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How Nighttime Joggers Can Best Provide Protection To Themselves From Possible Danger

I love jogging because it is the easiest exercise for me. I dont often have time during the morning because of work so I normally jog in the evening. However my hubby worries about me whenever I go out for a run because he thinks I am defenseless although I know a little bit of karate.

In order to pacify him and to ensure that he doesnt protest each time I head out I decided to buy myself a self-defense device. It was challenging to take a pick considering that there were so many to select from. Ultimately I settled for the X26 Taser which I felt matched my needs.

I preferred to arm myself using a Taser because of the flexibility it offers. I can make use of it long-range or short-range so there is no escape for my attacker. It features two probes linked to wires which make it possible for me to protect myself within 15 feet. It is apart from the contact stun gun effect of the probes in case of a close quarter attack.

Despite inflicting pain through electrical shock Tasers are non-lethal. They use electro-muscular disruption or EMD technology that can immobilize assailants having high pain tolerance along with regular stun gun technology which leaves only short-term pain.

Tasers is going to unleash 50000 volts towards the targeted body. Once the assailant is down there will be enough time to run away from the scene of danger and find some assistance.

One thing I like concerning the Taser X26C is that it is light in weight which is suitable for night jogging. Via a central information display I see when the battery is going out a countdown timer and also warranty information.

I could upgrade the software inside. Furthermore this particular Taser stun gun makes use of a digital power magazine that computes that magazines life expectancy and tells me when I have to recharge the unit.

Now I bring my X26 Taser whenever I go for a jog at night. It fits perfectly inside my small fanny pack!

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