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How Young Men And Women Could Defend Themselves Against Possible Danger

My brother started college when he was thirteen. Yes he is really intelligent. And I totally get that my parents time is hardly sufficient for continuing to keep Kevins life as balanced as possible. So I am 17 a female and a pro at taking care of myself for a long while now.

I have sufficient street crime and violence prevention strategies under my belt that I am part of a youth group that actually teaches these kinds of things. We all focus on instinctive moves rather than contraptions although it is impossible to not discuss security alarms along the way.

Just what makes personal alarms special more than many other non deadly weapons for personal defense is that they are perfect for all ages. The unavoidable sound wont simply invite awareness of your problem but also push your opponent away.

Obviously I carry one around. I need only pull at the metal cord of my dual purpose 120dB alarm for it to make noise. As a burglar alarm this could be hung on the doorknob of any non-metallic door from where this begins wailing as soon as the doorknob is touched.

At our youth groups rented office we bar the door using a 115dB door stop alarm in addition to utilizing locks. This is a doorstop which further sounds whenever tripped. Should anyone toy with it its motion detector with adjustable sensitivity would likewise activate the alert.

I gave Kevin a keychain alarm with light just before he started attending college. After all hes my younger sibling no matter what. He digs the mechanism which starts the alarm affixed to a pin that is affixed to a key chain when the key chain is yanked.

Truth be known I acquired it for him since I thought for certain that he was going to get harassed. Quite the contrary they really like him. It was a competitor for the highest spot in class that had him switching his security alarm on for looking through his locker.

And this goes to show that knowledge on campus crime and violence prevention will not suffice. One has to be prepared for the unexpected the wild card also.

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