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Making Use Of A Dependable Device For A Law Enforcer Like Me

As a policeman serving on our local Drug Enforcement Task Force I have access to a number of tools that help me perform my job. The job involved is just as much physical as it is mental so we use everything from big guns to computers.

However despite all the high-tech instruments that I utilize one of the most valuable pieces of equipment that I have in my opinion is a 9 LED flashlight with metal body. It is a common but very high-quality flashlight.

Now you may laugh at the idea that a flashlight is more useful compared to a firearm, but bear in mind that our job would be to investigate not fight. Sometimes we are called to respond to and look into reports of drug-related violence in various areas throughout the city.

We are summoned to all types of areas from dark alleys in the middle of the city to abandoned structures without any electrical service in the slums. A hardworking flashlight allows us to navigate these areas with few problems.

Obviously we could simply use night vision goggles instead, however, this is not effective for a couple of reasons. First night vision goggles are expensive and the department simply doesn't have the funds to allocate one for each of us.

Second only the SWAT team needs to carry them and even then it is mainly because their work is to defuse highly critical situations and apprehend dangerous criminals. Thus they would require both hands free to operate their weapons.

The flashlights that we make use of are high-quality flashlights designed for rough environments. They operate making use of LED lights rather than light bulbs. This means that they shine brighter and take much less power increasing the life of the batteries.

A 9 LED flashlight with metal body is ideal for more than just police work. It can be utilized in any situation from power outages and emergency car repair to simpler things like night hiking and hide and seek.

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