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  • Pointers On How To Take Care Of Yourself While On A Trip

    As part of my job I am required to go on business travels a couple of times annually. I know as a traveling single woman that I can be seen as an easy target of the predators around waiting to do harm towards other individuals.

    Rather than wait for such an incident to happen I would like to be prepared. As soon as I found a Door Guard alarm on the web I realized only then precisely how useful it would be to use a portable gadget for security while on trips.

    I found out that door alarms are a convenient way to frighten intruders away. No matter what hotel I stay in I just attach this kind of personal alarm to the door to help keep myself safe from any possible harm.

    The door security alarm that I found is a handy and small shock sensor alarm that requires no installation whatsoever. All I have to do is hang it on a doorknob and it will immediately sense vibration. As soon as the alarm is activated it will emit a 98dB alert for 20 to 30 seconds.

    I dont have to worry about the alarms sensitivity as it can be adjusted using a mere screwdriver easily. In addition to working as an alarm the device can be used as an area light whenever switched to the light option.

    Besides being utilized for traveling door safety alarms can be used in a home or office. Basically I could make use of it wherever I need to to ensure that I could protect myself from any possible enemies.

    The most important thing is that I will be informed if someone was seeking to get into my hotel room and so would others around me. This can be the best way for me to continue to be unharmed during my different business travels every month.

    Chancing upon a Door Guard alarm definitely helped me comprehend the various ways that I can stay safe while on a trip. My wellbeing matters to me above all else so it is important that I have protection wherever I go.

  • Nap Alarm Will Wake Up A Drive Falling Asleep at the Wheel

    Here is a story submitted by someone whom has used one of our personal security products to help keep them stay awake on long road trips.

    According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sleepiness and fatigue account for 1.5% of all vehicle accidents every year.

    While, lawmakers are pushing to require a limit on the maximum amount of hours which a driver could be out on the road, nothing has come of it yet. For the time being numerous organizations offer gadgets which aim to deal with the issue of sleepy drivers.

    One such unit is referred to as a nap alarm and it is a small earplug-like gadget which is worn over the ear. It features a motion sensor which is capable of detecting if you are drifting off to sleep.

    It does this by keeping track of your head movements and whenever it finds that your head is moving forward or backwards too much just like when you're nodding off this portable sleep alert is going to produces and sounds a strong alarm to be able to wake you, as well as your passengers up.

    "As a truck driver, I normally spend weeks at a time faraway from my household and on the road. My job would be to carry cargo from one metropolis to another at times in different states. This means that I could be driving for 12 hours or more each day.

    My strict deadlines mean that there is little time for sleep and I frequently find myself falling asleep at the wheel.

    I bought a nap alarm for myself and I put it on every time I am on trips that take a few days to complete. Thanks to it's simpleness my nap alert does not get in my way and I often forget that it is there until it decides to wake me up."

    Even though this sleep alarm is often promoted towards truck drivers it can be utilized by anybody who needs to remain alert while on duty like security guards and also machine operators.

    With the economy at a standstill businesses are requiring more and more time from their workers. Motorists as well as drivers falling asleep at the wheel will still be a problem; however with gadgets just like the portable nap alarm organizations can minimize that danger.

  • Tips Concerning How To Continue To Keep The Bad Guys Away

    Being the silent type inside the family I constantly keep things to myself however I am really great at listening. So the moment the news declared that every young woman should ideally possess a personal security alarm I made a decision to go out and acquire one.

    In case you own personal alarms then you know that they do fend off assailants. The shrill sound that they produce will call undivided focus on you. It is going to scare the crook off and you get to call for help. These are considered non-lethal weapons for personal protection.

    I checked out one personal alarm with flashlight online. It comes with an activation pin which is linked to its wrist strap. When you remove the pin the alarm produces an ear-piercing sound of 130 decibels. This kind of personal safety alarm also has a flashlight to help you at nighttime so I reckon that this is a great weapon for youngsters night shifters as well as estate agents.

    Once I needed to visit the public library for some hardcore research for my paper. I left at around seven in the evening and decided to walk home.

    I got a vehicle which my daddy bought for me. However I didnt bring it since I did not wish to fight for parking area near the entrance.

    As soon as I walked out of the library I saw that two guys began pursuing me. I started walking somewhat quicker and turned at my street. They still seemed to follow me.

    When I was about to reach a dimly lit alley I heard their steps getting nearer. I brought out my flashlight alarm right away and removed the pin.

    The loud sound made everybody look in my way. This sounded just when one of the guys had nabbed my arm. A police officer noticed that and started going after the two. Right then I knew that I would always be protected with my personal security alarm on hand.

  • Helpful Technique Of Stopping Petty Wrongdoing

    Rodney did sexual innuendoes whenever he went by my work area to reach his own which was always. I didnt feel he had to be pepper-sprayed for it however I thought he definitely needed to be taught a harsh lesson so hed cease becoming a sleazeball.

    Maybe placing the highlight on his creepiness would give him major enough shame and also embarrassment you know? Thankfully for me my 2 in 1 personal and burglar alarm didnt discriminate between evildoers beyond repair and smalltime swine just like Rodney.

    Unquestionably I got a personal security alarm for weightier reasons. My little sister started it the moment she acquired one for self-defense against the rude ladies in her high school. This started to boost her own confidence that encouraged me.

    Her own 10-gram aerosol alarm was equipped with a push-top activator for releasing about 30 quick blasts of a high-note shriek that came across as a perceptible emergency screech you could make out for an incredible 1 / 4 mile.

    Bess emphasized that personal alarm systems wouldnt only broadcast your own problem and needing aid but also push your assailant aside. Interestingly enough my problem was not extremely different from hers. Different bully. Very same story.

    Therefore I acquired a dual purpose 120dB alarm. Should any person hold the doorknob in which I hung it on my apartments front door as a burglar alarm this would wail like nothing. As for Rodney I pulled its metal chain to generate sound. The whole floor heard.

    An executive who happened to be close by found him in his frozen state loafing at my cubicle and inquired what was happening. He told the truth and said sorry and has quit abusing me verbally ever since. And then something better occurred.

    Motivated by just what my own 2 in 1 personal and burglar alarm made happen a workmate obtained a 130dB personal alarm system she could activate simply by yanking the strap connected to a trigger pin. An attachment changed the portable alarm to some window or door alarm system too.

  • How Young Men And Women Could Defend Themselves Against Possible Danger

    My brother started college when he was thirteen. Yes he is really intelligent. And I totally get that my parents time is hardly sufficient for continuing to keep Kevins life as balanced as possible. So I am 17 a female and a pro at taking care of myself for a long while now.

    I have sufficient street crime and violence prevention strategies under my belt that I am part of a youth group that actually teaches these kinds of things. We all focus on instinctive moves rather than contraptions although it is impossible to not discuss security alarms along the way.

    Just what makes personal alarms special more than many other non deadly weapons for personal defense is that they are perfect for all ages. The unavoidable sound wont simply invite awareness of your problem but also push your opponent away.

    Obviously I carry one around. I need only pull at the metal cord of my dual purpose 120dB alarm for it to make noise. As a burglar alarm this could be hung on the doorknob of any non-metallic door from where this begins wailing as soon as the doorknob is touched.

    At our youth groups rented office we bar the door using a 115dB door stop alarm in addition to utilizing locks. This is a doorstop which further sounds whenever tripped. Should anyone toy with it its motion detector with adjustable sensitivity would likewise activate the alert.

    I gave Kevin a keychain alarm with light just before he started attending college. After all hes my younger sibling no matter what. He digs the mechanism which starts the alarm affixed to a pin that is affixed to a key chain when the key chain is yanked.

    Truth be known I acquired it for him since I thought for certain that he was going to get harassed. Quite the contrary they really like him. It was a competitor for the highest spot in class that had him switching his security alarm on for looking through his locker.

    And this goes to show that knowledge on campus crime and violence prevention will not suffice. One has to be prepared for the unexpected the wild card also.

  • Effective Means Of Staying Conscious While Driving A Vehicle During The Night

    In the past few days at work I had been coming in at 7 in the morning and going home around midnight. It had been an incredibly busy month and everyone couldnt wait to get past it already.

    Since I drive back and forth from the office I had been having difficulties to always keep myself conscious and alert constantly. Just a week ago I got into an accident considering that my eyes literally forced themselves to close. I am certain everyone has encountered drowsiness while driving a vehicle. It may be better to purchase an anti-drowsiness alarm in order to steer clear of vehicle crashes and accidents.

    Incidentally I read a statistical report stating that about 100000 police-reported crashes every year were because of sleepiness and fatigue. The data speak much for themselves and I realized all the more that I should get a sleep alert for myself right away.

    A nap alarm system is recommendable for people who work late nights or travel by vehicle for long periods of time. This works as an innovative as well as possibly lifesaving anti-sleep system.

    The wireless gadget is worn normally over the ear similar to a Bluetooth earpiece. In case your own head should nod while using such a nap alarm system then an alarming audio would go off waking you and any sleeping passengers inside the automobile too.

    A sleep alarm is not only used for driving a motor vehicle on those long travels or after long days at work. I reckon that roving guards machine operators pupils and also nearly anyone who needs to be completely alert while being on duty is going to find use for it in order to keep them awake and enhance concentration.

    In spite of my sleepiness during driving as of late Im very lucky that I have not been involved in a major car accident yet. I would want to keep it that way.

    An anti-drowsiness alarm possesses the potential to save my own life and the lives of everybody I love. There is truly no excuse in being lax concerning safety while driving a motor vehicle.

  • Pointers Concerning How To Protect Yourself Whenever Assigned To The Night Shift

    As a nurse I am used to shifting work schedules even though I usually take evening shifts so that I can care for my children during the day. (My hubby works a nine-to-five job.) My hubby would often let me know that perhaps I should look for a different job that didnt require me to head back home in the wee hours.

    In order to set his mind at ease I informed him that I would buy myself a personal security alarm. I got to know of these types of self-defense devices from an x-ray technician friend at work that likewise had one.

    A personal alarm is a tiny piece of equipment that sets off an alarm when triggered. With one it is possible to draw in the attention of people close by that you are being attacked or robbed.

    That colleague owns a mini personal alarm with clip. The alarming gadget whenever triggered produces a 101-decibel wail. It can be turned on as well as deactivated with a simple push of a button. Because of its small size it can easily fit in the pocket of your own coat or in your bag. For easy access you can attach it onto your belt or bag.

    My husband was thrilled by the idea thus we began looking for personal alarms online.

    I wished to acquire an electronic pocket/keychain whistle. It possessed a 120-decibel alarm. Contrary to its being a �keychain whistle� there was no need to blow on it in order to set off the alarm. Instead it used a button in order to inform all those around that you were having trouble.

    My spouse on the other hand suggested I order a personal alarm with flashlight. Having a 130-decibel alarm in one people could quickly come to my aid. It had a flashlight that would be useful for whenever I had to walk through the hospital parking area to get to the street.

    I was convinced by my husband�s viewpoint so I purchased his recommendation of a personal security alarm. Now we both feel safer and he can finally have a good night�s sleep.

  • Continuing To Keep Your Own Children Safe Outside And Inside The School

    It really is surprising how the lessons we dont forget most from school are the types that are non-academic. One of the best morsels of wisdom I picked up while in high school was that the best defense versus harassment of any sort was calling attention to your condition.

    During that time we used to have safety whistles. Nowadays my kids and I employ some panic alarms that I had bought in an online store.

    Much like the good old whistle personal alarms can be tripped off to be able to sound an alarm which would certainly alert other individuals of the threat you are in. Oftentimes the wrongdoers themselves get spooked and run away whenever they get shocked by the alarm.

    My youngest daughter makes use of an aerosol alarm. Upon your pressing the activator on top this alarm gives off an ear-piercing screech that can be readily recognized as a call for help. This personal security alarm is very small as well as easy to hide but its alarm could reach approximately a quarter of a mile away.

    My other child has a keychain alarm with flashlight. The 130dB alarm can be activated in 2 ways. The very first is when the pin connected to the key chain is pulled. The next is when the button on top of the unit is pushed. Besides an alarm it has a built-in flashlight for use during low light conditions.

    My own personal alarm is a 120dB electronic pocket/keychain whistle. It makes the exact same sounds as a regular whistle would. The sole difference is there is no requirement for me to blow on the alarm. All it takes is the press of a button.

    The miniature design of the personal alarms which we are presently utilizing makes them very ideal to use while on the move. Thus asking my kids to make them a part of their daily get-up has been absolutely no trouble at all.

    I have stressed the significance of panic alarms to my little girls. I really hope and pray that they will take it to heart like I did.

  • Helpful Manner Of Staying Conscious If Driving An Automobile

    My uncle Johnny wound up within the emergency room having a concussion and slight injuries after falling asleep at the wheel of his van. Hes still groggy however the experience opened his own eyes figuratively towards the perils of sleepiness while driving.

    Not wanting to be a statistic I then made a decision to search for a solution to keep the same scenario from occurring with me. Drowsiness and exhaustion are known causal factors which result in almost 100000 automobile crash accidents documented by the police.

    It is a relief to have found out about portable sleep alarm systems which were made for people who have to continue to be alert while performing tasks or doing their own jobs. Nod off and one buzzes you awake. Driving alone can be dangerous especially when you feel sleepy. So this is extremely handy.

    A nap alarm system is innovative as well as could potentially help save a life - mine. Put on over the ear this posseses an electronic position sensor. In case my head begins to nod forward because I am falling asleep then the alarm will sound off to snap me awake or inform my passengers if I have any.

    This is better than honking horns behind me at a stoplight. And this works much better as soon as I am actually driving and I simply happened to doze off because of over-fatigue. That had happened to me a couple of instances and I was just lucky nothing unpleasant transpired.

    When I got my sleep alert I tested this and found out that I really needed to hold my head upright to keep it from going off. And that alarm audio is jolting however I guess it is only louder if youre conscious. A jolting noise should be good in case you are up studying all night too.

    I informed Uncle Johnny with regards to my purchase and he was eager to buy one as well. A nap alert would have saved him the two days hospital confinement. No more driving lapses when behind the wheel he vowed.

    Falling asleep at the wheel is not rare. Thus being prepared in order to stop it from occurring ought to be most welcome.

  • A Convenient And Also Helpful Self-Defense Unit For Girls On The Go

    I just moved to a brand new job which required me to travel often. Being a single lady I did not have any kind of problems with that seeing as I did not have a family to take care at the moment. I was dedicated to my career and trying to become successful.

    The one thing I didnt like was feeling unsafe throughout my business travels. On the last one a guy grabbed my handbag from me while I was going back to the hotel. I told my manager regarding this and she suggested that I obtain a panic alarm for my protection.

    Personal security alarms are useful for grabbing the attention of bystanders in times of danger. With the loud sound emitted your attacker will be discouraged from pursuing any further.

    I looked on the web for choices and came across a Mace Screecher personal alarm. It emits an ear-piercing blast which is really recognizable as an emergency sound in order to call for help. The high-pitched shriek that it produces could be heard from a quarter of a mile away.

    This personal safety alarm is in a convenient size that fits into any bag or pocket which makes it great to bring anywhere. It is available in a 10-gram can with a push-top activator and around 30 short blasts.

    Most aerosol alarms like it utilize compressed air to be able to generate a really loud-sounding alarm. By doing this you are sure to catch the attention of men and women near you and scare off your attacker. Doing so will offer you a chance to proceed to safer grounds.

    On my following trip for work I felt much safer with my portable alarm around. At any time I feel that Im in peril I can quickly sound the alarm and escape from peril.

    Having a panic alarm beside me enables me to fend off anyone that poses as a risk to my safety. I feel confident that the deafening sound it discharges will keep me protected from anyone that attempts to do harm or perhaps steal from me once again.

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