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  • Ideal Technique Of Defending Oneself Within A Comfortable Distance

    Last New Years Eve my child was out at a social gathering with his pals. He was already a bit tipsy the moment he came back to his apartment so he had little idea that someone was following him. His cash cell phone and also his sports watch were stripped away from him. Upon learning of the event my spouse panicked. I informed her that we ought to be thankful that nothing worse happened to our kid.

    That mugging occasion led me to an Internet search of possible self-defense weapons for my boys use. After an intensive browsing of Web sites dedicated to personal security I ran across a telescopic baton.

    I asked my child if he wanted me to get him an expandable baton. I told him that its a stun gun in baton form.

    I added that a baton just like a stun gun could paralyze an attacker temporarily as it sends an electric shock to the assailants body after direct contact. Also simply because a stun gun is a non-lethal tool its effect will just continue for several minutes giving my child plenty of time to flee the area.

    A stun baton does all that. But as an additional bonus it provides a comfortable distance in between him and the attacker.

    In addition it could be lengthened in case the need to do so happen as well as retracted when not in and after use. This retractable structure makes it longer than other baton stun guns which makes it more handy to carry around within a bag.

    As soon as my boy agreed to obtain a retractable baton I bought him a Stun Master telescopic stun baton. This self-defense weapon has a reach of 21.5 inches at its full length and a mere 13 inches as soon as retracted. The whole 21.5 inches is electrified. Thus when the felon tries to take the baton hell get shocked.

    Now my boy always brings his telescopic baton with him wherever he goes. My spouse also sleeps more soundly during the night knowing that our boy can look after himself.

  • Options For Getting Home Safely At Nighttime

    I consider myself as an independent strong-willed female but to tell the truth with regards to physical strength I appear to have none. Being a college teacher I worry mainly because I have classes right up until late at night which leaves me no choice but to head home after dark.

    Considering that a co-teacher of mine was experiencing the same problem we both decided to buy stun gun products for personal protection. We each wanted the powerful kind that would also be simple to use and would help us get to home safely at night.

    While we searched on the internet we learned about the capability of stun guns. These discharge an electric shock into the body the moment immediate contact takes place. This shock leaves the receiver immobilized for a few moments.

    Among numerous options we thought that a Stun Master 950000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun with flashlight would be the best option for us. Made especially for females it is small and portable and comes with a wrist strap. If this mini stun gun is taken away the disabled pin comes out that will prevent it from working.

    Disguised stun guns are really useful to the women. Seeing as this one looks just like a lipstick it offers the element of surprise in order to provide a great defensive advantage over the enemy.

    Having a flashlight stun gun does not hurt either. With the built-in light one will be able to see better at nighttime and aim at the attacker a lot more accurately.

    Often we devote full days on campus and really do not have enough time for other things. On that note a rechargeable stun gun offers relief as we do not have to make an effort purchasing batteries all the time.

    Opting to buy stun gun products for protection has helped my teacher-friend and me feel less fearful about going home in the evening. And since all stun guns are non-lethal weapons we feel relieved that no long term damage is caused to the target.

  • When A Camera Phone Turns Into An Ideally Disguised Device

    Think about strolling to your automobile late at night. You recognize quite too late that you are on your own and vulnerable. You will be less worried if you have something that can stop an opponent to give you time to get away.

    Owning disguised stun guns gives both defense and also the capability to carry them without getting noticed. Stun guns can be found in numerous styles like a lipstick pen or camera cell phone.

    A phone camera stun gun is not difficult to bring and doesnt attract unwanted attention. It also doesnt tell the enemy that youre holding something you can defend yourself with since it is common for folks to be carrying their cell phones.

    When picking a cell phone stun gun buy one that could double as a flashlight. There are models that have a 12-LED light that will come in really handy in identifying would-be attackers.

    A camera stun gun which has a bright LED light may also be utilized as a flashlight in case there are things you must find like the automobile key you dropped because of fright.

    One of the makers of high voltage camera phone stun guns is Pretender from where I purchased my very own unit. Mine emits 4.5 million volts of power although its safety features mean that I can be careful regarding accidental discharge which might hurt myself or others close to me. Furthermore stun guns dont cause any long lasting damage.

    With a cell camera stun gun available you could immobilize enemies with electric shock. Ensure that the weapon comes in immediate contact with the body to be able to deliver the immobilizing blow.

    Considering that a camera stun gun is non-lethal the attacker is going to be disabled briefly at most for only a few moments. Utilize this opportunity to ask for help. Do not think that the individual lying prone on the floor will continue to be like that until the police arrive. Dont forget the assailants face and leave the venue immediately.

  • The Reason Why Select A Stun Gun In Disguise

    Right after it was first unveiled in the industry as a self-defense gadget it didnt take very long for the stun gun to show its features. This gadget can incapacitate a wrongdoer to be able to enable you to secure yourself.

    Disguised stun guns are among the most common. These were created in order that you could have the advantage of surprise against an assailant. Among the trusted variations a pen stun gun is a very practical tool to use. Imagine: who would perhaps expect that a pen could be turned into a weapon that could disable an aggressor?

    Camouflaged or not stun guns are capable of delivering a significant amount of electric shock to the receivers body. This is sufficient to immobilize him for a few minutes buying you some time to escape.

    The typical stun guns are simple to spot. When compared disguised stun guns will be hard to recognize simply because they appear like harmless items. A pen stun gun would surely be an ideal defensive gadget to hold within your pocket. Because it is a compact and small stun gun you can even store it in your hand.

    A pen stun gun is just a stun gun that looks just like a pen. If you wish yours to be far more effective then go for one that can release millions of volts. Stun Master for instance makes high voltage rechargeable pen stun guns.

    One more excellent inclusion would be a built-in LED flashlight that could be utilized in the course of emergency scenarios. It will be even better if it came with a safety cap and pin to avoid instances of electrical discharge.

    A pen stun gun just like standard stun guns is merely capable of imposing temporary damages to the lawbreaker and is therefore a non fatal tool. Typically the immobilization ought to last only for about a short while.

    Despite the fact that a disguised stun gun isnt fatal it will still be better to handle it with care to prevent yielding unwanted results on the wrong person.

  • Means Of Being Cautious About Personal Safety

    Lots of people have now started incorporating self-defense into their everyday lives. Exactly what was once a vague notion is already a household must-have. Personal protection is an important concern inside the United States and all should engage in enhancing theirs every single day.

    A number of people have resorted to the usage of stun gun products to help with their security. Although most Americans are familiar with this specific gadget they may not be aware of the different types of stun guns as well as the advantages of those.

    All stun guns function the same way in that they incapacitate a target using electrical energy. The thousands to millions of volts running through a body can easily halt motor functions and cause the loss of control of an attackers muscles. This will effectively cease them in their tracks and give the person time to seek for assistance.

    Stun guns are non-lethal and their effects wear off gradually. The responsible utilization of stun gun weapons ought to still be heavily implemented always though. For instance children should not be allowed to have fun with or use one.

    One of the more handy alternatives would be the small stun gun. It could offer the person plenty of benefits. Since it is really small it would be easy to cover against an opponent. Furthermore its mobility would make sure that one can bring a slim stun gun around regularly. It would also be easier to handle for those with smaller hands similar to those for young adults and girls.

    The Z-Force stun gun for example does not skimp on power for size. Though it may be slimmer when compared with other types it can still provide a range of 100000 200000 or 300000 volts of electrical power.

    The legal utilization of stun gun tools must also be taken into consideration. Several states dont condone the operation or purchase of such a device.

    In the end the right usage of stun gun goods is important not just for protecting against opponents but also ensuring that one does not switch on unintentionally. Though non lethal its effects could still harm an innocent bystander.

  • Surprising Aggressors With Cell Phone Stun Guns

    Whenever you think about stun guns do you imagine these gadgets having menacing prongs sticking out in the front? Well think again. These non deadly weapons have been through a facelift and among the successful results is the cell phone stun gun.

    Previously many people believed that stun guns were just for professionals. As a lot more individuals become aware of precisely how useful they are for self-defense ordinary citizens are currently arming themselves with these types of gadgets.

    For more effectiveness manufacturers such as Pretender are creating high voltage cell phone stun guns. Think about the surprise of a goon as soon as you strike him with an innocent-looking cellular phone and he instantly feels a jolt of 4.5 million volts get into his body after contact.

    The cell phone stun gun is only the most recent in a long line of disguised stun guns that could help a person fight an offender without being totally obvious about it. As opposed to brandishing a familiar weapon you keep the element of surprise and will certainly catch the offender unaware.

    In the event of an attack a stun gun will electrically shock an attacker putting a halt to his raging act. The almost-victim can then getaway unscathed and grab the chance to report the event to the cops.

    Even if the lawbreaker is on the lookout for a self-defense weapon he will have no means of realizing that what you are lugging is really a cell phone stun gun. This will provide you with a huge edge given that he isnt likely to try to avoid it.

    This minute stun gun appears like your normal mobile phone. A few even seem like those camera cellular phone designs which are commonly seen these days. Who would suspect that this kind of phone could actually immobilize an individual?

    If you would like have a cell phone stun gun select a type which is outfitted with a built-in flashlight. With the brightness provided by a 12-LED light for instance youve got a stun gun and a flashlight in one unbeatable protective tool.

  • Remarkable Stopping Power In Your Hands

    My dislike to electric stun guns was changed as soon as my older sibling introduced me to one up close and personal. He showed me a knuckle stun gun which was made to provide an extra powerful punch in order to repel assailants as soon as it hits them.

    His concern came from a recent mugging incident involving a buddy and me. I came home one night shaken and just truly stunned. I guess that he felt kind of guilty about being nowhere near the moment I needed him the most.

    A stun gun is technically a non-lethal weapon for personal defense that wont lead to any permanent injury. However longer contact can cause even more disorientation that could lead to assailants dropping down to their knees after several seconds.

    As I was looking at the Knuckle Blaster stun gun from my brother he revealed that it was able to give 950000 volts of stopping power. When I tried to hold it as instructed this patented unit with soft rubber skin easily fit into my small hand conveniently just like a one-size-fits-all.

    I was trying out the safety switch which was easily accessible to my thumb. A knuckle stun gun is quite a awesome unit because I can flip the safety off and fire with the same hand. This leaves my other hand free to grope for other tools for self-defense.

    As a precaution my dear brother said to me that I shouldnt linger on to check if I hit my enemy or not. He was confident that my high voltage stun gun will be effective enough to immobilize any kind of target.

    However I should take this as my cue to run away and ask for assistance. This is the part where he feels that I should gather my senses and just run as fast as I could.

    I am hoping that nothing like the previous mugging incident will happen to me anymore. Should the occasion rise I know I am ready. Today I no longer look at electric stun guns the same manner I did.

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