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Learning How To Fight Crooks The Easy As Well As Simple Manner

Since we were children my sibling and I have had an interest in combat fighting systems just like we would watch on video. Similar to most kids our age we wanted to be just like superheroes all because of the numerous action motion pictures we were gung-ho about throughout that time.

Now we are on the right age to learn that we are not at war nor are we part of an elite force out to help save the entire world. But these days the risk of criminal offense towards us along with our own family members is real as well as alarming. This made our own dramatic childhood desire into a useful self-defense option.

With unrestrained excitement my brother and I searched around online for an appropriate street-fighting DVD. We selected purchasing an instructional fighting video rather than enlisting into an actual self-defense training since the former was less expensive.

Furthermore we can learn from self-defense videos at our very own tempo. We can easily control the speed of our lessons. We can even go back or skip to certain tracks on the DVD.

Immediately after looking through several options we selected Combat JKD from Chris Clugston. It was a self-defense DVD designed to accommodate the �normal� person. This meant that any kind of man or woman of any weight or body type can learn the lessons without having prior training needed.

To date we have learned an advanced new fighting posture that can apparently negate all others. When you assume this particular stance your attacker would continue to be off-balance and would never have a chance to settle and fight back.

We have also acquired tips regarding how to do an instant arm lock or a two-finger take-down. Thanks to the simple and also easy-to-follow instructions learning has been very easy.

My buddy and I are yet to utilize our recently obtained skills in street-fighting from Clugston�s combat fighting systems. But that is actually fine by us. Despite our keen interest in action and also fighting our peace-loving nature always has us preferring to simply be on the safe viewing side.

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