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Stun Guns

  • Compact Means To Ward Off Attackers

    With all the violence which I find in news reports every day I have decided to obtain personal protection. But do stun guns work effectively enough in order to protect ordinary people such as me?

    I have just lately found out that a stun gun has power enough to deliver an electric shock the moment it is in direct contact with the target. It is non-lethal thus it will just incapacitate the target for a short while enough for me to seek for help and run away.

    One type is a mini stun gadget which is really compact and light and fits in a bag or pocket. It may also be hidden inside your hand thus it will completely shock your attacker. He will never have a clue that he is going to be shocked right then.

    There are also disguised stun gadgets which surprise assailants since theyre in the form of normal everyday things. In case you have one of these you have got the tactical advantage in an attack because he wont ever realize that you are planning to stun him.

    I have just come across a Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun weapon with flashlight. It is little and also easy to use and even comes with an alarm to deter attackers. It has a security switch and cap to prevent accidental discharge or electricity and an LED flashlight to help you see in the dark.

    My sister obtained this kind of flashlight stun gun because she as well needs to defend herself. She goes back home late from work normally. She never leaves her shop if there are still customers willing to buy things.

    Last night the moment she started locking up her store a man held her arm and threatened her. She used her stun pen quickly on the enemy. She ran for assistance and the bad guy was arrested.

    Do stun guns work in defending your ordinary self from extraordinary threats such as this? Well if my sister has proven it I believe they do. And this convinces me to obtain my own stun gun just in case that crook has buddies as well.

  • Safeguarding Yourself Whenever You Longer Cant Run Away From A Fight

    Having been raised with bodyguards due to my mothers profession I feel like I missed out on a great deal of adventure and maybe even the enjoyment of being reckless . Later on I evened it up by taking up numerous extreme sports and riding a lightning-fast bike.

    Now being in the company of security folks did not make me become stupid. Quite the opposite they taught me to walk away from a fight whenever I can. When I cant they schooled me on utilizing a non-lethal weapon like a pen stun gun for self-defense.

    According to my bodyguard buddies a stun gun produces a sudden emission of electrical energy into the body on impact. In consequence the person receiving the electric shocks is unable to control his muscles as well as keep his equilibrium. Eventually he could pitch forward.

    The effects are non-lethal however and leave no irreparable injury. They are short term and last no more than 15 to 50 minutes which you must grab as an opportunity to run away and call 9-1-1.

    No brawl is ever worthwhile and most likely the best tool to deter it is a weapon which doesnt look like one. Using a disguised stun gun you can wait for the aggressor to lower his defense just before you strike and put him out to finish the threat.

    One that is also a mini stun gun is much less threatening. Youre no warmonger if it is little enough to slip into and out of nearly any pocket. Nevertheless it can be concealed in your hand to remain out of eyesight of your enemy until put to use.

    I have a Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun gun with flashlight inside a nylon holster with belt loop that I got together with it. This flashlight stun gun loaded with a built-in LED light is extremely helpful at nighttime when more wrongdoers come out.

    Because having buddies from the security force also implies receiving expert opinions on your choice of security devices I know that I have picked a good pen stun gun to protect myself with.

  • Tips On How To Choose A Believable Weapon For Personal Use Today

    The time I went out of my parents home and to my own apartment a sibling 3 years older advised that I buy a stun gun for self-defense. I minded the idea as I can never ever change magically into a street fighter in the event that my life relied on it.

    In the beginning I declined the intense-looking pronged gadgets in black that were offered. There was no way that I could carry one of those. I practically needed my stun gun pink to conceal from any person on the prowl the fact of me being armed.

    My brother had just to take one look at me to recognize the reluctance. I was a twenty-two-year-old girl after all. Absolutely nothing on me from tee shirt to shoes came across as bulky or gloomy that the common stun gun would stand out like a sore thumb.

    Given that I wanted my stun gun pink and sleek bro was even more than content to oblige and did me one better. He introduced me to disguised stun guns that pretended variously to be cell phones writing pens and also tubes of lipstick.

    A stun gun disguise would allow somebody like me the liberty to have my self-defense weapon ride along my personality. Being female I gain the advantage over an attacker once he has no clue that I am not helpless.

    Cell phone stun guns are sure to catch just about any goon off guard. These were desirable simply because I did presently carry a mobile phone around like an extra appendage. If I really desired the stun gun pink also I had that alternative in a Pretender cell phone stun gun.

    When I found that this 4.5 million volt stun gun was outfitted with a 12-LED flashlight I saw that one gadget could offer multiple functions. I would additionally be having a high voltage stun gun with flashlight.

    As we that wanted a stun gun pink cute or nothing that appeared like one ought to be happy to know all stun guns are non deadly. Having results that peter out by 15 to 45 minutes they produce no long term injuries.

  • How You Can Safeguard Yourself From Danger

    At one time I got robbed on a deserted street after dark. I didnt put up a fight and gave my stuff up instantly. You would think that would save you and you would be wrong. He had stepped away but then turned around out of the blue and clubbed me using an iron bar.

    The experience as well as the hospital ordeal that came after was traumatic. It would also set me back a lot more cash after I lost plenty already. Today Im invoking self-defense. And learning through Web sites that carry all sorts of stun gun how it works is my starting point.

    The thing I know until now is the fact that a stun gadget can release electric shock straight into the body with which it is in contact. As a result the person receiving electricity can lose muscle movement as well as balance and fall over. The Internet shops all seem to suggest the same.

    More usual understanding is that the effects are short term and wane in around twenty to forty five minutes. They are non deadly and bring about no life-compromising injuries. You ought to use this moment to escape and contact 9-1-1.

    Recently I stumbled on a self-defense forum in which low voltage stun guns were being recommended to novice users. These deploy some 500000 volts or lesser while high voltage stun gadgets release a million volts or maybe more.

    It would appear that the weaker voltage cuts down on the risk of there being anything serious caused on the target if the shooter is inexperienced. And also somebody unskilled might shoot himself by mistake yet not get hurt hugely.

    A paperless trail led me to Stun Master stun guns which come in several voltages. The lower range consists of 100000 volts in heights of 4.5 and also 6 inches 200000 volts and 6.5 inches tall and 300000 volts with lengths of 6 and also 6.5 in inches.

    Gaining knowledge from a more proficient user of a stun gun how it works to give personal protection is a benefit which I enjoy in the online forums. Thanks to those I am quite convinced to make a 200000-volt stun gadget my very first purchase.

  • Searching For Dependable Self-Defense Stun Guns Starts Off Here

    If truth be told it currently took a leap of faith on my part to believe that virtually any self-defense tool at all could preserve my life. Being a realist I was obviously hesitant from the beginning about the value of those devices in fending off assaults.

    However I try to keep a balanced view. My only notion of personal protection previously was these teensy pepper spray canisters that a big sister toted around. I expected to probably get going with a Mace stun gun or some such familiar name.

    Sis swore by her label and that was as good as it got an uninvited recommendation for me. Only I took much more fascination with trying out a stun gun because I could sure buy into the power of electric shock to incapacitate people temporarily.

    Boy was I unaware! As hard as I tried to look for any Mace stun gun on the web I kept happening upon some other stun guns instead. The amusing thing was that a number of these items while unfamiliar to me as yet were snatching my attention.

    I was particularly won over by learning about low voltage stun guns as well as high voltage stun guns that have been just as useful depending on how sympathetic I wished to be toward a predator.

    Moreover I just about ditched my hunt for any Mace stun gun when I found the best stun weapons to catch goons unaware. These are disguised stun guns as they are covert units and small stun guns that are concealable gadgets.

    I havent halted searching the World wide web for self-defense stun guns since. To mention one Stun Master is doing well persistently in my book up to now. Every merchandise by these long-time stun gun manufacturers are supplied with a lifetime warranty.

    Even though I never did run into a Mace stun gun what I found much more than made up for that. Whats more stun guns are all non-lethal devices. Having results that peter out soon after 15 to 50 minutes they do not leave the target any injury for life.

  • Essential Points To Keep In Mind In Order To Utilize A Stun Gun Safely And Securely

    Stun guns have been in existence for quite a while today. Many men and women utilize them as devices for personal defense. Although they are non deadly weapons that will not jeopardize lives understanding how to make use of one properly is nevertheless and always needed.

    Instructional stun gun videos certainly describe the proper usage of this device. You will see that direct contact among the weapon and the person is important to gain desired results.

    Electric shock administered by a stun gun to the body of the target is exactly what will help you escape from real danger. The electricity moved will incapacitate the attacker for several minutes and give you a chance to make a run for it.

    When you are still uncertain of precisely how to use this weapon properly then perhaps educational stun gun videos will help. This way you will find out how you can use a stun gun effectively by understanding what parts of the body to strike.

    You will find different types of stun guns obtainable thus it is just as critical to understand how to use the one that you have to its whole potential. The Stun Master 4.5 million volt tiny stun baton for instance provides several features which render it one of the best devices around.

    Simply firing this high voltage stun gun will discourage an assailant away mainly because of the lightning storm that the prongs create which isnt just loud however also very scary. Additionally with its distinctive conductive screws any person who attempts to grab this stun baton from you is going to be stunned.

    Youll learn just precisely how intimidating those weapons can be by viewing stun gun videos. Remember though that a stun gun isnt meant to be used to pick a battle with the opponent. This self-defense device is meant to help you go out of harms way.

    To make sure that you are operating your stun gun safely ensure that you go through informative stun gun videos. Furthermore go for one that has a safety switch and a safety wrist strap for additional security.

  • Rewards Of Utilizing Telescopic Stun Batons

    In case you do not have enough time to study the art of self-defense a stun weapon just like the tactical stun baton could be just the item for you. For one thing you do not need a black belt in kung fu to master this weapons capabilities.

    Mastering martial arts although beneficial can take time. But before you can even study the basic principles chances are you might already find yourself faced by a lawless element. Furthermore close combat means you could be harmed in the process.

    Provide yourself with an extendable stun baton. Using this stun weapon you could shock your opponent at a secure range. When your attacker attempts to seize it the weapon will send volts of electricity to his/her body without compromising your very own safety.

    Though non-lethal retractable stun batons have the advantage of stopping your assailant in his tracks before you can be hurt. This is all you need to be able to get away the scene and stay away of just about any physical struggle.

    Plenty of stun weapon designs and also technology can be found in the market. These have individual positive aspects that owners could certainly take advantage of. But long-range types such as telescopic stun batons take away the need to be physically near your opponent when the occasion arises.

    The Stun Master telescopic stun baton for example lets you deliver 2.5 million volts of electricity onto your attackers body while standing a couple of feet away. Also a single push action can prolong the self-defense gadget and make you a force to be reckoned with. One more push and it retracts back. This puts it apart from regular stun guns which are effective only when in close proximity to another body.

    Collapsible stun batons can be safely covered within bags or under jackets whenever not in use. This stun weapon can make criminals move according to wrong assumptions and give you the advantage.

    Several kinds also provide features such as LED lights and a micro alarm system. But remember to look for one that could stun your enemy to immobility.

  • Teaching Grownup Sons To Protect Themselves From Danger

    I grew up hating the father that never knew me. The harder I grasped that he was old money the greater I blamed him for my mommys poverty. Rage fueled my aspirations until I was of sufficient age and fully competent to become part of his familys wealthy company.

    Before long I was working for the man. He had no concept who I was so I could not work out the reason why he doted on me. Just why would he have his secretary find me the best gun for personal protection? While I set out to ruin him all that consideration endeared him to me.

    The aide made a shortlist in which the big guy pointed to stun guns. These generate a rapid outflow of electricity in order to distress the bodys equilibrium and muscle motion. Consequently the person receiving the electric current could take a leak.

    Since the effects are short-term and also non deadly they result in no untreatable harm. Your job would be to hightail it and call 9-1-1 while those lessen until twenty to forty minutes.

    I gathered from his assistant that our boss had asked to look at flashlight stun weapons and stun alarms. The first kind are ideal for after-hours protection obviously while I guess that the latter can call for help fast even while you run.

    Anyway my biological dad called me towards his private office and handed me a Stun Master multi-function stun device. It is loaded with 4.5 million volts along with an extra-bright LED flashlight red blinking emergency lights and a 110dB personal alarm. Wow right?

    He stated several things about high voltage stun guns how the types can easily elicit quicker and also graver bodily reactions immediately after giving off electrical current in the millions. Thank you sir I spluttered not knowing exactly what else to say.

    A year into my job I came clean. I asked why he even cared that I have the best gun for personal protection. He admitted to having a powerful desire to protect me. We two are a work in progress although the anger which I had seems barely there now.

  • Making Use Of An Effective Self Defense Unit In Order To Protect Yourself Against Threat

    My detective boyfriend provided me a stun gun as a birthday present. He has taught me how to use a stun gun before thus owning one was nowhere near a hard thing to accept.

    Previous readings about stun guns told me that theyre non-lethal personal defense devices that administer an electric shock to the targets body on immediate contact. These dont cause long term physical injury at all. They just immobilize the opponent for a few moments to be able to allow the victim to call for help.

    My sweetheart said to me that high voltage stun devices are much better since they emit millions of volts. For this reason this only takes a couple of shots for the target to hit the floor. I assume that they work much more swiftly as compared to low voltage stun devices.

    He offered me the Double Trouble stun weapon and said that this is far more potent because of the 5 inches of gap between the contact tips. What I often see in other stun guns is a 1.5-inch space. The 5-inch separation between the tips enables you to cause a significant amount of pain in several areas of the receivers body.

    This one has a soft-contour rubber grip which enables you to hold or hang on to it conveniently. It is built with a red LED indicator which enables you to know if this is ready to stun. It likewise has a basic safety switch on top.

    It has a length of just 6 inches as well as a weight of only 6.9 ounces thus it could fit into your purse and it is not a bother to bring around.

    One evening I had the chance to make use of my very own double contact stun gun to defend myself towards an attacker when I was going home coming from school. The five inches of contact space definitely did the job.

    He went down quickly and I ran for help. The cops nearby arrested the man right away. It was good that I was able to know how to use a stun gun to save my own skin even though I was alone.

  • The Most Effective Means To Fight An Opponent Positioned Next To You

    As close-contact weapons stun guns are perfect for providing self-defense towards just about any attacker who is within reach of the assailed. In contrast ranged tools just like Taser stun guns and pepper spray guns are ideal for hindering threats from far.

    It happens that regular people are less able to detect wrongdoers from afar. By and large you dont become knowledgeable that you might be under attack until the attacker is in your face by your side or pops up to you from the rear.

    For this reason it is recommended that users of stun guns keep those sorts of tools that are handiest during short-distance encounters. Out of many high voltage stun guns take potent and also fast action just before the recipient can retaliate.

    Generally speaking stun guns keep electrical power that each can emit straight into the human body on physical contact. For that reason the target would feel confusion a loss of balance and also momentary immobilization.

    The aim of self-defense isnt to enter into a skirmish but rather to get away. Once the assailant has keeled over you should take the opportunity to stage a getaway and then search for rescue as soon as you are out of harms way.

    It is even more advised that owners of stun guns store the sorts that can take the crooks by surprise. By using a disguised stun gun or an undetectably small stun gun even goons that have closed in on you would not guess what is about to strike them until it does.

    Take for instance the Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun. As it appears as a handheld mobile device a la Blackberry absolutely no lawbreaker would be prepared for electric shock worth 4.5 million volts that is coming to disable him temporarily.

    Although stun guns store enough electrical charges to take any person down these are all non-lethal weapons which do not induce permanent debilitation. Their impacts remain simply for as long as 20 to 45 minutes.

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