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  • Help With Guarding Against Invasive Home Intrusion

    The moment you put up residents in the city you quickly  become accustomed to living with a certain element of danger. There is always the risk that you might be shot while going for walks out there, carjacked on the street or mugged while riding the bus.

    But regardless of where you live you should never have to worry about or contend with home intrusion. Homes must be safe places and there are numerous methods to protect yours. One such form of protection is a glass breakage alarm against forced entries.

    I purchased one of these small alarms developed typically for attaching to glass windows or doors. Whenever activated any shocks or vibration causes the item that I have to go off. It will make a 100-decibel alarm for thirty seconds and this will warn anyone close by of any possible break-in.

    A vibration alarm also complements a full home security system. The latter commonly ties into your home phone line and informs the police whenever the alarm is triggered.

    I bought several of the same alarm for use in my home and attached these to every single window on the first floor. Nobody can get to the second floor because we do not keep anything like garbage cans or boxes around our house.

    In the beginning my wife was to some extent skeptical about my breakage alarms. She wasn't sold on the thought that this buzzer as she referred to it would drive off a thief. However she didn't want to waste the purchase and was ready to accept brand new ideas so we pressed on.

    In the first two months of use we came across no serious troubles and the intruder alarms were never tripped. However one night at 3 in the morning a man dressed in black tapped lightly on our living room window and set off the alarm.

    Upon hearing the loud buzzing noise from the glass breakage alarm he left the scene. We called the cops and explained what went down and they arrested the suspect soon afterward.

  • Strategies For Trying To Keep Robbers Out Of Your Property

    Each and every summer my hubby and I make sure to take the kids out on a trip. We believe that it is a good time for us to relax and be together. Sadly, the year before, we arrived home to a house that had been broken into and many valuable items taken.

    Since then we have made certain that this does not happen to us again. We discovered after stumbling upon a window alert on the internet the real usefulness of home security alarms. Its a shame that we didn't think about getting one sooner.

    With kids at home we should have been more responsible for keeping them safe. It was a good thing that none of us were there when the house was robbed. Of course we were not going to take any more chances. Beefing up security within our house became a top priority.

    Out of numerous security gadgets that we purchased, among my favorites is this 100 dB glass breakage alarm. It can be hooked conveniently on any type of window. The alarm is triggered if anybody tries to enter through the guarded window.

    The moment the high-pitched alarm sounds everybody around would be notified. Any thief will be crazy not to flee the scene quickly which is the key reason why I feel sure that this alarm provides watertight security.

    Regardless if were home or not the neighbors would definitely call the cops to have a look at what is happening at our place. Using an alarming device is the ideal way to scare off intruders and draw in attention toward you or the designated location.

    Homeowners tend to remember to reinforce doors yet neglect windows. Window alarms are such important defense devices that I recommend one in each and every home. We are fortunate to have picked one that is user friendly and inexpensive as well.

    Finding the glass breakage alarm has given my spouse and I helpful insight into the importance of home security. There is no way we are going to let anybody harm our loved ones or rob our home once again.

    "This is yet another story of how a particular personal home security product has changed someones life. We am so honored to have personal defense stories, like this one, sent in for all to benefit.." - TKW Self Defense

  • Utilizing Budget Friendly Security Devices To Assure My Safety At Home

    Given the growing crime rate hereabouts in New Mexico many homeowners, myself included, have wound up fortifying our houses using home security devices. We hope that by doing so, it adds at least another layer of protection for our homes.

    Aside from placing spotlights and also security cameras strategically throughout the house. I also bought a wireless home security motion sensor. I set this up on the wall facing the main entrance to the house.

    In fact after I obtained my very first HomeSafe wireless home security motion sensor and checked it up close I bought another 2 units.

    These went to the backdoor and also second-story corridor. The moment any of them detects activity it activates an alarm which I trust would rouse me from sleep.

    This particular security sensor can detect motion up to 8 meters away. Plus it can survey a pretty wide area thanks to its angle for motion detection of 110 degrees.

    Even as I made the purchase I felt confident at the start that I would not get to hear my home safety alarm. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

    Several months into my installing the units small-time burglars tried to break into my house. I was fortunate that they were arrested instantly.

    Based on the sworn statements of the burglars they had heard a loud alarm before reaching the front door. Apart from that a spotlight in the porch lit up which was their signal to abort their plan and run back in the direction of a getaway van.

    On my end the moment I heard the alarming sound I immediately got up and ran outdoors. I was able to catch a glimpse of the van and also a part of its license plate.

    Some twenty minutes after I reported the incident to the police they called back to notify me that they had captured the burglars not far from the neighborhood.

    My wireless home security motion sensor truly proved its worth back then. Having now saw that it was a great investment I bought a dozen more for the door and windows with no hesitation or regret.

    Note: "We often receive letters from people whom have purchased and use our products, I am very greatful when we are permitted to place them online for all to benefit from.."  Trent 'Kuma' Warner (TKW)

  • Ideas On How To Ensure Your Property Is A Safer Place To Stay

    On the very day I bought a wireless home security sensor I experienced first hand how it really works. I can never forget the time even though I had been in the middle of too many activities that time.

    To reduce on cost I have had to live in a neighborhood that is less than safe by today's standards. I told myself that it was simply temporary and a means to an end.

    I installed a HomeSafe wireless security sensor before I was off to work. I already knew that its alarm is triggered whenever the double sensors sense any motion or vibration on the window or door being protected.

    Just as instructed, I bolted the base to the window frame and attached the actuator to the door. Should another person so much as lean on the window its radio frequency is going to quickly transmit a signal wirelessly to the base unit and sound the alarm within a maximum range of 300 feet.

    I can fully depend on a sensor-equipped alarm to guard my homes entry points. I have sliding windows that can be opened without much effort, so it was the very first place I thought of when I bought the alarming device.

    Sure enough a rowdy rough boy in the area attempted to pry my window open right on the day I set up the safety alarm. Its 110-decibel siren was loud enough to get the attention of my neighbors who then rushed over to my place.

    One immediately dialed 911. I was grateful that she had her wits about her despite having a close encounter with my intruder. She caught the guy leaping from my windowsill to an emergency ladder close by. I was in disbelief when I received a police call in the middle of my busy day.

    Without my wireless home security sensor set up no one would have been alerted to there being another person already attempting to sneak into my dwelling. However I'm glad that I wasn't home during the time and avoided any dangerous confrontation with the wrongdoer.

  • Ideas On Shielding Your Home Versus Criminals

    My closest friend is superb at choosing gifts. She is the type who meticulously thinks everything through just before she hands out her presents. This was how I knew right away that her own housewarming gift a home survival kit was very special.

    She said it was a package which would kick up the level of personal protection in the home a notch. It included a variety of devices which would work together to defend our brand new house and property from crime.

    A bit study online told me that the different personal protection gadgets contained in such a home security kit were often picked out by professionals to be able to address a particular security issue. Having the items in a preselected package gives ease.

    It takes away the hassle of having to select them one by one. Add to those the savings that you can make by getting a complete kit rather than the individual items.

    Apart from the gadgets themselves a highly effective home safety set provides educational devices to enlighten users with relevant know-how for handling different security concerns.

    My closest buddy had opted for gifting me with a SafeFamilyLife Being Safe at Home Survival Kit Advanced System. It included..

    • One auto dialer
    • A diversion safe pretending to be a can of dried soup
    • 1 multipurpose UFO alarm
    • 4 glass breakage alarms
    • 2 magnetic door alarms
    • A motion detector hidden camera
    • Two 2-oz. pepper sprays with wall mounts
    • A 4-oz. pepper spray

    The home safety kit that I acquired also included a products instructional handbook and DVD that were simple and easy to follow. The DVD exhibits a collection of video demonstrations for each gizmo in the package and instructs the users on their right usage.

    Plus this particular home survival package included a number of special reports on numerous home protection concerns. One delves on having a neighborhood watch program another on childproofing a home and so forth.

    I was truly touched by my best friends concern regarding our personal protection in the home. She has provided us with a gift that is really worth more than money can buy.

    I also found out there are other SafeFamilyLife™ Self Defense Kits Available!

  • Keeping My Children And My House Secure

    I have constantly been devoted not only to my two kids, but also to my very own work as a marketing professional. I need to be considering that I am a single mom. As I wasn't married to their dad and neither I nor the kids get any aid whatsoever from him.

    My children are now teenagers (14 and 16) thus I do not have to hire a babysitter for them any longer whenever I need to attend many-day conventions. But I had a hard time going to sleep throughout an event pondering that I may not have had sufficient house security.

    When my company announced that we would be having an eight-day meeting in Miami I was somewhat fazed. I reside in San Francisco and the idea of leaving my kids by themselves for a week in the house was unnerving.

    I was about to e-mail my sister if she could possibly pop by the neighborhood every once in awhile to check if everything was alright when I saw door braces for sale on the internet.

    A door brace can be a cost-effective way of securing your home and also your household from burglars and the like. It can be fastened easily underneath the door knob in order to stop a stranger from going into the house.

    I purchased a dual function door security brace for our own front door and another door security bar for the sliding door in the kitchen area given that this item can be used on both hinged and sliding doors.

    Initially I was a bit concerned that it may not suit the two doors, but to my delight this particular personal security door brace could be conveniently adjusted. Made from 20-gauge steel it could assure you of home safety.

    It is also collapsible and can easily fit in just about any kind of bag. If you need additional protection when you are on a trip you can install this quickly on your hotel rooms door.

    Now that I am confident with the airtight house security that my door brace offers, I can go to any meeting my boss asks me to attend.

  • How You Can Safeguard Your Household From Unwanted Criminal Incidents

    It is every single homeowners nightmare to contend with a home robbery. Sadly my family came face to face with this terrible experience when we woke up one early morning to learn several of our belongings gone.

    We still considered ourselves lucky simply because we were unharmed. But this event served as our wakeup call to enhance home security. While I was reading through about a Glass Guard window alarm it dawned on me that a very simple window or door alarm can spot burglary effectively.

    I consider my house a sanctuary where I do not want any uninvited person to enter. I thought that I was doing enough by making certain that our front and back yards were well lit and our doors and windows were tightly locked.

    Ever since the encounter I have made it my top priority to safeguard my family members from criminal threats by using the ideal security gadgets. For that reason I was happy to have come across a vibration alarm that would warn us of any kind of incoming intrusion.

    Window and door alarms can guard your house against housebreakers whenever you are away. We ended up acquiring the Homesafe Wireless Home Security System  it could be programmed with 5 phone numbers which will be called one by one the moment illegal activity is detected.

    The moment a burglar tries to break into a window this window alarm transmits a signal to its base unit that will contact one of the preset phone numbers to tip us off on the trespassing. If the first phone number isn't answered it will continue to try the rest until the telephone call is acted upon.

    We obtained a package that contained a base unit, a sensor which could transmit from up to 250 feet and remote control for activating and also deactivating the system. A landline with tone dialing is necessary to set up this system.

    My unplanned study on a Glass Guard window alarm helped me realize that a window and door alarm could help me keep my family safe from danger. I am hopeful that it is the last time that we contend with a case of home robbery.

    Here is a complete list of DIY Home Security Options

  • Most Effective Method Of Protecting Your Property From Intruders

    Despite the fact that my parents reside in a completely different neighborhood as compared to mine, I was very rattled the moment I heard that somebody had broken into a house close to theirs. I quickly found that even when we are home were not exactly safe from being targeted by criminals.

    I was determined to change that mainly because I wasn't just going to let anyone take control of my safety. I opted to get an entry alarm with RF remote control for use as home protection and recommended it to my mom and dad also.

    The device I acquired is an alarm which can be utilized on a door or window that can be armed using a remote control. By using a security alarm in various access points in my household I thought that I would be successful in keeping intruders out.

    It works with 3 different radio frequencies so I am able to activate and deactivate the different alarm units set up in my home with the mere use of a single controller. This is definitely handy and efficient in securing all entry areas.

    What's more the channels of the remote may be set to operate different units. This way I could easily customize each wireless alarm to suit my security needs.

    Installing this intruder alarm was easy too. All I needed to do was make use of strong adhesive tape to fix the primary unit and its magnetic bar onto a door or window frame. Now that it is mounted and ready to go anybody who attempts to enter my house will trigger a loud piercing 110-dB siren.

    Having safety home alarms put up to be able to guard the entry points throughout my home will definitely keep intruders out and alert me of their presence. At the very least the alarm will frighten them off and hopefully keep them away for good.

    I am thankful for my online discovery of a solid entry alarm with RF remote control. With such an alarming unit I feel much more confident about the personal security of my residence as well as my own personal safety.

  • Protecting Your Family And Property From Intruders

    This story is about one couples journey in finding the proper home security devices for their needs. We thank them for sharing their Journey..

    As burglaries rise steadily within our community my spouse and I have become worried for our personal home protection. The burglars do not seem to concentrate on properties to rob. They appear to just enter any household which they find.

    My partner desired to buy a firearm for our safety. I refused because I believed that would be very violent. I suggested that we consider different burglar alarm systems instead.

    We were certain that we needed some form of a wireless home security device that possessed motion detectors, sensors and a base unit. Basically the sensors and also motion detectors send a signal towards the base system whenever motion is found. The base device then calls preset numbers and sounds an alarm to inform the homeowner.

    The individual answering the call has the option to listen in on the room or say something via the base gadget to whoever is in the room. The system could be deactivated either through the call or utilizing a remote control.

    We specifically acquired the HomeSafe wireless home security system. It came with a base unit, with an AC adaptor, a window/door sensor, a motion detector and a remote control.

    This particular personal home alarm system will sound an alarm when it discovers activity. It will also individually contact the five contact numbers we have entered into the system to inform us of movement in the house or that a door or window had been opened.

    Its sensors can send out wireless transmission approximately 250 feet. The motion detector can monitor a whole room effectively as it detects motion for up to 8 yards.

    On the internet, I discovered numerous kinds of burglar alarm systems and home security devices in order to help keep your home secure especially during the night, the moment you are sound asleep, or whenever you are not in the house.

    Ever since setting up a home defense system we have felt safer as well as a lot more confident knowing that we are just a telephone call away from scaring off anybody sneaking around our house.

  • Effective Way Of Protecting Your Property From Threat

    When that 12-year-old child from Oklahoma shot an intruder through the closet she was hiding in during a home invasion last October I did not know how to feel. Part of me was applauding the girl to have the guts to pull the trigger and another part of me was afraid for my own little girl.

    My daughter Sheila and I live alone and I realize increasingly more that security is something that no person should leave to chance.

    It does not matter in case youve got no foes. Occasionally it is just plain misfortune that armed intruders pick your house out of so many others to choose from.

    Celine my ex-wife was just as anxious over the incident and told me that she had set up a wireless home security system. She revealed it to me the moment I drove our little girl to her place.

    This includes a base unit that is linked to a landline a motion detector a door/window detector as well as a remote control. All are wireless and also could be mounted effortlessly. If one of the sensors detect motion or entry it activates an alarm.

    The base device will then call a pre-programmed contact number to be able to alert the person at the other end of the line. That person can listen in broadcast their voice through the base unit or disarm the system. In the event the system is not disarmed or if there isnt any response the system is going to call the next number on the list as much as 5 numbers. I was the last phone number on that list for Sheilas sake.

    The system looks good. You can also include an additional wireless home security detector for other doors and windows or an additional wireless motion detector inside other rooms within the house.

    There was one more home invasion this month inside Kansas involving a boy this time. I am glad I got an amicable divorce and that Celine and I can discuss home security in a civil way. You can not be too careful today.

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