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Effective Way Of Scaring Away Bullies

Since my brother was often called a wimp he had been the popular pastime of most bullies within his school. He had asked me constantly for personal protection especially when the bullies would gang up on him.

Needless to say I refused. Im not one to tolerate violence. Besides these kinds of bullies might continue to beat a kid if they felt that the kid was resisting and also fighting back. Instead of training my younger brother to fight I purchased him a Heart Attack key chain.

The Heart Attack is a special sort of tool that may be attached with your own keys for fast access as well as immediate use. Its a tiny heart-shaped key chain that you could hold between your own fingers as a type of self-defense.

It is made from tough plastic material assuring greatest pain to your own enemy if you punch him using it. Even when your own punch were light and less damaging the Heart Attack is going to increase the power of your punch greatly and make your own assailant squirm in pain.

Thus I offered my sibling this kind of personal defense key chain as a gift and trained him how to punch effectively. I didnt feel that he would have to punch any individual. Just seeing him with this would perhaps make those bullies go.

That proved to be right at some point when he was waiting for me at the parking area. Those bullies approached him slowly and I could tell from afar he was really scared. Despite this he tried to put the Heart Attack between his fingers just before the bullies neared.

Face to face together with the bullies my brother raised his hand and targeted to strike at one of them. The bullies just giggled and even allow him to throw a punch. And he did. The bullies were stunned to see their pal screaming in pain. And that was when they discovered the Heart Attack.

Later they left my sibling alone. Understanding that he always requires dependable personal protection he brings the Heart Attack anywhere he goes.

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