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Defense From Possible Danger If Working Late At Night

In order to pay the expenses I moonlight as a waitress within a small restaurant in San Diego California. I love the job. What I do not enjoy is walking home late at night or at dawn immediately after my shift. I always get the sensation that another person is following me and taking a look at my every move.

A colleague Anne sensed the same and stated she utilized Mace spray for defense. She informed me to get one too in the event of an emergency.

Initially I was reluctant since I truly did not know just how self defense spray functioned. All I knew was that they were weapons which gave the aggressor a burning feeling in the eyes and also on the skin allowing the victim to escape and call for assistance.

As soon as Anne informed me that pepper sprays were non deadly and only caused the target short-term disability instead of permanent injury I was convinced to obtain one.

After carrying out some research on defense sprays I discovered that you should check their own capacity range as well as weight. Annes Mace pepper spray attractive tough key case model features a glow-in-the dark locking safety cap and also a key ring. She said it had one-second bursts and sprayed up to 10 feet. It was small and extremely portable.

Among the various kinds I find little pepper sprays really convenient because they fit perfectly inside pockets and they are convenient to carry around. Another great thing about these kinds of key chain defense sprays is that due to their size they could be hidden inside the would-be victims hand and shock the target. The opponent wont ever know what is going to hit him.

I made a decision to acquire the Mace hard case pepper spray too. My own is colored green while Annes is red. Other colors include black blue and also purple.

Now I feel pretty confident as I walk home. With my very own Mace spray in one hand I understand I always have the upper hand in the event of an urgent situation.

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