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Pointers On How To Properly Defend Yourself Against Assailants

A few weeks back a flatmate of mine got mugged as she was heading back to our dormitory. Due to the happening our resident assistant urged us to be much more informed regarding self defense tools.

She held an impromptu mini-seminar introducing us to gadgets just like stun guns peppers sprays as well as kubotans. She even more taught us on how to make a self defense weapon function successfully against opponents.

Amongst all the weapons that she introduced the one which hit my curiosity was the kubotan. Kubotans are short aluminum cylinders which come in several colors and have either pointed or flat ends. These kinds of tools look like regular key rings.

Despite appearances a kubotan could become a lot more effective as compared to some other tools for self defense. This is because they appear to be very harmless and not frightening that an assailant would never think them to be weapons in any way.

By reading further regarding kubotan key chains on the internet I discovered that the ideal blows done with the weapon should target the groin stomach solar plexus throat arm shin hip bone collarbone ankle as well as kneecap.

A sharp strike making use of a kubotan to a bony section of the body will surely deter an assailant in order to stop his attack. A well-placed blow can also split bones especially if the force of the blow isnt restricted by clothes.

I also learned that swinging attacks are better on hard and bony areas of the body. The fleshy areas on the other hand experience much more pain from pokes and jabs with the tips of a key chain kubotan.

I was truly taken in with the simplicity of the kubotan. As a result I soon acquired one for myself. The others felt a lot more comfortable with other devices but I am happy that we all went out and got ourselves personal weapons for defense. At the end of the day whatever tool youve got what definitely is important is being aware of how to make a self defense weapon do a great job of protecting you.

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