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  • Tips For Less Dangerous Late-Night Train Trips

    As a female that has to take daily late-night trips on the F train to be able to get home to Brooklyn I consider the recent string of subway attacks of very significant concern. Late at night the trains are almost empty and the police are scarce.

    It is the key reason why that I take the concern of personal security into my own hands every single day by simply arming myself with a police pepper spray.

    Precisely what have I is a Mace triple action pepper spray with tear gas and UV dye. I really feel safe with it simply because I am sure that pepper spray can disable any enemy briefly for a few minutes providing me enough time to escape and call for assistance.

    Why am I so sure? Compared to regular pepper spray that contains only OC pepper triple action defense sprays have OC pepper plus CN tear gas. These work together to be able to inflict an unpleasant burning experience without causing any permanent damage.

    OC pepper causes the eyes to slam shut and its recipient to break into uncontrollable coughing fits and it induces choking. CN tear gas is responsible for excessive tearing a severe burning sensation to the face and also confusion. Another element of triple action pepper spray is UV dye which marks the attacker making identification much easier upon his capture.

    When I was looking for a reliable law enforcement pepper spray I also came across 11-gram 60-gram and 120-gram units. I picked the 17-gram canister which is able to spray from 8 to 12 feet.

    At a pretty reasonable price my acquisition was comprised of 10 one-second bursts. It offered a safety flip-top cap and a belt clip providing easy access whenever.

    The train ride home has never been my most loved part of the day. But thanks to my police pepper spray I really feel that I could get back home safely every day. Its police-grade performance is sufficient to ease my biggest concerns.

  • Effective Method Of Staying Protected When You Have To Walk Home After Work

    Despite that I live just a few blocks from my place of work the walk home has consistently been a source of fear for me. My apartment building is located inside a relatively secure part of Chicago however in order to get home I need to walk by a number of unpleasant areas.

    Hearing about my predicament female co-workers urged me to take into consideration security options just like self-defense sprays. Desperate to find a solution to my safety dilemma I looked on the web quickly for details like what pepper spray really does and where to get pepper spray for that matter.

    I found out that defense sprays upon contact with the skin trigger a burning feeling which makes the would-be enemy motionless for a few minutes. This buys enough time for the would-be victim to try to escape and ask for assistance.

    Hot pepper spray like regular pepper spray is non-lethal. It also doesnt cause any kind of permanent injuries. The difference between the 2 is that hot pepper sprays have a more potent formulation enough to teach any wrongdoer a lesson the hard way.

    Whereas ordinary pepper sprays contain 10% pepper strong pepper spray contains 18% oleoresin capsicum. This concentration is responsible for making the pepper solution so hot that it not only results in a burning sensation but also forces the eyes to shut as well as causes a choking sensation.

    The 4oz. WildFire 18% pepper spray which I bought is known to act immediately and potently against assailants. Like the majority of other strong pepper sprays it immediately gets absorbed by the skin brings in a painful burning experience and makes respiration hard.

    Other variants I have tried out are the 1-pound Firemaster pepper spray and a 9 oz. pepper spray which has a pistol grip.

    Carrying out my research just before purchasing my pepper spray has paid off mainly because I really believe I have found an ideal tool for me. Learning where to get pepper spray and which sort I want hasnt been a total waste of my time.

  • Keeping Yourself Safe On A Job Outside The Office

    Not like steadily earning individuals with regular jobs I get paid per hour-long dance class that I teach throughout a day. The night differential contributes to my income and so I conduct home training commonly for people which best or only time is immediately after school or work.

    Private teaching takes me to different communities throughout the locale. Im not picky with regards to the place. Since my classes became more and more late in the evenings though I started to search through pepper spray such as Mace for sale on the internet for self-defense.

    The burning sensation which pepper spray causes on the skin and in the eyes brings along with it a disabling amount of discomfort. In consequence the assailant that you spray using it will find it difficult to see move and also keep his defenses.

    With just about all defense sprays being non-lethal the effect is short-term and irreparable injuries wont be caused. It remains for a good 15 to 40 minutes only time period that you should utilize to get away and go find assistance.

    Surfing the net brought me to pepper gel. Whereas typical pepper spray is released coming from a can in a liquid stream it is pepper spray suspended in gel. The gluey matter adheres to the target stubbornly and more so whenever he attempts to wipe it off.

    I bring a Mace pepper gel Night Defender which is equipped with a bright built-in LED light which comes on immediately once your thumb is locked into a spraying position on the actuator. The 45-gram can easily holds 10 to 20 short bursts good for 18 feet.

    Gel pepper spray is supposed to be much more potent and effective for a greater distance. On the other hand it is said to have far less contaminants and no combustible substances. If I would entrust my security to a device this seemed like it.

    For certain I checked that I was choosing strictly from Mace for sale lawfully in my city as I would have no use for it if I couldnt tote it around. It happens that I truly do go where my feet lead me quite literally.

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