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Defending Yourself By Using Disguised Self-Defense Weapons

The criminal activity rate in our country goes higher and higher every single day. It would be very foolish of anybody to feel that they are safe from security risks.

While looking for suited self-defense weapon for me I came across the Pretender cell phone stun gun. It directed me to the discovery of numerous types of disguised stun guns.

A disguised stun gun as the label signifies is in fact a regular stun gun device but in the form of an unsuspecting thing you might ordinarily have on your person. This type of security device can take the shape of a lipstick a pen and indeed a mobile phone.

A camouflaged stun gun features a unique advantage over regular stun guns due to its surprise element. This holds true particularly during the night because you can simply carry one in your hand without a probable enemy knowing that you are armed and prepared to defend yourself.

For example the Pretender cell phone stun gun that brought me to the wonders of disguised weapons for self-protection has the appearance of a typical cell phone however works as a stun gun.

As such you cannot use a stun gun disguised as a mobile phone to call for aid. However you could definitely make use of it to make an aggressor immobile calm yourself down and seek out help.

In addition while looking at on the Pretender cell phone stun gun I came to know that stun guns are basically non-lethal. This was a big aspect for me since I wouldnt want to bring about long term harm to any individual as much as I would desire to be protected.

By researching the Pretender cell phone stun gun I discovered that even high voltage stun guns that use millions of volts are created to simply pass the electric shock on to its intended target and not back to the user. This was also a huge relief considering that a major qualm of mine was the likelihood of being electrocuted in the instance that I activate the stun gun.

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