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Right after a 3 year stint as a nurse practitioner in a rural place of India I was coming home to Kentucky. Even though I missed the children now I figured for certain that I would be getting a little more peace and also quiet once back within the U.S. of A. Not quite.

During my nightlong stopover in good old Louisville some drunk individual tried to paw me. It was good that I had met up previously along with a college friend who had greeted me with a pepper gun for a present partly for his own enjoyment. Who knew this is going to be useful?

This buddy and also I were already familiar with self defense spray at school. This brings no permanent damage and also is non-lethal. While the receiver pulls through the short-lived effects in thirty minutes you have a chance to hotfoot it and also be rescued.

How this works is by starting an acute burning sensation on the skin and in the eyes. It likewise swells the eyes into shutting. Moreover potent self defense sprays clog the airways and also force persistent coughing and gagging.

I had not known about pepper guns until that buddy provided me with one. These take advantage of a modern way of deployment that enables the gun-type gadget to spray unceasingly in much the same way as aerosols.

Gun pepper sprays can further work while being kept upside down. These compromised stances wont be unlikely when you are in the midst of fighting back. Mine employs trademarked Bag-in-a-Can technology from Mace to pull it off.

My defense spray gun has seven blasts that cover 25 feet. This came packaged together with a pepper gun dispenser a 28-gram OC cartridge a water test cartridge and also batteries for the trigger-activated LED light that will improve visibility and your aim.

After I introduced the Mace pepper gun to the intoxicated bar creep that cornered me by the restroom he cried just like a girl and bothered me no more. I then rang the same college friend and coerced him into keeping me company right up until I would have to leave the city.

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