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  • Importance Of Having A Personal Protection Device To Help Protect Yourself

    I am a struggling theater performer having emphasis on struggling. Thus I am employed being a part-time barista to make ends meet. I usually assigned at the closing schedule at the cafe that is a 10-minute walk coming from my apartment.

    Yesterday while I was on my way home I spotted two homeless men walking a few meters behind me. I was not frightened at first but when I turned a corner to my street and they did the exact same thing I came to be gripped with fear. The moment I got home I told myself that I ought to probably get a self-defense tool. I had heard a great deal about pepper spray coming from my fellow baristas. However what is Mace truly effective for when it comes to real use?

    Pepper spray as a non-lethal device immobilizes an attacker momentarily if it is sprayed onto the face and into the eyes. The spray causes an excruciating feeling similar to burning rendering the enemy incapable of continuing his attack.

    A friend at work possesses a Mace 10% PepperGard personal pepper spray that has a flip-top security cap to be able to avert accidental discharge. It offers ten one-second bursts that can reach a range of 8 to 12 feet. Designed for outdoor activities it possesses a belt clip for easy access.

    Given that I wasnt yet fully decided on what to buy my pal recommended a Leather Plus pepper spray that could fit in any of my handbags or the pocket of my jeans or coat. This kind of key chain pepper spray has 5 one-second bursts as well as a spraying range of 10 feet.

    She also suggested a pocket model pepper spray. It has a finger-grip dispenser making spraying easy. This little pepper spray contains five one-second bursts that can attain a range of six to 12 feet.

    I decided to purchase the latter however I need to wait for my credit card bill first just before I buy one.

    Well then what is Mace like for felons that have no idea that their target is armed? They would certainly get the surprise of their lives when the spray hits them.

  • Effective Manner Of Coping With A Stalker

    I have had a stalker previously and without a doubt the ordeal was really terrifying. It was okay at first since he just used to call me in the house as well as in my workplace. But when he began waiting for me outside the office after work hours I got a bit more scared.

    I reported him to the police and although I was able to get a restraining order I was still encouraged to obtain a self-defense device. The law enforcement officer whom I talked to told me about the effects of pepper spray and added that he had just then got his daughter a 1/2 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper spray.

    Pepper spray is a non-lethal device which causes an unpleasant burning sensation on the face as well as in the eyes. The pain is severe enough that the opponent is disabled temporarily providing you with enough time to flee the area and call for assistance.

    Nearly all defense sprays have 10% oleoresin capsicum the results of which are mentioned above. 18% pepper spray has a lot more pepper content. Thus it has a hotter pepper solution is absorbed quickly by the pores closes the eyes involuntarily and makes breathing challenging.

    Right after taking a look at a number of hot pepper sprays I bought a 4.oz 18% pepper spray stream. I kept it beside me all the time particularly since my stalker still found ways to harass me.

    One day I was walking the block from the bus stop towards my own apartment the moment I saw that he was walking only five feet behind me. I grabbed my own pepper spray fired it at him and ran. In my panic I might have dropped my self-defense weapon as it wasnt in my handbag any longer when I got home.

    I contacted the police station at once and they arrested the guy. I bought myself another strong pepper spray a 4 oz. 18% pepper spray fogger this time.

    The effects of pepper spray are really lifesaving. If it was not for my own defense spray something terrible would have likely happened to me.

  • Qualities Of An Effective Personal Safety Gadget I Can Use In Order To Defend Myself Whenever Walking Home Alone At Night

    I have been on a continuous search for self-defense weapons soon after a close friend was robbed and left for dead just a block from her apartment. As I informed my boyfriend I had a difficult time going out in the evening after the incident even the moment I was walking my pet dog.

    Right after a week of fearful nights I decided to browse the net for an effective personal safety tool and I stumbled upon a review of a number of the strongest pepper spray products available on the market.

    Pepper spray is a non-lethal tool that can disable an opponent temporarily as it brings about a burning sensation on the eyes as well as on the parts of the body which the spray has come in contact with. This provides the victim enough time to get away from his or her enemy.

    In addition a strong pepper spray could block breathing cause choking and also coughing and make the eyes to tear up.

    Ordinary pepper spray has a 10% concentration of pepper while hot pepper spray has an 18% dose of pepper. This makes it much more strong as it carries a bigger content of pepper that can make the skin react more quickly to the spray.

    Fully satisfied with the information which I read I purchased Wildfire 18% pepper spray on the internet. It is currently regarded as one of the most quick-performing defense sprays because of its content which is 18% oleoresin capsicum. This kind of substance results in an immediate reaction on the skin and in the eyes and on the respiratory system as well.

    I chose among various sizes from 1/2 ounce to 1.5 ounces 4 ounces 9 ounces and a pound. I wound up purchasing a 4-ounce pepper spray stream.

    It has been 30 days since I obtained my hot pepper spray and my buddies and I have been talking about which of our recently bought defense sprays is better. Although we havent used them yet we all agreed that the strongest pepper spray should be able to perform its primary purpose effectively and thats to keep one protected from attackers.

  • Effective Method Of Protecting Oneself From Danger

    As a single lady living by myself I understand how important it is to own complete protection. I do not have a guy in my life to be able to keep me protected so I need to be smart regarding that. It is no secret that ladies are at risk of attacks and I wished to be ready.

    I sought out self-defense choices on the net which were not just strong but effective also. I was pleased to stumbled upon a selection of pepper sprays which had a high oleoresin capsicum content which was guaranteed to take an assailant to the ground.

    The 18% pepper gel sticky pepper spray which came in a 2 oz. can appeared suitable for my very own handbag since I could conveniently tote it around. It has 6 to 8 half-second bursts and can spray coming from a range of 8 to 10 feet.

    Pepper spray is going to leave an unbearable burning discomfort in the eyes as well as on the skin of the receiver. This pain will incapacitate an opponent temporarily giving you an opportunity to get away from any threat.

    There was also a 4 oz. pepper gel model which I felt would be suitable to keep inside the automobile. It contains 20 one-second bursts which can be sprayed from a range of 15 to 18 feet.

    Whenever sprayed pepper gel sticks like adhesive to the attacker. Any attempts to wipe it off is going to cause much more pain as it permeates the skin. Pepper spray in gel form has many advantages from having a longer range to a stronger pepper spray content that it sticks like glue and that it is non-flammable and less contaminating.

    To be able to keep me protected at home a 9 oz. 18% pepper gel sticky pepper spray appeared best. It was built with a pistol grip for better aim as well as was made up of 38 one-second bursts having a range of 20 feet.

    Possessing pepper sprays which consist of strong oleoresin capsicum makes me feel confident regarding defending myself. It is also a relief to find out that all pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons and will not result in lasting harm to their target.

  • Best Strategy Of Protecting Yourself In The Streets At Night

    I was never really a person you would label paranoid. But immediately after being attacked within a dark street heading home from a night out I would say that its not about being a scaredy-cat but about being prepared during times of danger.

    The good thing was that I was not critically hurt but the next time this occurs Ill be ready. The latest incident and also a writers pepper spray review finally pushed me to purchase one of those. Immediately after being assaulted it would be foolish of me not to possess protection.

    From the article that I read I found that pepper sprays leave an unbearable burning pain in the eyes and also on the skin of the receiver. This pain will disable the target for a few minutes offering sufficient time for the probable victim to get away.

    I checked online shops for options and found a 1/2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray with quick key release keychain as well as locking actuator. It has five one-second bursts of 10% pepper and could spray as much as a distance of 8 feet.

    In addition to the overall burning pain induced a strong pepper spray like this brings about other effects. It triggers the bulging of the mucous membrane making it hard to breathe and also causes the inflammation of the blood vessels within the eyes forcing the eyes shut.

    Despite all these effects all pepper sprays are non-lethal devices so no permanent cause harm to is caused. These effects are only short term and will continue for about 20 to 30 minutes.

    I decided to choose a keychain pepper spray since I could easily add my house keys to it making sure that I have it along with me whenever I leave home. Small pepper sprays are light along with very easy to carry so they are really convenient. I could hide one easily giving me an upper hand towards the assailant.

    The pepper spray review which I found on the internet truly persuaded me to purchase my very own self-defense weapon. That and of course the mugging incident I encountered that I promise will never occur to me again.

  • Important Factors To Remember About Personal Safety Whenever Heading Home Exhausted From Work

    I switched jobs from one health clinic to a new that had just opened somewhere nearer to my house. This new facilitys business has picked up after some time and my administrative work has become much more grueling.

    Some days I step out of the office feeling brain-dead and ready to drop. Coworkers worry that possible predators can sense exhaustion as well as think we ought to bring pepper spray but I am vacillating. Seriously what is Mace going to do for me while I am being mugged?

    As I search deeper its looking like pepper spray could bring about an extreme burning feeling to the skin and the eyes to incapacitate a target. I can see precisely how any criminal hit with it might be unable to keep his guard up not to mention see and also move normally.

    Furthermore certain items constrict the air passages. But defense sprays are non-lethal. The effects dont bring about irreversible injury but instead wane in 15 to 45 minutes good enough to let you flee as well as contact 9-1-1.

    My own search has brought me to small pepper sprays that appear to be very useful to carry along. These could fit in nearly all bag or pocket. Better yet you could hide yours in the hand to stay undetectable to criminals eyeing you.

    The element of surprise permits you to retaliate while your assaulter is not prepared. When you have a keychain pepper spray then you can leave it dangling from anywhere you could get it immediately to be able to stop an attack.

    I am almost all set on obtaining a Mace 10% PepperGard Personal pepper spray. It comes outfitted with a keychain finger grip dispenser and flip-top safety cap. The 17-gram canister has 10 one-second bursts to empty onto crooks standing 8 to 12 feet away.

    Just what is Mace best for in the interest of self-defense? It helps to ask to be able to evaluate your ability to defend yourself with your own weapon in tow. All I have left to find out is if I am allowed by law to have pepper spray where I live.

  • How To Arm Yourself With Protection Against Likely Attacks

    I am one of those ladies addicted to watching all the popular crime shows these days. As much as I like watching them I must say I have become quite paranoid given that I am aware that many of those circumstances were based on real events. Realizing that I simply had to arm myself with proper protection.

    Finding what stores sell pepper spray on the internet was step one. With my own personal self protection weapon I was sure that I could safeguard myself in the event that anyone attempts to hurt me during my day to day travel or even when I am at home.

    Pepper sprays provide a throbbing burning sensation in the face of the enemy. This pain is going to incapacitate the recipient for a couple of moments providing the targeted victim enough time to run far away from danger.

    I would like a tool which was effective and would help me take the assailant down instantly. I chanced on a 1.5 oz. Wildfire 18% pepper spray which seemed to be referred to as the hottest and fastest-reacting self-defense spray around.

    A strong pepper spray was just what I was seeking. Being a lady I needed to possess a personal defense tool which would make up for my lack of physical strength. With its 18% pepper content simply no enemy could possibly get in my way.

    Hot pepper sprays consist of pure hot pepper that enters instantly straight into the pores of the skin continues to keep the eyes close and hinders breathing. All these types of effects are in addition to the overall burning pain caused.

    Although there are various sizes readily available from 1/2 oz. to 9 oz. and even 1 pound I made a decision to choose the 1.5 oz. can. Its handy and one which I can conveniently bring along with me wherever I go. Plus it includes a key ring that I can attach my house keys to.

    Checking the internet for what stores sell pepper spray is the easiest method to make a purchase. All pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons so absolutely no permanent damage is inflicted on the target.

  • Effective Manner Of Fending Off Possible Danger While Travelling

    After moms passing daddy chose to be part of a community that provided assisted living. My siblings had moved to other places by the time. I solely stayed put in the borough in which we kids were all born and also raised as I had married and started out my own family there.

    Our households werent very far apart that I could keep father company often enough. Only I would feel really exhausted from work throughout the travels and also didnt always take my automobile. I started to inquire regarding where to buy Mace pepper spray for protection on the road.

    Pepper spray can incapacitate other persons by simply bringing about an acute burning experience on the skin as well as in the eyes. Furthermore it can set off frenzied coughing as well as choking hinder breathing and inflame the eyes until they close.

    Considering that defense sprays are all non-lethal their effects are temporary and will not result in permanent damage. These continue no longer than 20 to 45 minutes time which you would be advisable to use for getting out of peril and seeking help.

    Now I find road dangers unnerving because they are unpredictable and there may just be no one in view to help. I felt like only law enforcement pepper spray would do and targeted to get one which was intended for use by common people.

    My very own search ended with the Mace 10% PepperGard police model pepper spray. It could fire out 10 one-second bursts for a good 8 to 12 feet. It comes outfitted with a flip-top safety cover finger grip dispenser belt clip and keychain.

    The 17-gram container that I picture is a great choice to possess inside your car or at home is the same size as defense sprays made available to police officers. And if it is suitable enough for peace and order keepers around then it is suitable for me.

    I had no clue that police-grade pepper spray was around right up until I looked at where to buy Mace spray on the web in order to keep me protected during long-distance trips. The lesson to be learned there is that questions have answers. In case you keep worrying about your protection then start asking.

  • Keeping Yourself Safe Whenever Going Home During The Night

    I have a bookstore that is located about a 10-minute walk from my own apartment. With it being very near I do not see the necessity of getting a vehicle or taking a taxicab to go to work anymore. However having your own shop often requires that you stay in the premises right up until late into the evening.

    Given that just about anything can occur during a 10-minute walk and with the news reports stating that ladies who are all on their own are the usual target of rapists I decided to acquire a Wildfire pepper spray as a means of protecting myself.

    Pepper spray is a non-lethal device which leaves an excruciating feeling comparable to burning as soon as it comes in direct contact along with the skin as well as the eyes. Because of the pain the recipient of the pepper spray is going to be incapacitated briefly (there arent any permanent effects) offering you enough time to flee the place as well as call for assistance.

    Hot pepper spray has a hotter solution than normal pepper spray being commonly an 18% pepper spray. As such it causes a faster reaction onto the skin.

    These strong pepper sprays can easily enter the skins pores shut the eyes instantly as well as make respiration challenging.

    This was exactly the kind of pepper spray which I bought one with 18% oleoresin capsicum. Initially though I debated over which defense spray to get and in what size considering that they were available in 5 different sizes: half pound 1.5 ounces 4 ounces 9 ounces and also a pound.

    Personally I chose between a 4 oz. pepper spray stream a 9 oz. pepper spray with pistol grip and also a 1 pound FireMaster pepper spray. In the end I purchased the pistol grip pepper spray.

    I constantly bring my hot pepper spray with me not only to work but also to the social functions that I head to. Having a Wildfire pepper spray I feel safer even when I am out all by myself in the evening.

  • How I Provide Protection To My Folks From Criminal Attacks

    When my parents relocated to a quiet suburb while I remained behind within the metro area I got to see them a lesser number of occasions annually. They loved to come up to pay a visit to their grandchildren but my better half and I were swamped with work and could barely give back the favor.

    The more they settled into their calm suburban existence the more they became uneasy within the big city. Ultimately I went to teach my folks how to use pepper spray for self-defense in order to keep them protected during their travels to my house.

    Defense sprays produce a severe burning sensation to the skin and also the eyes which could achieve a debilitating degree of physical pain. In addition they obstruct breathing make the eyes to tear up and shut and trigger haywire coughing and gagging.

    But the results are non-lethal and a short period of time. They peter out in 15 to 40 minutes without causing any kind of irreversible injury. While your attacker is on the floor you should seize the opportunity to flee and call 9-1-1.

    Because my parents had never tried using a defense spray ever before I picked a foolproof device. Pepper guns have innovated the way that a pepper solution could be fired out towards a target effectively given the difficulties posed to the would-be victim.

    For starters the gun-type casing suits your natural instinct for where to point and locate the trigger. Mainly gun pepper sprays are fashioned in order that you can shoot them nonstop a la aerosol from virtually any compromising position just like when the gadget is upside down.

    I bought each parent a Mace pepper gun loaded with an OC cartridge which could release 7 long-range blasts onto an assailant 25 feet away. Equipped with a trigger-activated LED light for far more precise aiming it also came with a water test cartridge.

    From the time getting trained on how to use pepper spray guns to defend themselves my parents have dropped in much more times and stayed longer. Surprisingly enough my mommy insists to do the groceries on her own right now in their new town.

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