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Enabling Your Spouse To Protect Herself In The House

The moment my closest childhood buddy vanished into the thin air I dropped everything to ensure that I could join the search team to the Far East. Though I had total support from my spouse of still just seven months I was not about to leave her behind without protection.

She got no qualms about holding the fort right up until my return within 3 months. And if she only had the ultimate home defense weapon in her possession I was certain that my bride would be both willing and able. Therefore searching for it has become my pre-flight quest.

I refined my hunt down to pepper sprays which I knew would whip up an incapacitating type of burning experience on the skin and in the eyes of the recipient. Potent pepper sprays further bring about involuntary eye shutting hairball coughing and hindered breathing.

The best part is that they are non fatal weapons. Those effects are short-term and lead to no untreatable disability. While they fade away until 15 to 45 minutes you should fly the coop and search for help.

As soon as I got to a self defense spray variation suspended in gel I just about cried eureka! The thing known as pepper gel is extra-strong and clings to the pores just like adhesive. It imbues the skin the more that your own enemy tries to wipe it away.

Since defense spray gel follows the path of your aim the risk of overspray that will reach other individuals is zero. It was the dealmaker. My wife could use one indoors in the house or inside the vehicle. It is not as contaminating and is not combustible.

Before hieing myself to the Far East I got my wife a 9 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper gel sticky pepper spray with pistol handle to use as home pepper spray.

Its an 18% pepper spray which means it is much more powerful than normal 10% defense spray. To my mind that definitely comes close to the ultimate home defense weapon and I can go and leave a loved one in its care.

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