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Great Protection Against Danger For Oneself And Your Household

My spouse and I own a flower shop business. To be able to reduce expenses I conduct the deliveries for our store utilizing our vehicle. On one of these nights I was delivering flowers I had been mugged while unloading the van.

I lost my watch and also my wallet but despite that Im just delighted that I wasnt physically harm. Soon after the incident my spouse insisted that I get an auto defense spray to be able to keep me protected throughout deliveries.

On the web I ran across a Pepper Shot 10% Plus tri-pack pepper spray. This is a complete package which contains auto self defense spray home pepper spray and personal pepper spray. This way I can shield myself inside the automobile and also safeguard my family in the house.

While surfing around the web I discovered that pepper spray brings about an agonizing burning pain in the face of the target. The discomfort will weaken the enemy for a few minutes and give you the chance to escape a dangerous situation.

The pepper spray tri-pack arrived as a set of three. It had a 1/2 oz. pepper spray with auto visor clip a 2 oz. self defense spray with wall mount for home use and a 1/2 oz. defense spray with a Quick Key Release keychain.

All are 10% defense sprays which include a fine pepper grain which makes it challenging to breathe and keeps the eyes closed shut. Even with all these kinds of effects pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons that wont induce lasting harm.

I placed the car self defense spray in the van and the home self defense spray inside the house and gave my better half the personal defense spray for her personal protection. With our new defensive tools I felt certain that we could keep ourselves protected versus any kind of assault.

Having defense spray for auto defense is absolutely essential in my kind of work. Its surprising that I had to wait to suffer an attack just before I started to care for my own safety.

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