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Inexpensive And Effective Means Of Staying Protected

During my childhood I was bullied regularly by other girls. It made me tougher. Over time I have learned how to protect myself from the likes of them.

Now that I am older I realize that there are a lot more dangers around. Even though I consider myself as fierce enough I still felt that I needed to look for the best self defense weapon for women to possess for protection.

I have seen elaborate devices that work great for personal protection but I understand that these all come at a cost. Having student education loans to pay for I didnt have much to spare. What was important for me was to seek for a protective gadget that was simple as well as effective and offered at a great price.

While I searched the internet I stumbled on a safety tool that appeared best. I found the Heart Attack key chain. Its low-cost uncomplicated as well as effective. It can be connected to a set of keys making it readily available for protection.

The Heart Attack is made utilizing tough durable plastic and is small being 3.5 inches high and 2 inches wide. If a situation arises and you need to safeguard yourself all you must do is put this between your fingers and punch.

This particular self-defense device is user friendly and discreet as well. I can bring it along with me anywhere I go from school to my part time work. By inserting it to my house keys I will always have it with me on hand. Apart from its small size it is light so it will not be a hassle to carry.

With its subtle look no one should be able to tell that the Heart Attack is a real weapon. I can conceal it easily within my hand in order that the assailant would not guess what is coming.

Today the best self defense weapon for women should help them stay out of harms way. Whether I run into a bully or an attacker I feel certain that I can safeguard myself now.

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