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  • When Unusual Storage Places Are Unpredictable To Thieves

    Leaving Arkansas and onto Chicago was among the boldest actions which I made soon after I became eighteen. My decision for independence also made way for strange things to happen inside my teeny-tiny home. As much as independence is great the fact remains that I now have to secure my personal possessions without creating a huge fuss of it.

    To protect the essential stuff I utilize diversion safes particularly cans to hide those from burglars. Good thing how to make a stash can inconspicuous is out of the question considering that the ones which I purchased blend properly into my things in the home.

    Concealing these types of stash cans at different places within the apartment was easy mainly because their exteriors resemble regular items available at home. For instance I make use of a 7up can safe for storing a few wads of cash which I placed in the kitchen cabinet.

    I also make use of a bathroom cleaner can safe that I put under the sink of the lavatory. It blends nicely with the toilet brushes as well as the real bathroom cleaning solutions that I make use of.

    Aside from my can safes I make use of other forms of secret safes like the flowerpot safe close to my bedroom door that stores my jewelry and the book safe in my overhead shelf that holds my credit cards and also identification cards.

    Considering that I have put a lot of storage safes at strategic areas inside the house I feel safe and that nothing important would be taken from me if ever burglars decided to break in and grab my stuff.

    Sadly there is no way that I could hide my flat screen for safekeeping. Hopefully someone could design a diversion safe which could hide the television from would-be burglars.

    Apart from safekeeping I am thinking of how to make a stash can useful for holding my other very important belongings. Maybe I will use my extra root beer can safe as a penholder for pens that I would hate to get filched no matter exactly how mundane they may seem.

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