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Stun Guns

  • The Ease Of Using A Small Stun Gun

    Small stun guns offer an advantage over normal-sized or conventional-sized stun guns because of their strategic size. Arguably the smallest stun gun will be simpler to hide for surprising a potential wrongdoer advancing towards you.

    A stun gun that is thinner will also be lighter and could be put virtually everywhere. You can put it in small clutch bags in tight jeans as well as shorts or your hand to help make retrieving the self-defense weapon a lot more effortless.

    The size aspect is going to be especially beneficial to individuals with smaller sized hands. Since the smallest stun gun could be gripped and concealed as well you have the benefit of surprise over an assailant.

    A stun gun is non-lethal and the effects that it delivers will last merely for a few minutes that will offer you an adequate amount of time to find help. It will bring about only short-term disability that will not provide long-term harm to a target.

    Almost all stun guns including the smallest stun gun send electrical energy to an attackers body which will instantly disable him. It is essential to note though that the electrical power is not going to go through your body in the instance that an attacker touches you as he is falling to the ground right after being stunned.

    Thin stun guns may be either low or even high voltage stun guns. The Z-Force stun guns as examples give off 100000 volts and 300000 volts. They also are available in really small sizes that include the 5-inch 100000-volt and 6.5-inch 300000-volt stun guns.

    Moreover many offer another benefit which is the addition of a convenient wrist bracelet. The wrist band will be ideal for girls concealing the smallest stun gun within their hands since theyre not going to drop the weapon in the event of an unexpected assault.

    Another great aspect of some miniature stun guns is a safety lever. The safety lever will make women feel a lot more secure about carrying a thinner stun gun by hand and rule out unintended discharge.

  • Recommendations On Precisely How Students Could Remain Protected Off Campus

    My own parents used up enough money to enroll me to the only college which I wanted. Thus I had taken the initiative to save money by trading the dorm for a boarding house off campus. To take care of security I combed the place inquired thoroughly as well as chose well.

    There was one particular problem. The shortest way to my chosen place was not like the school premises poorly lighted and also patrolled. Had I not run into stun gun reviews on the internet in those days I would have stayed unaware regarding what to do for self-defense.

    It happened that I started making use of the internet more regularly for schoolwork and would chance regularly on stun gun write-ups inside my Web communities. Since opinions appeared to lean toward positive I decided to check out the items.

    What I have obtained is that a stun gun once fired causes a swift discharge of electrical energy or an electric shock into the body with which it is in contact. The recipient is going to suffer because of this from disorientation and temporary paralysis.

    An easy conclusion here is that the electrifying effect as it were has to do with voltage. I keep reading though that it is amperage that makes a stun gunshot hurt for real. Who was aware that one amp could take a life?

    Thankfully amps could be measured so that the level stun guns contain is measurably non-lethal. Their effects do not provide irreparable harm and disappear in 20 to 50 minutes which is time best spent to escape danger and go get help.

    On the other hand voltage is one way to take a pick. Stun Master stun guns keep 5 to 8 milliamps only far away from any deadly dose and the one I presently own is a low voltage stun gun that may offer 200000 volts to incapacitate an attacker for a short period of time.

    Having a dependable form of defense the one that came with a lifetime warranty makes my walks home coming from class a lot less fearsome. Perhaps that I will still stay on top of online stun gun reviews for so long as Im attending school but living outside the college.

  • Making Use Of The Most Current Stun Batons To Ward Off Opponents

    A regeneration of proven means of self-defense is being engineered in order that they are able to work properly in todays society. A new stun gun baton in particular offers a unique mode of protection.

    Generally this new stun gun is available in the design of a baton. A baton was once a wooden type of self-defense weapon commonly carried by cops. Todays baton has been infused with stun gun features.

    The stun baton is currently housed in a strong and light material which assures easy handling. In some cases its retractable rod makes it easy to carry around while strolling or running or in bags and also automobiles.

    The extendable baton lengthens with a quick touch of a button. The size of the rod becomes charged with electrical power and could be utilized to stun attackers.

    New stun gun technology assures a maximum stunning effect. The baton stun gun just needs to be put into contact with the attackers body. Three to five seconds of contact will deliver ideal results.

    The voltage released by this recent self-defense weapon will interrupt signals in the body. Electric signals coming from the brain to muscles will be altered. The electric current sent out by the stun baton on the body will bring about fast immobilization and a reduced capability for controlled movements.

    Handy stun batons such as the Stun Master 4.5 million volt mini stun baton include an age-old weapon with current self-defense technology. This baton stun gun uses totally the concept of stun gun effects within a longer range as given by the extending baton rod. The small stun baton gives the convenience of having a rechargeable battery. It also has a built-in LED flashlight.

    Furthermore new stun gun safety measures have been utilized. A stun gun may have conductive screws that could shock any person who tried to seize the weapon for you. Plus you can control the dispersal of electric current by switching on and pushing a discharge button. The safety wrist tie and pull pin make sure that power is lost as soon as the baton is pried away from you.

  • Pointers Regarding How To Eliminate Threats Inside The Workplace

    Being designated in the inventory of beverages and alcoholic drinks has an unmistakable disadvantage. Any colleague of yours that ever desired to pocket a bottle or two yet stopped for fear of getting caught must hate you because you are the person who would have caught them.

    I am that man. I have many pals at the office but few that I trust. I have been thinking about the use of a self-defense weapon but treading cautiously. Is a stun gun advisable? If its then how does a stun gun work precisely to foil an attacker?

    The textbook answer appears to be that a stun gun could give off electricity instantly straight into the body during contact with it. This electric shock is disorienting and also incapacitating. If ever the recipient makes an attempt repeatedly to move he is only going to keel over.

    Now the end results are non-lethal and also non permanent. They dont engender permanent damage and they stay for a maximum of 20 to 50 minutes time for the assailed to get away and go get assistance.

    I guess that I understand these in principle but want somehow to see a stun gun at work in a real-life scenario. High voltage stun guns produce volts by the millions and I mostly desire to witness exactly how powerfully one of those could impede any criminal out there.

    Even though the 2.5-million-volt option is going to do just as well my sights are focused on a 4.5 million volts Runt stun gun which is a mere 3 1/2 inches high. I could purchase it in black or pink and was thinking my girlfriend and I could perhaps do a She & Him.

    On top of being extremely portable a small stun gun could be concealed inside your hand and take the criminal by surprise later on. Unaware that youre not defenseless he will not be prepared at all to avoid your defense.

    In my job it pays to become judicious and I have to recommend the same. Just how does a stun gun work for self-defense given your particular circumstances? Learn well to select well.

  • Fending Off Opponents Using Disguised Protection

    My home town of Palo Alto has in no way been safe from assailants especially during the night time. Still I used to dismiss the idea of needing to carry a self-defense weapon along with me to ward off an unexpected attack every time I go home late from work. However a coworkers recent experience of being assailed by unfamiliar men gave me second thoughts.

    My workmates bad encounter worked as a wake-up call for me. It helped me recognize that the only method to protect myself is by procuring a personal security device that I could access easily. Bearing that in mind I purchased a camera stun gun on the internet.

    Stun guns have been widely used by girls but I did not just join the bandwagon. Thorough research showed me that stun guns are non-lethal and therefore wont induce any long term harm to any person.

    The effect is temporary and also lasts for a few moments only providing the assailed enough time to run away from danger and ask for help. The electric shock supplied by a stun gun will only make the assailant temporarily incapacitated. I didnt think twice about getting myself one.

    Disguised stun guns came to appeal to me the most. With one of these attackers will never notice when they are about to be stunned. That gives you the upper hand.

    Moreover I have found that cell phone stun guns suit my style nicely. With one that appears like a regular camera cell phone no person would guess that I am in fact holding a real weapon. In this way enemies is going to be much more oblivious of my defense strategy.

    I carry with me a 4.5 million volt Pretender cell phone stun gun anywhere I go. It does not just work as a stun gun but also features a built-in 12 LED flashlight that is handy in the evening.

    Now my concerns regarding my safety whenever I go home late have in some way been put aside. With alertness as well as a camera stun gun I can state that I am equipped to protect myself.

  • Making Use Of A Self-Defense Device To Help My Business Stay Alive In A Bad Neighborhood

    I tried out to stretch my initial capital by leasing a commercial area inside a middle-income district with a good reputation for gang wars. Immediately though I learned that the place continued to be a target of robbers for quick hits. Clearly nobody could possibly tell when.

    At this point I can just hope and believe that criminals would be impeded by the Runt stun gun which I possess. Since I began having it with me whether I am within my shop or outside I have felt a lot less jittery with regards to conducting business in this inadvisable place.

    Stun guns offer self-defense by simply releasing a debilitating electrical charge into the body that it touches. In consequence the recipient will endure brief loss of equilibrium and of the capability to move the muscles.

    The effect is non-lethal and results in no irreparable damage. It fades away soon after 15 to 45 minutes. This is the perfect moment for getting away and also contacting 9-1-1.

    High voltage stun guns appeal to me being a female who wants slim margins of error since they decrease the chance of an assaulter being able to withstand an electric shock. Only a few stand a chance from volts by the millions.

    Even though choices of 2.5 million volts and in black are up for grabs a 4.5 million volts pink Runt stun gun does it for me. Its a mere 3 1/2 inches high and no hassle to carry around inside the free heavy-duty nylon belt loop holster that was included with it.

    Every woman 18 and above should have a small stun gun no contest. It makes sense being held by a smaller hand. If you can hold your weapon to help keep it out of sight the thug would have no clue of what is coming for him.

    To date the Runt stun gun which accompanies me wherever I go has warded off a security threat on a few occasions. At least once I was with one of my staff and what she saw later encouraged her to order a self-defense stun gun for herself.

  • Utilizing Stun Guns In Order To Safeguard Yourself From Peril

    Various degrees of stun gun voltage produce varying results. I discovered this fact as soon as I was looking for a non-lethal weapon that was powerful enough to take an opponent down without producing any long term harm.

    With a lot of news on occurrences of attacks on innocent individuals I felt worried and was compelled to provide myself with handy self-defense. I began seeking stun weapons and my search brought me to a web based site that offered these.

    It is important to note that it requires fewer shots in order to administer electricity to a target with a high voltage stun gun. The millions of volts being emitted can bring down even the most pain-tolerant opponent.

    Small stun guns on the other hand are lightweight and very portable no matter what voltage. They could immobilize any target but those that are low voltage stun guns may need to be repeated several times more.

    One item in particular caught my eye. It is all those and a disguised stun gun that appears like an ordinary Blackberry-type handheld device which gives it the benefit of the element of surprise.

    No opponent will ever suspect that theyll be jolted by 4.5 million volts of electricity from a Hot Shot stun gun as it will seem like you are simply taking out a cell phone to call for help. It is built with a safety switch and also an illuminated red light which signals you when it is all set to unleash hell on your attacker.

    Catching assailants off guard is far more effective in combating any serious harm which may fall upon any would-be victim. With this one can quickly escape danger and flag for assistance.

    In coming to terms with the possibility of being attacked I decided to arm myself quickly using a self-defense weapon that has the power of punch to the gut. So soon after reviewing stun gun voltage I thought that the best one for me is one that can teach my opponent a hard lesson with just a single shot.

  • Tips On How Women Approaching Senior Age Can Protect Themselves

    My auntie that is in her fifties is beginning to become a bit paranoid. Shes constantly suspicious of other individuals who give her so much as a glance. Thus when her 54th birthday was just around the corner I checked on the internet for any cheap stun guns so that I can give her one as a gift.

    As soon as the special day came and she opened her present she was a bit puzzled. I told her that stun guns are non-lethal weapons however they can disable a target momentarily to offer her enough time to flee her opponent.

    She asked with a bit of reluctance in her voice how it could possibly stop an attacker. I told her that a stun gun would deliver an electric shock when it comes in contact with the aggressors body.

    What I provided her precisely was a Z-Force stun gun. This kind of low voltage stun gun offers 100000 volts only which provides a mild electric shock which lessens the likelihood that the attacker might get really really hurt. Another choice that I discovered was a 300000-volt stun gun still low voltage as compared to other stun tools having a million volts or so.

    I added that her new small stun gun is handy as well. Due to its size it can easily fit into her handbag or perhaps in the pocket of her jeans.

    When walking home alone at night cannot be prevented I told my aunt that she should always be prepared thus have her slim stun gun in her hand . Because it is small and easy to hold it may be easily concealed within the palm. And if by any possibility she gets mugged her attacker is going to be totally surprised with what hit him or her.

    I reminded my aunt never to get crazy with fear given that she has a stun gun with her. She shouldnt just stun anybody that she suspects though. I also gave her the contact information of the shop I came across that offered cheap stun guns in case she required another one or maybe even a second one.

  • Combating An Aggressor Smartly Making Use Of A Self-Defense Stun Gun

    A telescopic stun baton is the longer and retractable edition of the regular self defense stun gun. Seemingly it can offer the owner the good advantage of striking his target at a risk-free distance.

    Some baton stun guns could be extended for up to 21.5 inches long from their regular size of 13 inches only. Their expandable feature gets rid of the necessity to go near any enemy to be able to debilitate him with a non deadly weapon.

    Retractable stun batons can be utilized in their complete size by simply pushing a trigger switch. When fully extended the exposed steel piece is usually electrified so that it gets impossible for a perpetrator of crime to grab the weapon from you.

    Just like virtually any self defense stun gun an extendable stun baton can stop a wrongdoer on his paths by dispatching electrical shocks to his body when hit. For instance the Stun Master 800000 volt telescopic stun baton could paralyze an opponent for 20 to 45 minutes.

    What makes a retractable stun baton the superior self defense stun gun is the fact that its span alone can intimidate an attacker. This can potentially stop him from getting his strategies into action.

    When searching for a stun baton the expandable and retracting function should not be neglected. This will provide you a longer reach so that you can easily strike the culprit using an electrical charge without being closer to him. Furthermore it becomes a handy device whenever retracted.

    This kind of self defense stun gun includes other valuable features too. You will find baton stun guns equipped with a built-in flashlight to help you get around dark areas and an alarm that you could switch on to inform the folks close by of difficulty.

    If you are concerned about being electrocuted while making use of a tactical stun baton you should not be. Even when your enemy touches you when he is being electrically shocked you can untangle yourself easily. It makes use of non-conductive substance to prevent the user from taking in an electrical shock.

  • Things To Keep In Mind To Always Remain Protected In A Rough Neighborhood

    The condominium where I have resided for five years was a shiny new sight on a street lined with shiny new stores and also residences the moment I first relocated. But the location didnt take and soon my building developed a bad case of entropy.

    It got to a time in which just a fool would certainly step out of his home without the most powerful stun gun or hand gun along. So I procured exactly that except that I picked the non-lethal weapon over the deadly firearm.

    Once direct contact occurs the sudden release of electricity from a stun gun throughout the body does the job of causing temporary paralysis as well as confusion. Anyone who becomes hit loses his capacity to move his muscles and ultimately goes down.

    The effects dont cause permanent injury. They fade away within 20 to 50 minutes. You are supposed to use this window of opportunity to leave the scene of danger and seek rescue.

    When I started searching I found out that voltage is one quantifiable gauge of power. As high voltage stun guns send out a more powerful electrical shock at any given time it stands to reason that it could take them less shots as well as seconds to take an assaulter down.

    Disguises though act like silent partners. Considering that disguised stun guns dont appear like weapons youll have caught any thug with his guard down before he realizes that you arent precisely defenseless.

    I put two and two together and selected a Hot Shot stun gun. Looking misleadingly like a Blackberry-style handheld gadget it stays under the radar of a predator right up until I can find an opening to offload 975000 volts on them to take them down.

    You would be making a major mistake in case you dont make an effort to own the most powerful stun gun keep you safe in a rough area. I keep mine in a detachable stainless steel belt clip that came free along with it and I have it on me at all times.

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