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How You Can Stay Protected In A Foreign Place

I made a decision to sign up for the student exchange program for one term in order to study overseas. I was very fired up especially regarding the experiences which I had to look forward to. But I discovered that a pupil had been attacked during one trip. That got me frightened.

My father recommended that I get a personal defense device for protection. Aware that I could not just travel along with any kind of weapon I conducted some research online. Luckily I ran across a kubotan that would be perfect for me to bring along.

I had never encountered kubotans in the past. I read that being small and also light made them easy to bring along. What makes them very suitable for my need is that they are legal and totally unregulated.

Kubotans are fashioned much like sticks and typically linked to a key ring. These may seem harmless however shouldnt be underestimated. These are built normally from hard plastic or aluminum and so are nearly unbreakable.

I read up on how to make use of them and found out that damage is brought on towards the target by making use of these to strike boney areas just like the collarbone nose bridge and kneecap. Discomfort is likewise triggered when poking tender areas of the body like the solar plexus leg as well as arm.

I was happy with my discovery as it would be easy for me to travel with this self-defense key chain and also carry it around within a foreign school campus with its discreet look. All I have to do is attach my personal keys to it to ensure that I always possess one with me.

Exploring a new city has been quite exciting. I have made a brand new pal who is happy to show me around. One night we were on our way home right after a day of sightseeing as soon as we noticed another person following us. Even though we were able to run into a business establishment I was still happy knowing I had some self-defense.

Having a kubotan together with me definitely makes me a lot more certain about defending myself. It is so handy that Im delighted it keeps me company.

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