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  • Searching For Reliable Self-Defense Stun Guns Starts Here

    If truth be told, it currently took a leap of faith on my end to trust that any self-defense tool at all can help save my life. Being a realist, I was unsurprisingly hesitant in the beginning concerning the value of personal security tools in fending off attacks.

    However, I generally try to keep an open mind. My main notion of personal protection back then was these teensy pepper spray storage containers which a big sister toted around. I expected to probably get going with a Stun Master stun gun or some such familiar name.

    Sis swore by her brand name and that was as good as it got, an uninvited recommendation for me. Only I took a lot more fascination with checking out a stun gun because I can sure buy into the ability of electric shock to incapacitate recipients on the short term.

    Boy was I naive! As hard as I aimed to look for any Mace stun gun online, I kept happening upon different stun guns instead. The amusing thing was that several of these items while unknown to me as yet were getting my interest.

    I was especially won over by studying about low voltage stun guns and high voltage stun guns which were just as valuable based on just how sympathetic I wanted to be toward a predator.

    Furthermore, I just about ditched my hunt for any Mace stun gun when I discovered the best stun weapons to get goons unaware. These are camouflaged stun guns as they are covert units and small stun guns that are concealable products.

    I have not halted searching the Net for self-defense stun guns ever since. To note one Stun Master is doing well consistently in my book to date. Virtually all items by these long-time stun gun makers are supplied with a lifetime warranty.

    Although I never did come across a Mace stun gun precisely; what I found a lot more than made up for that. Whats more stun guns are all non fatal tools. Having side effects that goes out right after 15 to 50 minutes they don't leave the person any harm forever.

  • Help With Hindering Muggers Lurking In The Evening

    Considering that I was scared of being mugged while walking home from work at night I decided to invest in my protection. I know about stun guns and how stun guns work simply because I did previously work as a security guard. So I went to get one for myself.

    A stun gun is a non-lethal self-defense weapon which incapacitates an opponent on immediate contact. It works by sending a high-voltage electrical charge into the targets body overriding their capability to move and making them to fall over.

    The effects are momentary and do not result in any kind of long term damage to an attacker. I bought a Stun Master multi-function stun gun which featured a high voltage rating a personal alarm and an LED flashlight.

    Flashlight stun guns commonly contain a built-in LED flashlight. This allows you to target an attacker effectively and perhaps scare them away using the light. Stun gun flashlights are helpful in the dark or just about anywhere you would require a light.

    High voltage stun guns offer a shock powerful enough to take a fully-grown horse down and are thus capable of bringing even the most powerful man to his knees. This is helpful because there are a select few around which are capable of withstanding the pain of an electric shock.

    Stun alarms produce a loud noise that can warn other individuals to your situation and scare an opponent away. This alarm acts as a deterrent and also warns anyone close by of the danger.

    Because of how stun guns work not the same kinds are suited for everyone. When attempting to obtain a stun device always make certain to do the research and determine whether or not its features will help you the most.

  • Using An Effective Self-Defense Tool To Be Able To Defend Yourself After Dark

    Working as a club DJ functions as a creative outlet in my situation a business economics student. It is also helping put me through school being that I currently get paid handsomely every Friday as well as Saturday nights immediately after several years of playing the commonly sleepy weeknights.

    No doubt I expose myself to criminals each time I step out of my usual hole in the wall during the early hours. So after finding out about stun gun effectiveness in self-defense from one of the bouncers I made a decision to go get myself one.

    A stun gun as my workmate described causes a sudden emission of electrical energy into the body with which it is in contact. Because of this the people receiving electrical shock stands to lose his bearings as well as his ability for movement albeit momentarily.

    The result is non-lethal and wont end in permanent damage. It fades away after 20 to 50 minutes that generates a window of opportunity for the near-victim to flee danger and go get assistance.

    My bouncer coworker prompted me to inquire into high voltage stun guns that release volts in the millions. Common sense dictates that a more powerful electrical charge will provide greater incapacitation and likely during a faster time too. I am all for that and thus I followed.

    I rather thought that powerful stun guns would look big as well as burly however was immediately proven incorrect. I found numerous small stun guns having high voltage and disguised stun guns posing as friendly-looking items. Either sort would catch an attacker by surprise.

    At a mere length of 3 inches the Hot Shot stun gun that I went for could send out 975000 volts in order to knock the enemy down. Similar to a Blackberry-style handheld gizmo it stays on my person constantly via a stainless steel belt clip which came with my acquisition.

    Though I was sold on stun gun effectiveness in personal defense in the beginning it was right after I had instance to make use of mine which I started to go around suggesting these kinds of devices to other individuals. What I aim to tell is definitely simple: it works.

  • Tips On How To Effectively Protect Yourself Utilizing Only One Hand

    I made a decision to go to college in my hometown so I could reduce school expenditures by living with my mother and father. To be able to generate income on the side I decided to offer dog-walking services within our area. It appeared simple enough and a task that I loved.

    Lately however there has been a chain of crimes occurring in our place from attacks to robberies and also other similar happenings. To assist me to protect myself my dad suggested that I acquire a blast knuckles stun gun which I could easily insert in my hand while walking dogs.

    Stun guns release an electrical shock to the body of the target on actual contact. This particular shock is going to momentarily debilitate the receiver for a number of minutes providing you with time to run off to a less dangerous location.

    My dad told me to look at high voltage stun guns which emit around a million volts or even more. These is going to knock an attacker down much faster considering that fewer shots are needed.

    I looked into my very own choices on the net and went with a Knuckle Blaster stun gun. This 950000-volt stun gun is made to offer a punch with power. One touch to the attacker is going to repel him and a longer exchange will lead to more confusion.

    This kind of patented item is furnished with soft rubber skin that could fit all hand sizes. It includes a safety switch that can be reached with your thumb in order that you can remove the safety and fire all at once all with one hand.

    As I learned all about knuckle stun guns it became clear that this was an awesome solution for me. While walking dogs only one of my hands is free so having this gadget is very helpful and will make sure that I could protect myself from harm.

    A blast knuckles stun gun just like all stun guns is a non-lethal tool. This implies that any effects to the target are short-term so no lifelong damage is induced.

  • Effective Way Of Defending Yourself When At A Disadvantage

    I somehow wound up with a work inside a firm in which virtually everybody including those in my field or at my level was a rich kid to start with. I did not think that it mattered as my coworkers treated me nicely until I received a bitter taste of class prejudice.

    The moment someones expensive gadget disappeared I became the primary suspect given that I wasnt moneyed. Though my name would be cleared the event taught me to protect myself in every single way. I sought the best self defense weapon on the internet in case it ever came to that.

    My hunt abated as soon as I found stun guns. These release an immobilizing amount of electrical shock towards the body. As a result the recipient becomes unable to move his muscles as well as stay balanced and may take a spill sooner or later.

    What truly caught my eye were stun batons or stun guns having the extra benefit of the longer reach of batons. You are able to force several space between the criminal and also yourself so that he could be thwarted just before he can touch you.

    Expandable stun batons particularly are the longest yet likewise the shortest by design. Not only are they handy to keep or carry when collapsed. But also with mobility being a non-issue they could afford to be made longer when expanded.

    I purchased a 2.5 million volt Stun Master telescopic stun baton which is outfitted too with a flashlight and an alarm. It can stretch out to 21.5 inches for use at the flick of a wrist and then recede to a convenient 13 inches whenever not being used.

    To add to an advantageous size flashlight stun guns are no doubt convenient in the evening and for disorienting an attacker. Stun alarms in turn can attract notice to your situation thus scaring off the foe in the process.

    Being no longer so quick to trust I have not stopped hunting down the best self defense weapon there is. For now though I am confident that my baton stun gun is going to help me pull through an unfortunate period in life.

  • Tips On Capturing Warehouse Thieves On Your Own

    I keep a disguised stun gun for defense. Times are uncertain and all of us dont know the moment we will encounter trouble or danger. Stun guns are non deadly. The results are temporary and never leave permanent damage. I suppose it never crossed my head that there would be other sorts of stun guns useful to men and women whose work it was to protect property.

    Therefore I was stunned after viewing the news about a night watchman which shocked thieves. His weapon? A stun baton an extended sort of the stun gun which permitted lengthier reach so he could keep a safe distance from a crook or attacker while stunning him using it.

    Based on my personal experience I know what happens as soon as you get hit by a stun weapon. The electric shock coming from a two-second application wont just jolt but likewise cause discomfort. I discovered my enemy yelp as soon as I got him. He then lost his balance allowing me to escape.

    The next time my enemy lost muscle control and then got disoriented therefore he ended up crumpled on the floor. I didnt even need to try to escape from him.

    The reports stated that was what occurred to the thieves - lost their own balance and started to be paralyzed - so the watchman was able to tie them up one after the other while they were in shock.

    His 20-inch baton stun weapon definitely offered him an advantage over the bad guys. Even though one attempted to get hold of the baton close to the tip he felt 500000 volts of power course through his body. The person required commendation from his boss after precisely what he did.

    He stated the stun gun baton was his personal device. He appreciated that it could take the bad guys down however not hurt them completely. Therefore it permitted him to carry out a better job of safeguarding the storage place even if he was by himself.

    It might not be a terrible idea to obtain a stun baton later. Who knows what you could be facing at some future time. I could use some practice as early as right now.

  • Ideas On Fending Off Peril Within Risky Areas

    I always avoided unsafe neighborhoods. But now heading to areas where people could kill you only for thrills is all in a days work for me.

    Social workers such as myself must guard from getting attacked in the violent communities in which our clients typically stay. We ought to also be ready to take potentially violent clients down. I wanted an effective self-defense device for protection against rape or assault.

    I truly think I ought to knock even a violent assailant down without having to kill him. That is the reason why I got a stun device.

    I read that stun weapons immobilize an opponent for a while by using electric current on impact without killing him. This means safer self-defense since fighting is unnecessary and while he is twitching on the ground for a few minutes you can call the cops. And he recuperates without permanent damage.

    My supervisor suggested a disguised stun device or a stun gun disguised as another thing because surprise is going to be on my side.

    For that reason I bought a Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun weapon with flashlight and disable pin online. It is disguised as a lipstick. Little stun weapons just like it fit easily inside a pocket and can be concealed inside the hand adding to the element of surprise. Flashlight stun guns like this one allow you to see and aim better in the dark. Both the trigger and also LED flashlight switch are underneath the cover. Theres a charger bundled also.

    My high voltage stun gun has a neat disable pin connected to a wrist strap. If the weapon is grabbed from me while I am wearing the wrist strap it will pull the pin out disabling the weapon so it cant be utilized versus me.

    Carrying protection against rape or assault cant assure my safety fully. Street smarts and common sense are still also the best protection weapons. But if someone does target me I have got something for him. And he will not figure out what this is right up until it hits him.

  • How To Deter Attackers Covertly

    I started out social work years back. It was at that point that I realized that I had to have a thing to safeguard me in unfamiliar areas particularly during the night. I found stun pens once and considered precisely how these would rival overt stun devices.

    A stun gun is to me an effective non deadly personal defense weapon. That doesnt give permanent physical injury towards the target. The moment it touches the body it yields an electrical shock that immobilizes the assailant momentarily. The stun weapon gives the supposed victim several minutes to get away and get assistance.

    Little stun guns will surprise the assailant since they are very tiny that they can be hidden within your hand. The aggressor never even knows that a hit is coming until the last minute. These are lightweight and also compact and can easily fit in your pocket or handbag.

    Camouflaged stun guns are expertly camouflaged so that the aggressor will never be aware that you have one. Likewise this provides a tactical edge in saving your life.

    What I purchased a Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun weapon with flashlight has a rechargeable electric battery to power this. This rechargeable stun device is not difficult to use and equipped with a nylon holster as well as belt loop. An LED flashlight is an additional feature that you can use even when the safety switch is switched on.

    I have proven both the covert as well as the little stun devices as really dependable allies. I recall leaving a new community one evening after conducting adult classes. As I reached into my pocket for my vehicle keys a large man showed up behind me and told me to remove my blouse.

    As he came closer I turned on the pen stun gun in my hand and pressed this towards his stomach. He fell to the ground just like a stiff mop and I ran for help.

    The owner of a restaurant close by contacted the police while a couple of men secured the bad guy. Portable stun guns such as stun pens can both save your own life and change your life in one switch.

  • Ideas On How To Offer Protection To Yourself While In Dimly Lit Places

    My work as a personal trainer means that I need to go back home after dark. As a safety precaution I typically avoid dark alleys and the like. But my parking space is found a little way off the gym. To go to it I have to walk one ill-lit block.

    That was never my most loved part of the day. As such I made a decision to search for a solution to the issue. That was how I discovered a self defense flashlight which looked like the answer I was seeking.

    A flashlight stun gun is a popular option when it comes to self-defense devices. It provides the standard functions of a usual stun gun by offering an incapacitating shot of electrical energy. It gives off a non-lethal dosage and it causes no permanent injury.

    But the power is strong enough to topple the target down briefly and also give enough time for the would-be victim to leave and ask for aid. Aside from these kinds of standard functions it has a built-in flashlight that fits my intended purpose wonderfully. Add to that a more accurate aiming.

    Stun alarms perked up my interest simply because I was also seeking something that would warn other individuals of my condition in case of a threat. Such tools sound off an alarm whenever triggered not only to call attention to the user but also to discourage criminals.

    I am planning to purchase a stun alarm flashlight which brings together the advantages of these two distinct things into one compact gadget. It is actually a heavy-duty flashlight that incorporates a 200000-volt stun gun and also a 130 dB alarm.

    This stun gun alarm flashlight has a durable fiberglass-reinforced plastic body. It was also designed with an attachable red cone to be used for signaling or warning of danger.

    I plan to get my hands on this self-defense flashlight as soon as possible. It will not only illuminate my way to the parking area its built-in stun gun and alarm is going to surely add more layers to my personal protection.

  • Right Means OF Safeguarding Your Home And Also Family Against Burglars

    My partner insists that we should not be guaranteed of our protection in spite of living in a quiet and peaceful community. For him having the doors secured tightly in the evening doesnt imply that we are safe from burglars.

    He wanted to obtain a firearm for our defense however I refused firmly given that our kids are still young. They might think the firearm is a toy and play with it. We wound up considering stun guns for home defense instead.

    Stun guns are self-defense devices good at keeping people safe from robbers and burglars yet are absolutely non-lethal. They discharge an electric shock on contact with the body rendering the receiver incapacitated for a short time period. Thus the victim may run hide and/or look for help.

    Since I also still worried about our young children tinkering with the stun gun and hurting themselves unintentionally I persuaded my husband to check out low voltage stun gadgets which have a less severe stunning effect. Even though they will require several stuns to bring an offender down they provide lesser possibilities of seriously harming somebody.

    After all considerations Stun Masters stun gadgets truly stood out to us. They were available in 4 variations according to size and also voltage: 4.5 or 6 inches high with 100000 volts and also six or 6.5 inches tall having 300000 volts.

    We agreed on this particular stun gun as it was simple and easy to utilize and had low voltage. We specifically acquired the one that was 6 inches high and emitted as much as 300000 volts of electric shock. It was the best size for both of our hands.

    My hubby taught me how to use the stun weapon. In case he is not in the house and something happens Ill be able to frighten the robbers away and contact the cops.

    Luckily we have not got the opportunity to use it yet. Nevertheless my husband now still insists that we buy extra stun guns for home defense. I think that he enjoyed getting the first one too much.

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