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  • Using Blowguns In Your Recreational Activities

    While I was growing up my father enjoyed taking me out to hunt. In all those times we would use actual firearms which I never really enjoyed utilizing. I felt like they were very heavy as well as too loud and to tell the truth I just was not any good at handling them.

    I conducted some research and found that there were other ways for us to do our interest. I introduced my dad to blowgun hunting to see if he was ready to accept using a different kind of weapon during our hunting tours.

    A blowgun is a .40 caliber gadget which is shaped similarly to a pipe. It shoots out target darts and paintballs which can be dispensed simply by the use of your breath. This kind of weapon is very simple but also really accurate whenever striking a target.

    I discovered that blowguns are utilized for numerous things. Some individuals choose to use them for self-defense while other people use these for hunting as well as other recreational activities and still other individuals even make use of them to dispense tranquilizers for animals in the wild.

    Blow guns are available in various measurements the shortest being 18 inches and the biggest at 72 inches. Other measurements include 24 inches 36 inches 48 inches and also 60 inches. The smaller ones are best for beginners and for use in recreational activities.

    Longer blowguns such as the 72-inch ones are appropriate for enthusiasts and pros. These have a range of 250 feet and also muzzle velocities that go around 350 feet per second or even more.

    With every single packaged purchase you can normally expect to receive target darts a muzzle guard a mouthpiece dart quivers as well as a foam handle. Based on what they will be utilized for blow guns could fire paintballs and darts. Darts can penetrate 1/4 inch of plywood very easily.

    Just recently blowguns underwent improvements to provide better precision for all lengths. Needless to say the lengthier types deliver longer range and also faster velocity. So far my father has been enjoying blowgun hunting and he likes that these kinds of weapons are extremely accurate and guaranteed for life.

  • How Females Can Always Keep Their House Protected

    For Mothers Day this year my better half gave me a special present. He said that he and also several of his colleagues made a decision to provide their wives home security kits because the dads would not regularly be around to be able to protect the family.

    I then recalled reading somewhere that the best home defense weapon for women wasnt just any gadget. Rather their most effective self-defense device is know-how in this case on protecting themselves in the home. I feel that is precisely what my husband has offered me.

    The SafeFamilyLife Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women that he got me was comprised of a half-ounce pepper spray with leatherette holster 1 lipstick pepper spray a diversion safe that appears like a book 1 electronic pocket whistle a 130 dB personal alarm with light and the instructional guide book as well as batteries for each of these merchandise.

    Survival packages such as this one have been assembled specifically by security specialists in order to keep women safer while at home or outside. Putting together this type of kit would have been a problem for non-experts. Apart from that the cost would have been a lot greater.

    My own safety kit is made up of an array of things and I thought I would have trouble familiarizing myself with every one. I was wrong. The manual that came with each merchandise was easy and simple to follow.

    Furthermore the DVD included in the security package gives video demos for product use. As if that wasnt sufficient this particular kit for women also came with special safety reports.

    Those safety reports function as sources of tips on exactly how girls can raise their degree of security. Report subjects include suggestions regarding how to remain safe whenever traveling self-defense techniques and so on. Talk about arming both the mind as well as the entire body.

    Kudos to the dads that were wise enough to resort to such packaged sets for personal protection. I honestly believe that they were able to equip us their spouses with the best home defense weapon for women.

  • Keeping Close Watch Of A Grocery Store

    As store manager of a supermarket for 6 years and counting Ive come across my fair share of shoplifters. What I havent yet encounter though is a grocery store stickup.

    The supermarket burglary over the next town a few weeks ago worried all supermarket proprietors and also workers within the city. Additional guards were hired and also additional monitoring cameras were set up. My own manager informed me to acquire a professional metal detector for every one of the stores 4 security guards.

    A security metal detector is utilized to find metal objects like knives and also blades. It can also nose out medium-sized guns as well as illegal substances covered with foil.

    I looked for a number of portable metal detectors on the net to check out each of their capabilities. The moment I came upon a listing of Garrett security metal detectors I knew that I would be getting one of them.

    I consulted my manager and the stores guards regarding their thoughts on the utilization of a tactical hand-held detector or THD. It is a very sensitive security metal detector. Its detection panel works for 360 degrees. That is any part of the detection surface could identify a nearby metal thing.

    It also has a built-in flashlight that can be used for night operations and also when there is only a small level of light available. To be able to avoid making a possible robber get away when he or she is identified as having a dangerous item at hand a THD vibrates silently as well as flashes a red LED alarm indicator to notify the guard.

    I made an order for 4 THD units and asked that they be sent immediately to the grocery store. Upon their delivery I issued one tactical metal detector for each guard as well as provided them a debriefing on precisely what to do should they find a dangerous weapon.

    With professional metal detector devices to boost our security-camera-ready premises the grocery stores odds of being held up at gunpoint have been greatly decreased.

  • Effective Means Of Protecting Against Rape As Well As Other Types Of Abuse To Ladies

    One of the most traumatic incidents which a woman could ever encounter is rape. This kind of sexual abuse comes in many forms such as date rape gang rape also marital rape.

    In a planet filled with substance and alcohol abuse it is normal to hear another rape case on the news. Women are being called to become a lot more vigilant and to join causes for rape prevention. I myself am a staunch advocate versus any form of abuse on girls.

    Many females however arent fully aware that they can protect themselves or that there are several products that cater to the safety of women. In fact there are safety kits which are especially designed for female use.

    A safety kit has a number of self-defense products specifically developed for a certain group. For example a home security package includes burglar alarms diversion safes as well as wall-mounted pepper sprays all of which are important for protecting the house.

    Investing in a survival kit saves you from the hassle of purchasing individual self-defense gadgets that is time-consuming along with costly. Furthermore an excellent security package has a user manual and an instructional DVD in order that you know what each device is used for and the way to utilize it.

    With late nights at work as well as the usual night errands I needed a security set specially made for girls. I found that within the SafeFamilyLife Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women. The gadgets included within this package are made to protect a girl when she is out and about and when shes at home also. It has a half-ounce pepper spray with leatherette holster a lipstick pepper spray a book diversion safe an electronic pocket whistle and a 130-decibel personal alarm with light.

    It also comes with an instruction handbook and also DVD. Moreover it has 6 safety reports some of which are self-defense techniques and information on safe dating and also sexual and domestic assault.

    Rape prevention is a life-long cause. It is good to know that women can arm themselves with the information as well as proper tools to be able to protect themselves capably.

  • Pointers On Safeguarding Oneself Versus Bullies

    When I was young I got bullied by the bigger kids at school. I grew up understanding that my frail as well as non-intimidating physique was like an open invitation for domineering rascals. But at my age right now bullies who would come my way would definitely require more than my lunch money or a brand new toy of mine.

    The results of such an encounter could hurt not only me but also my family. As such I understood that I must be vigilant towards wrongdoers. I soon went on the internet to look into securing some ballbusting self defense towards attackers.

    That was exactly how I came across instructional fighting videos. I developed an interest for them because they offered a learning alternative that was easy on the budget.

    In addition I can learn the lessons within my own pace. I could master a specific maneuver by just replaying or skipping to a video track. Now thats one thing you cant do in an actual self defense class!

    I was especially fascinated by an Israeli Hand-to-Hand Fighting System DVD which proposed to reveal a well-kept secret to shortcut nevertheless effective self defense training techniques. Seeking greatly to be in on the secret I bought this street-fighting DVD.

    Via the very simple instructions of Nir Maman a previous Israeli special forces commando I quickly learned the vital target. This is a map of the vulnerable areas of the body.

    At this time I am studying seven basic moves that have been proven to be helpful for use on the ground standing up or towards weapons. In addition to that I have learned tips concerning how to hide my true motives to bring the element of surprise on my side.

    In only a short time I have picked up quite a lot from my self defense DVD. I am so content with it that I have even urged my buddies to learn the Israelis ballbusting self defense techniques as well.

  • Unpredictable Methods To Discourage Vandals

    Throughout homeroom as well as breaks I often come upon my own second graders role-playing as their favored heroes. I think that their idols vary every month. Now it is The Avengers. Several months back it was the Transformers. Just before that they were pretending to be ninjas and samurais.

    As always I am surprised by the creativity of these young minds. When they were playing at samurais and ninjas I saw that they were using crude paper cut-outs as 6 point throwing stars throughout their pretend battles.

    I was especially amused by this considering that I also being a child had a keen curiosity about ninjas. This childhood interest resurfaced when I was browsing the web searching for a suitable security device which I can use for self-defense in the home and found ninja stars.

    A bunch of vandals had chosen to make nightly visits to our neighborhood busting windows as well as street lights spraying paint on automobiles and such. We would call the police to take care of them however they always came right back.

    I decided to take matters into my own hands. I needed to make a move in order to discourage them from going to our street. But confronting them head on is going to simply annoy them and make me as well as my home a target of theirs.

    I figured that I needed to take action covertly. I thought to scare them off ninja-style. I returned on the web and obtained a set of four 2-inch mini professional edged steel throwing stars.

    With (I must admit) unconcealed childish joy I put in enough time practicing along with my ninja throwing stars. I was amazed at exactly how easy it was to utilize the steel ninja stars. Soon after just 2 weeks I decided to put them to use finally.

    When the vandals came as usual I zeroed in on their spray containers from the upstairs window using my 6 point throwing stars. I even nicked one of them in the calf. Stunned by the enemy that they couldnt see they ran away. I have not spotted them ever since.

  • Most Effective Technique Of Staying Away From Road Mishaps Caused By Drowsy Driving

    Drowsy driving is a dangerous routine and it can be fatal. Even though a person ought to avoid driving when he is too exhausted some people just cant keep getting into their own automobiles despite their sleepy state.

    An innovative tool can assist resolve this kind of issue. A nap alarm can help drivers remain fully alert whenever driving for long hours. This particular tool is typically worn over the ear and produces a loud sound whenever the user starts to doze off.

    Among the reasons for fatigue driving is insufficient sleep. If you force yourself to get behind the steering wheel despite feeling worn out you might not be able to respond appropriately to approaching danger.

    Wearing a portable sleep alarm can help you focus on the task at hand. When you are able to arrive at your destination safely you are not only doing yourself a favor but also your own passengers.

    Many motorists depend on stimulants in order to keep them awake while driving. This may work for a short time but as soon as the effects fade away they are endangering themselves again. A sleep alert on the other hand is usually built with an electronic position detector which alerts a driver instantly when his head nods forward.

    Nearly all portable nap alarms are designed conveniently to fit your own ear snugly. You could confidently get behind the steering wheel realizing that you will be properly informed when drowsiness takes over. Given that this is placed over the ear it is unlikely that youre going to miss out on its warning sound.

    Students who have to cram for examinations and workers that have to tend to overtime work can also take advantage of using a sleep alert. With this personal safety alarm they no longer have to depend upon unreliable techniques to be able to stay conscious.

    Numerous drivers feel that distractions such as listening to loud music can do the trick. In reality this practice could ruin their own focus. In contrast a nap alarm offers a reliable remedy to an age-old traffic problem as well as helps sleepy drivers avoid road accidents.

  • Effective Way Of Securing Your Own Enterprise From Armed Men

    Our own pawnshop business has been run by the family for many years. The shop was only passed down to me to handle and I believed I was performing a great job. However the moment armed robbers stormed in and also asked cash and also stole several of our high-priced items I knew that I had to make improvements.

    The very first on my list was to enhance our security. I looked around for metal detector dealers in the area in hopes to find a good gadget to arm my security guards with. In this way men lugging weapons wouldnt be able to breeze into the shop once again.

    I found a number of Garrett security metal detectors that I then considered. These are utilized for discovering weapons so that armed persons can be banned entry into any place.

    From the choices I picked a Superscanner V that has seemingly shown to be a highly reliable product all these years. Many people acknowledge it to be among the best hand-held metal detectors in the industry and its used by plenty of individuals within the security field.

    This metal detector scanner is very sensitive and could detect medium-sized pistols from a range of 9 inches box cutters and razor blades from 3 inches in range as well as jewelry and foil-wrapped drugs from an inch away. It can scan fast and extensively using the huge 8-inch scan surface that it was built with.

    In addition it is self-calibrating and also utilizes digital microprocessor technology that ceases the need for frequent sensitivity adjustments. All internal parts are kept securely with its rugged high-impact ABS case with a reinforced coil compartment.

    Other features are 3-color LED indication a piercing audible alarm a bright LED light signaling metal detection and a momentary push switch that pauses the detection of ambient metal near by.

    In any kind of store that markets high-priced things reliable security is required. I am happy that I was able to find help from our local metal detector dealers to ensure that our pawnshop is going to be protected from any armed individuals looking to cause trouble.

  • Effective Ways Of Defending Yourself At All Times

    There are instances when having a self-defense weapon is not enough. Dont get me wrong. I am somebody who owns a stun gun and a pepper spray however there are occasions when I do not bring a bag along with me when I head out. For example since theres a grocery store next to my apartment I take only my wallet along with me whenever I need to purchase stuff quickly in the evening.

    I needed something different to help me get out of sticky situations particularly since my neighborhood was not on the good side of town. I considered studying a few self-defense techniques thus I flicked through instructional fighting videos and found one by Chris Clugston which I liked.

    I was a little hesitant at first believing that teaching myself martial arts moves was quite funny. But a friend of mine who lived a block away was mugged on her way home coming from work so I made a decision to push through.

    I bought Combat JKD online and had it shipped to my house. The self-defense DVD promised that I could take on experienced street fighters boxers and also martial artists using the moves that would be taught.

    Soon after several seconds of scanning the back cover I popped the street-fighting DVD into the DVD player. I was immediately astounded by the moves being explained and demonstrated. And that was before I started copying these kinds of moves.

    In under a month I began feeling as if I could deal with any condition thrown at me that required self-defense moves. I was taught how to heighten my senses that is make me far more alert to my surroundings.

    The technique I love the most on this self-defense video would be the two-finger take-down which actually uses 2 fingers only to take an assailant to his or her knees.

    Thanks to the experience of Chris Clugston as captured on DVD Im able to finally go out of the apartment even without a self-defense device and still handle enemies.

  • Using Self-Defense Devices To Be Able To Keep Women Safe From Criminals

    Becoming a single working mother is as difficult as it can be. I need to work two times as hard to provide my child with exactly what he needs. As a personal associate to a workaholic boss I sometimes need to stay late at work in order to finish off his requests. That simply leaves me absolutely no option but just to walk the 4 blocks from the bus stop towards my apartment late at night.

    I understand that this routine is extremely risky particularly that single moms are the only ones their kids can depend upon. I need to be able to provide protection to myself from muggers and also rapists but what is the best self defense weapon for single mothers such as myself?

    I want something that could disarm an opponent and bring him or her down to his or her knees yet minus the death brought on by a handgun. Anyway I am way too scared to try that since I may use it the incorrect way.

    Furthermore I would like a self-defense weapon that gives a comfortable distance say around a foot or so in between me and the attacker but one that can still easily fit into my purse.

    While surfing the net I have discover a telescopic steel baton. Its expandable meaning that it is in its short form when not needed and you can keep it inside your bag. When the moment comes to make use of it you could stretch it with a flick of your wrist for it to extend to its total length. You can simply pound the tip on a hard surface to be able to shorten it again.

    These types of retractable steel batons come in different lengths just like 16 21 and 26 inches. Those measurements are more than how long I wanted my self-defense weapon to be in the beginning.

    With an extendable steel baton I could return home at 10 at night knowing that I will survive to still be able to read my son a bedtime story.

    So what is the best self defense weapon for single moms? For me it is one which could continue to keep her protected for her kids.

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