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Effective Ways Of Defending Yourself At All Times

There are instances when having a self-defense weapon is not enough. Dont get me wrong. I am somebody who owns a stun gun and a pepper spray however there are occasions when I do not bring a bag along with me when I head out. For example since theres a grocery store next to my apartment I take only my wallet along with me whenever I need to purchase stuff quickly in the evening.

I needed something different to help me get out of sticky situations particularly since my neighborhood was not on the good side of town. I considered studying a few self-defense techniques thus I flicked through instructional fighting videos and found one by Chris Clugston which I liked.

I was a little hesitant at first believing that teaching myself martial arts moves was quite funny. But a friend of mine who lived a block away was mugged on her way home coming from work so I made a decision to push through.

I bought Combat JKD online and had it shipped to my house. The self-defense DVD promised that I could take on experienced street fighters boxers and also martial artists using the moves that would be taught.

Soon after several seconds of scanning the back cover I popped the street-fighting DVD into the DVD player. I was immediately astounded by the moves being explained and demonstrated. And that was before I started copying these kinds of moves.

In under a month I began feeling as if I could deal with any condition thrown at me that required self-defense moves. I was taught how to heighten my senses that is make me far more alert to my surroundings.

The technique I love the most on this self-defense video would be the two-finger take-down which actually uses 2 fingers only to take an assailant to his or her knees.

Thanks to the experience of Chris Clugston as captured on DVD Im able to finally go out of the apartment even without a self-defense device and still handle enemies.

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