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  • The Best Method To Keep Your Personal Items Safe At Home

    Just like other house owners my spouse and I have a conventional safe in the home to keep our important documents and things safe. We were so positive that it would be foolproof and no person would be able to break into it. Well we thought wrong.

    One early morning we woke up to find out that an intruder had came into our home and broken into that safe. From that point onwards we have sought alternatives by looking into residential safes that can avoid being found by robbers.

    It helped that we found diversion stash safes. These are hiding safes meant to resemble common items seen around the home. Seeing as they appear so ordinary and look just like real products they are great for storage inside any home.

    We became quite fascinated with these covert safes that are perfect for any home setting. A fabric and upholstery cleaner can safe for example would blend perfectly with the real cleaning products that we have in the cupboard.

    Something we thought would go well amongst my husbands toiletry items was a Barbasol shaving cream can safe. Its a great disguise that simply no burglar would bother to look inside.

    It became really clear to us that the purpose of camouflaging safes as regular products would be to trick robbers during a break-in.

    Any individual attempting to rob us definitely will not bother looking within regular-looking safes making them perfect for hiding cash and jewelry.

    A Country Time lemonade can safe was another that I was sure would fit in with our kitchen items. It would go undetected when placed with our real beverages.

    Following the undesirable experience that we had it became clear that regular safes are not completely effective.

    It was very good that we came upon residential safes for hiding our personal belongings in plain sight. We feel that this is a smart method to outsmart anybody seeking to steal from us.

  • Making Use Of A Dependable Device For A Law Enforcer Like Me

    As a policeman serving on our local Drug Enforcement Task Force I have access to a number of tools that help me perform my job. The job involved is just as much physical as it is mental so we use everything from big guns to computers.

    However despite all the high-tech instruments that I utilize one of the most valuable pieces of equipment that I have in my opinion is a 9 LED flashlight with metal body. It is a common but very high-quality flashlight.

    Now you may laugh at the idea that a flashlight is more useful compared to a firearm, but bear in mind that our job would be to investigate not fight. Sometimes we are called to respond to and look into reports of drug-related violence in various areas throughout the city.

    We are summoned to all types of areas from dark alleys in the middle of the city to abandoned structures without any electrical service in the slums. A hardworking flashlight allows us to navigate these areas with few problems.

    Obviously we could simply use night vision goggles instead, however, this is not effective for a couple of reasons. First night vision goggles are expensive and the department simply doesn't have the funds to allocate one for each of us.

    Second only the SWAT team needs to carry them and even then it is mainly because their work is to defuse highly critical situations and apprehend dangerous criminals. Thus they would require both hands free to operate their weapons.

    The flashlights that we make use of are high-quality flashlights designed for rough environments. They operate making use of LED lights rather than light bulbs. This means that they shine brighter and take much less power increasing the life of the batteries.

    A 9 LED flashlight with metal body is ideal for more than just police work. It can be utilized in any situation from power outages and emergency car repair to simpler things like night hiking and hide and seek.

  • Ideal Option Of Keeping Yourself Protected

    It often far more wise to place your personal security in your own hands. Generally assailants will pounce on you the moment no help is around. I realized this the moment a friend shared with me her harrowing experience in a street one evening. It was one of the items from a pepper spray package that she obtained that would help save her life.

    So, I asked her; "Well then where can I buy pepper spray products that will work together in order to take care of my individual safety concerns? This is crucial because I don't want anything bad happening to me and also to my family."

    For a start I opted for the Pepper Shot pepper spray tri-pack that this good friend had bought. It gave me a:

    1.  2 ounce pepper spray with wall mount for home use
    2. 1/2 ounce pepper spray auto visor clip that I could keep within my car
    3. 1/2 ounce pepper spray keychain with a quick key release to carry with me.

    This tri-pack pepper spray supplied a practical solution to my issue of finding the most effective non-lethal self-defense weapons around. It covered all the areas where peril would probably find me. Thanks to the locking actuator there's extra safety for me.

    Danger can come from anyplace. What I hate most is that enemies will always get you by surprise. Well I would like to surprise them back and offer them a taste of their own medicine.

    I want a strong pepper spray that has no less than 2 milliion scoville heat units, so as to cause my enemy real pain. However I know that this is just temporary because immediately after 20 to 30 minutes the effects is going to fizzle out.

    What a defense spray does is cause issues in breathing as the mucous membrane will be swollen as well as the veins in the eyes which will then shut instinctively in reaction to the pain. These are on top of causing an extreme burning feeling on the skin.

    So where can I buy pepper spray devices for a number of personal uses? Now I have more than one answer to that and my very own account to share.

  • Tips On How To Safekeep Precious Items In A Small Household

    John was leaving his parents home to live on his own in a New York apartment, this was among the most important milestones to adulthood that he made before he became twenty-five. The conveniences of home were absent, but the challenges of being able to live alone in the Big Apple were enough to keep his going.

    Upon my arrival at his very first studio he understood immediately that he must be wise in saving space and securing his things. For safekeeping reasons, he decided to invest in storage safes to protect his important items.

    Keeping money and also jewelry protected is a very important thing to give attention to. Given that purchasing a security vault seemed unwise particularly because of its size and also price he ended up using numerous diversion safes spread throughout the house to keep his small fortune secure. Here is how he used them in his own words.

    "To safeguard documents just like my passport and identification cards I made a decision to put them inside a hollowed book safe which blended flawlessly with my overhead bookshelf.

    I used a flowerpot safe to secure my jewelry and accessories just like my wristwatches and a little lock box for my rings. I intended on keeping the plant alive so that my hiding safe appeared more convincing.

    Aside from those two diversion safes the best one that I have at home would be the bathroom cleaner safe which I placed along with the toilet brushes beneath the sink. Yes the idea might seem gross, however it is the most secure place for me to hide rolled-up bills that I can use for emergency situations.

    The covert safes that I use are unusual but they promise great results given that many burglars would check out drawers and closets directly for the important things. When I think of it would burglars even bother looking at the bathroom cleaners that I use? I don't think so."

    Storage safes are simply some of the quirkiest and most interesting belongings that you can have. It is just that you may prefer to keep them a secret.

  • Precisely What Disguised Stun Gun To Get Right Now To Gain Maximum Security

    Women like to be spoiled be it with designer hand bags, designer shoes, designer denims or even a designer face and body. It seems that simply no price is high enough, but are you investing the same amount for your glamorous personal security?

    It is no secret that males are often attracted to lovely ladies, who unfortunately receive the dangerous kind of attention at times.

    I have known women whom have been in a situation such as this and it was often just due to a present that lead to a situation that was unavoidable  to escape unscathed. But a present that I gave one special girl in my life, help to prevent this fate.

    That present was a pink stun gun that was given as soon as she left home for college. I never imagined that she was actually going to use that cell phone stun gun, however she was grateful that she had it when she needed it. Here is her this ladies self defense story..

    "I used to scoff at my disguised stun gun often taking this pink stun gun as a joke to my pals or as a discussion piece. Right now, that I know precisely how useful and life-saving it is though, I have requested my family and associates to obtain the same.

    I have become to realize that the result caused by a stun gun is just temporary. There aren't any long lasting damages and the effect will wear off in a small period of time. That window of opportunity ought to be used for escape.

    This was precisely what I had to do when I incapacitated my attacker. After he fell down and hit the floor I ran as fast as I could. I then went over to a nearby restaurant and called the cops. On that evening my pink stun gun matched my footwear and then it saved my life. Who could seek out more?

    Virtually all stun guns are non fatal tools. My pink stun gun worked by unloading electrical voltages into the muscles to make these muscular tissues lose their capability to move. It disturbed neuro-muscular impulses that induced an interruption in motion. "

    As you can see Cell stun guns are created to mirror mobile phones. These are typically high voltage stun guns that could incapacitate an assailant with a single jab.

    The Pretender 4.5 million volt cell phone stun gun to be specific comes in black as well as pink colors.


  • How You Can Safeguard Your Household From Unwanted Criminal Incidents

    It is every single homeowners nightmare to contend with a home robbery. Sadly my family came face to face with this terrible experience when we woke up one early morning to learn several of our belongings gone.

    We still considered ourselves lucky simply because we were unharmed. But this event served as our wakeup call to enhance home security. While I was reading through about a Glass Guard window alarm it dawned on me that a very simple window or door alarm can spot burglary effectively.

    I consider my house a sanctuary where I do not want any uninvited person to enter. I thought that I was doing enough by making certain that our front and back yards were well lit and our doors and windows were tightly locked.

    Ever since the encounter I have made it my top priority to safeguard my family members from criminal threats by using the ideal security gadgets. For that reason I was happy to have come across a vibration alarm that would warn us of any kind of incoming intrusion.

    Window and door alarms can guard your house against housebreakers whenever you are away. We ended up acquiring the Homesafe Wireless Home Security System  it could be programmed with 5 phone numbers which will be called one by one the moment illegal activity is detected.

    The moment a burglar tries to break into a window this window alarm transmits a signal to its base unit that will contact one of the preset phone numbers to tip us off on the trespassing. If the first phone number isn't answered it will continue to try the rest until the telephone call is acted upon.

    We obtained a package that contained a base unit, a sensor which could transmit from up to 250 feet and remote control for activating and also deactivating the system. A landline with tone dialing is necessary to set up this system.

    My unplanned study on a Glass Guard window alarm helped me realize that a window and door alarm could help me keep my family safe from danger. I am hopeful that it is the last time that we contend with a case of home robbery.

    Here is a complete list of DIY Home Security Options

  • Being Smart If Procuring Pepper Spray

    Pepper spray is one of the most popular personal defense tools available. Whenever you consider the numerous perils that arise today it becomes an excellent idea to find pepper spray wholesale on the web in order that you can have protection along with you anywhere you go.

    Not just handy and simple to use defense sprays are potent also. Shooting towards the enemy to his face will cause him a terrible soreness in the skin as well as eyes. This will put him down immediately and provide the user a chance to escape.

    Procuring pepper spray wholesale at a low price will help you to have one along with you inside your bag or vehicle home and any other area where putting it will be useful. In the case that an attack takes place you will certainly be prepared.

    Different kinds are available for sale by volume. For instance key chain pepper sprays are good for attaching to your bag or even your house keys. In this way you are aware that one will always be with you whenever you need it.

    When you are procuring pepper spray wholesale over the internet then look out for mini pepper sprays, such as pen pepper spray. These are little and great for providing the element of surprise considering that each could be hidden conveniently in the hand. Your target won't ever know what you are about to hit him with.

    Various other small pepper sprays are equipped with injection-molded holsters. Those come in various shades so you have the chance to pick your favorite. There are numerous variations to be had so your choice is almost limitless.

    It is an easy task to tell exactly what a smart option it is to buy pepper spray wholesale instead. You are certain to continue to be unscathed plus you will be able to save cash. Furthermore all pepper sprays are non fatal weapons that will not result in any lasting damage to the target.

    There are a lot of reasons to acquire pepper sprays by bulk. You could distribute them amongst relatives and buddies as well. Knowing that your loved ones are safe will definitely help you have a good nights sleep.

    Join our affiliate program Make Money and get pepper spray bulk

  • Most Effective Way Of Picking Out A Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapon These Days

    I have decided to obtain a low voltage stun gun. After much thought I finally settled on one which could best suit my sensibilities when it comes to utilizing force on someone else albeit in the name of self-defense.

    Stun guns are perhaps the most powerful of self-defense tools. They can incapacitate an adult guy in seconds. This is the major reason that I have opted to procure one but I could consign myself to using a stun gun which is just as reliable even when it is not as potent.

    I choose the Stun Master 100,000 volt Curved Stun Gun..

    Low voltage stun guns just like the ones created by Stun Master function the exact same way as its higher voltage siblings do. Upon contact with a certain area of the body it emits a pulsed current that makes the muscles work very fast. It dumps electrical power that empties the blood sugar from the muscles.

    A stun gun also has an effect on the neuromuscular operations of the body. The released electrical charges cause havoc on the body's electrical signals. This usually leads to uncoordinated motor movements. That and the weakness brought on by sugar depletion incapacitate an attacker.

    Stun guns are non fatal weapons. They've got absolutely no lasting injury and the effect is merely brief and will go away briefly.

    A one-second contact with a stun unit will result in muscle contraction and startle the assailant. One more second will result in muscle spasms and a confused disposition. Intense disorientation and a loss of balance and also muscle control will come about after 3 or more seconds.

    There isn't any reason for alarm even when the enemy has a firm grip on you since you can stun him without fear of being stunned yourself. The electric current won't pass on to you.

    Low voltage stun guns are perfect for those who reside in states that have limitations on stun gun potency. The primary goal of a stun gun would be to incapacitate an assailant and offer you time to get away. The time of weakness in your assailant should give you the chance to call for help.

    Click Here to buy a stun gun for your own personal security..

  • Protection Wholesale Pepper Spray Gives You When In Peril

    Today, walking unprotected even just in your own neighborhood or campus seems like a foolish thing to do. Crime rates are rising up yearly, so it only is practical to think about your personal security everywhere you go.

    You can choose to procure wholesale pepper spray in case you want a convenient weapon within an acceptable cost range.

    Pepper spray is an effective self-defense weapon because of its ability to disable an assailant for a few precious minutes. This provides you enough time to run for your life and ask for immediate assistance.

    Dangers lie in wait everywhere so you wish to make certain you always have one around whenever you venture out. Procuring wholesale pepper spray ensures that you never run out of it and are always ready to defend your life throughout an assault.

    When pepper spray is fired around the face and reaches the eyes your attacker will feel a searing discomfort in these parts. Once you find your attacker in pain do not feel remorseful about it considering that all defense sprays are non deadly and the severe effect will pass within a few minutes.

    Spray stream fog foam as well as gel forms are easily accessible out there whether you acquire pepper spray wholesale or by piecemeal. Streams feature a range of 20 feet that makes them handy tools if you are trying to hit a subject from a distance.

    The sprays vast reach is great for people with poorer aim, while the fogger enables you to fight an assailant with accuracy even though the wind is strong.

    Pepper foam gives off UV dye that helps you get back at your enemy by making him identifiable to law enforcers.

    Pepper gel spouts a sticky substance that also makes it much simpler for authorities to distinguish the culprit. Considering that you are going to need this protective tool constantly procuring pepper spray wholesale is surely a huge cost-saver.

    Your peace of mind and safety are things on which you cant put a value. Thus never go out there without just about any type of personal security protection product.

    Get Wholesale pepper spray pricing when you purchase 5 or more of any one type of pepper spray and enter the coupon code: wholesale

    Shop our selection of pepper spray for wholesale

  • Valuable Things To Keep In Mind To Safely Make Use Of Personal Stun Guns

    Personal Stun guns have been around for quite a while now. Numerous men and women make use of them as devices for personal security and self defense. Although they are considered non-lethal weapons that would never put at risk lives, finding out how to use one correctly is still and always necessary.

    Instructional stun gun videos clearly describe the proper use of these personal security devices. You will discover that direct contact between the weapon and the person is important to accomplish desired outcomes.

    Electric shock given by a personal stun gun towards the body of the target is just what will help you escape from threat. The electrical energy moved will disable the enemy for a few moments and give you a chance to make a run for it.

    In case you are still uncertain of just how to make use of this self defense weapon appropriately then perhaps educational personal stun gun videos will help. By doing this you will discover the best way to employ a stun gun efficiently by understanding what body parts to hit.

    There are different varieties of stun guns for personal security out there, so it is just as crucial to learn how to utilize the one that you have to its whole potential. The Stun Master 4.5 million volt tiny stun baton for example has a number of features which make it one of the most powerful devices around.

    Just firing this high voltage stun gun will frighten an assailant away simply because of the lightning storm that the prongs produce which isnt just loud but also really terrifying. Additionally with its distinctive conductive screws any individual who attempts to get this stun baton from you is going to be shocked.

    You'll learn just just how overwhelming those weapons could be by seeing stun gun videos. Keep in mind though that a stun gun isnt meant to be utilized to pick a battle with the opponent. This self-defense device is meant to help you get out of harms way.

    To make sure that you are operating your stun gun safely ensure that you go through educational stun gun videos. Also choose one that has a safety switch and a safety wrist strap for added protection.

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