likely brought you to all kinds of cell phone stun guns. Employed as you would a standard stun gun each one discharges an electrical force that targets the muscular tissues in order that anyone becomes incapable of moving.

    Even though a stun gun could potentially cause paralysis this is merely temporary. You can then make use of this opening to get away from your opponent. You must also note that a stun gun is a non deadly weapon and should only be utilized to protect oneself towards an offender.

    Many people choose to use high voltage stun guns because of their stunning potential. In case you feel more confident having one of these then you might choose to look into the 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun gun. Just ignore a cell phone Taser mainly because there are real products available on the market that can protect you successfully versus any danger.

    Among the best things about stun guns is that they are secure to utilize. The electrical current that would be delivered to the assailant would never pass on to you even if you are in direct contact with him.

    To deliver the most effective impact hold the concealable stun gun towards an attacker for several minutes. The next time that you consider a cell phone Taser be delighted that you could already find disguised stun guns around.

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