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Making Use Of Blowguns For Recreation As Well As Defense Towards Danger

I once went blowgun hunting together with my uncle and cousin the two are outdoor enthusiasts. They target birds but from time to time a rabbit or two makes for great practice as well. I virtually cringed the initial time I found a pigeon felled by my cousin Ben.

I pondered if blowguns would make good personal defense devices. My two companions hadnt offered it a thought especially when I inquired exactly how harmful these were if people got hit with the darts. Because of a blowguns span it was very useful for shooting targets from far away.

Ben as well as Uncle Ted allow me to look at their equipment and mentioned it was the type made out of seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing. The .40 caliber blowgun got a range of 250 feet and the dart can go through plywood as thick as quarter of an inch.

We camped for the night however were roused suddenly by scuffling sounds drifting toward our tent. One man was running towards our camp another was hot on his heels. The former was definitely looking for cover to stay away from his own pursuer whom all of us witnessed carried a bat.

The sole place to hide was at the rear of our own tent! And we would be directly in harms way if the guy having a bat decided to swing at him. The blowgun I thought. I yelled at Ben to utilize it and target the leg. He looked at his daddy that nodded.

Hands shaking Ben aimed and released the dart catching the persons arm. The guy dropped the bat in pain. We hurried in order to subdue the attacker and between us four were able to turn him over to enforcers. The puncture was not very serious and first aid was applied.

My uncle and cousin patted me on the back for my fast thinking. They looked at the 24-inch blowgun that Ben still had with him slightly awed that this could be utilized for more than simply recreation.

I will never forget that blowgun hunting experience. And while still not at ease with owning one while unskilled I know that blowguns can be utilized for self-defense.

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