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Learning Self-Defense Moves To Safeguard Yourself

I was mugged a month ago. The memory of being held at gunpoint the feel of the cold metal of firearm at my head continuously provide me nightmares. However I am aware that life goes on. So as to defend myself should I ever be attacked again I began seeking a self-defense training close to my residence.

As soon as I told my room buddy with regards to my plan she suggested that I look up Vladimir Vasiliev on the internet. Apparently just before she transferred to the Big Apple to get a job she and also her siblings had all watched a self-defense DVD of Vasiliev.

I searched the name on the net. I have always had a fascination with Russian spies and wondered if Vasiliev was once one.

Russian agents were trained in espionage as well as fighting. Their depiction in U.S. media as expert fighters is undeniable considering that their capabilities truly are exceptional.

Without hesitation I bought Vasilievs Russian System. This instructional fighting video exhibits how to hit your attacker without even forming a fist. It furthermore teaches how to utilize your knees to disarm an opponent.

The self-defense video also offers several Russian moves. One technique I like particularly is the Trinity Shot that uses swift hand and foot moves in order to defeat an assailant. In the beginning it appeared a little hard to perform thus I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was really simple to do and that it was adaptable to no matter what fitness level you got.

Soon after only a 7 days of watching the street-fighting video I changed my mind about signing up for a martial arts class. I was already quite confident about my personal protection tactics and also how to carry out them properly.

Vladimir Vasiliev definitely knows his stuff and shown to me once again the reason why Russians know how to take on their fights. If I am ever be assaulted once more I now know that I have a fighting chance.

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