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Fending Off Opponents Using Disguised Protection

My home town of Palo Alto has in no way been safe from assailants especially during the night time. Still I used to dismiss the idea of needing to carry a self-defense weapon along with me to ward off an unexpected attack every time I go home late from work. However a coworkers recent experience of being assailed by unfamiliar men gave me second thoughts.

My workmates bad encounter worked as a wake-up call for me. It helped me recognize that the only method to protect myself is by procuring a personal security device that I could access easily. Bearing that in mind I purchased a camera stun gun on the internet.

Stun guns have been widely used by girls but I did not just join the bandwagon. Thorough research showed me that stun guns are non-lethal and therefore wont induce any long term harm to any person.

The effect is temporary and also lasts for a few moments only providing the assailed enough time to run away from danger and ask for help. The electric shock supplied by a stun gun will only make the assailant temporarily incapacitated. I didnt think twice about getting myself one.

Disguised stun guns came to appeal to me the most. With one of these attackers will never notice when they are about to be stunned. That gives you the upper hand.

Moreover I have found that cell phone stun guns suit my style nicely. With one that appears like a regular camera cell phone no person would guess that I am in fact holding a real weapon. In this way enemies is going to be much more oblivious of my defense strategy.

I carry with me a 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun gun anywhere I go. It does not just work as a stun gun but also features a built-in 12 LED flashlight that is handy in the evening.

Now my concerns regarding my safety whenever I go home late have in some way been put aside. With alertness as well as a camera stun gun I can state that I am equipped to protect myself.

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