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Effective Way Of Protecting Your Property From Threat

When that 12-year-old child from Oklahoma shot an intruder through the closet she was hiding in during a home invasion last October I did not know how to feel. Part of me was applauding the girl to have the guts to pull the trigger and another part of me was afraid for my own little girl.

My daughter Sheila and I live alone and I realize increasingly more that security is something that no person should leave to chance.

It does not matter in case youve got no foes. Occasionally it is just plain misfortune that armed intruders pick your house out of so many others to choose from.

Celine my ex-wife was just as anxious over the incident and told me that she had set up a wireless home security system. She revealed it to me the moment I drove our little girl to her place.

This includes a base unit that is linked to a landline a motion detector a door/window detector as well as a remote control. All are wireless and also could be mounted effortlessly. If one of the sensors detect motion or entry it activates an alarm.

The base device will then call a pre-programmed contact number to be able to alert the person at the other end of the line. That person can listen in broadcast their voice through the base unit or disarm the system. In the event the system is not disarmed or if there isnt any response the system is going to call the next number on the list as much as 5 numbers. I was the last phone number on that list for Sheilas sake.

The system looks good. You can also include an additional wireless home security detector for other doors and windows or an additional wireless motion detector inside other rooms within the house.

There was one more home invasion this month inside Kansas involving a boy this time. I am glad I got an amicable divorce and that Celine and I can discuss home security in a civil way. You can not be too careful today.

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