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Keeping Off Criminals From An Uninhabited Apartment

As a wildlife photographer Im always on the move and by always I mean that I only stay in my apartment for two to four days a month. When I am lucky I get a week off my job. Despite the fact that I always take my gizmos with me there is still an amazing LED TV a desktop PC and some other extra camera equipment that I leave in my house.

To be able to prevent heading home to a ransacked apartment I made a decision to obtain an intruder alarm. I had read someplace that one such gadget could alert me or other people through a telephone call that somebody had broken into my house.

The mentioned home security alarm works via a motion sensor which is responsible for detecting activity. As soon as it detects activity the phone that is part of the device contacts a pre-programmed number that you would have entered before activation.

Whoever answers the call can listen to the sounds from the safety of the other line to be able to figure out initially whether it is an unwelcome visitor or somebody else whom you have given a key to your home.

The phone gives a waiting time of thirty seconds for you to identify the intruder. It then resets itself immediately after half a minute and dials another pre-programmed phone number.

The TeleSpy intruder alert which I bought on the internet functions just like I hoped it would. With passive infrared technology (PIR) the individual which the device would call would not be alerted by any kind of false alarms. This is because of the PIR�s advanced technology to detect a change in the room�s heat signature.

The motion detector can sense activity in a 45-degree angle thats 30 feet long and also 20 feet in width. This home safety alarm features a hidden condenser microphone. The microphone is sound-sensitive assisting the person on the other line listen carefully to whatever is happening inside the apartment.

Using my brand new intruder alarm I could relax knowing that my electronics and also expensive camera gear will still be in my apartment when I get back.

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