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How You Can Safeguard Your Household From Unwanted Criminal Incidents

It is every single homeowners nightmare to contend with a home robbery. Sadly my family came face to face with this terrible experience when we woke up one early morning to learn several of our belongings gone.

We still considered ourselves lucky simply because we were unharmed. But this event served as our wakeup call to enhance home security. While I was reading through about a Glass Guard window alarm it dawned on me that a very simple window or door alarm can spot burglary effectively.

I consider my house a sanctuary where I do not want any uninvited person to enter. I thought that I was doing enough by making certain that our front and back yards were well lit and our doors and windows were tightly locked.

Ever since the encounter I have made it my top priority to safeguard my family members from criminal threats by using the ideal security gadgets. For that reason I was happy to have come across a vibration alarm that would warn us of any kind of incoming intrusion.

Window and door alarms can guard your house against housebreakers whenever you are away. We ended up acquiring the Homesafe Wireless Home Security System  it could be programmed with 5 phone numbers which will be called one by one the moment illegal activity is detected.

The moment a burglar tries to break into a window this window alarm transmits a signal to its base unit that will contact one of the preset phone numbers to tip us off on the trespassing. If the first phone number isn't answered it will continue to try the rest until the telephone call is acted upon.

We obtained a package that contained a base unit, a sensor which could transmit from up to 250 feet and remote control for activating and also deactivating the system. A landline with tone dialing is necessary to set up this system.

My unplanned study on a Glass Guard window alarm helped me realize that a window and door alarm could help me keep my family safe from danger. I am hopeful that it is the last time that we contend with a case of home robbery.

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