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Keeping Your House Secure Using An Inexpensive Home Security System

Early this year I was uneasy about leaving the house to visit Cape Cod for a vacation but my spouse assured me that he was looking into getting an alarm system for our new property. We had already invested a lot of money in the house to leave it unattended for long.

Instead of being reassured I became even more concerned about the price. Regular security companies generally need you to obtain a subscription which could cost a lot of money a year plus of course they must install wires everywhere.

I handle the payments that our office here in Missouri provides the security company each month so I know. Thankfully my husband found a cheaper alternative. It works nearly the same manner as a conventional security system however without the subscription and also the cables.

The HomeSafe wireless home security system is just like other such security systems in that the base unit signals an alarm and dials a telephone number to inform that movement has been discovered or that a door or window has been opened.

You can program approximately five telephone numbers which the machine will call in succession when the previous number does not respond. The individual answering can choose to listen in broadcast their voice from a speaker inside the base unit or turn off the alarm.

Thus in our situation we put our telephone numbers first 2 of our most trusted neighbors phone numbers and lastly the cops.

I also love that this kind of home defense system was really easy to set up. Seriously. No drilling no wiring. I totally intend to give one to my sister that resides within an apartment within Hampshire in case she doesnt already have one set up.

Going on a vacation shouldnt make you a nervous wreck over the precious house you are leaving behind for a moment. With this wireless alarm system installed at our house I am surely going to enjoy our much needed trip at Cape Cod.

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