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Help With Hindering Muggers Lurking In The Evening

Considering that I was scared of being mugged while walking home from work at night I decided to invest in my protection. I know about stun guns and how stun guns work simply because I did previously work as a security guard. So I went to get one for myself.

A stun gun is a non-lethal self-defense weapon which incapacitates an opponent on immediate contact. It works by sending a high-voltage electrical charge into the targets body overriding their capability to move and making them to fall over.

The effects are momentary and do not result in any kind of long term damage to an attacker. I bought a Stun Master multi-function stun gun which featured a high voltage rating a personal alarm and an LED flashlight.

Flashlight stun guns commonly contain a built-in LED flashlight. This allows you to target an attacker effectively and perhaps scare them away using the light. Stun gun flashlights are helpful in the dark or just about anywhere you would require a light.

High voltage stun guns offer a shock powerful enough to take a fully-grown horse down and are thus capable of bringing even the most powerful man to his knees. This is helpful because there are a select few around which are capable of withstanding the pain of an electric shock.

Stun alarms produce a loud noise that can warn other individuals to your situation and scare an opponent away. This alarm acts as a deterrent and also warns anyone close by of the danger.

Because of how stun guns work not the same kinds are suited for everyone. When attempting to obtain a stun device always make certain to do the research and determine whether or not its features will help you the most.

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