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Non-traditional Method Of Defense Throughout A Frat Fight

My life in college is much more enjoyable because of the friendship at the fraternity I am in. Of course as soon as frat groups have a problem amongst themselves and I become involved due to my affiliation I depend upon 6 point throwing stars for my personal protection.

Throwing stars are personal defense tools which dont need me to get close to my enemy. They are pretty much exactly like those ninja devices that you see in the movies the sharp-pointed stuff which ninjas throw at their attackers and which bring about flesh wounds but real.

What I got personally were ninja stars two inches wide and also created with professional-edged steel. I acquired these as a package with four such stars in it.

The set had a carrying case that was really convenient. I wouldnt have to worry that the self-defense stars may possibly rip my bag since they would stay secure and protected within their own case.

Once I used two of the ninja throwing stars the moment my fraternity got involved in a battle with a different frat. These things take place and given that I wasnt part of the core group of my brethren who were involved I didnt have any choice but to protect myself.

I was simply walking on my way back to the dormitory as soon as I observed that several men were arguing close to the gym. I spotted one of my frat pals so I walked toward him. Things happened so quick that when I was just about a couple of meters away from greeting this pal some other man came running toward me and wished to punch me.

Thus I pulled my ninja stars out of my bag and threw some at the person who wanted to hurt me. It was a great thing my personal reflexes were quick enough and I was able to go to the dorm for safety.

The 6 point throwing stars which I have truly saved me on that dreadful night. Ill never ever go away my dorm without them.

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