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  • Securing Personal Possessions When Your Work Entails Moving Around

    Becoming a point guard for a semi-pro basketball team takes me places not to mention that it pays handsomely. The lack of security gets my goat though. I have lost personal items and money in locker rooms lockers and my very own sports bags.

    For sure I would never accuse a teammate of filching. The coach would hang me out to dry and the fans would eat me alive. Instead I came across a way to hide my things in plain view within a beverage can safe or a diversion safe disguised as a beverage can.

    I have not ceased singing the praises of diversion safes ever since encountering them on the net. They pose as normal merchandise from potato chips to oven cleaners to seem like they are or have nothing of value.

    Due to my profession I have opted for one dressed up as a can of Arizona iced tea for stowing money and also credit cards in the bag that I lug around during rehearsals and games. In fact vitamin water and refreshments are normal sights in players baggage.

    A Brut shaving foam safe conceals emergency cash and mementos inside my locker room at the gym or court. Amidst actual grooming products inside a travel pouch it is very unlikely to give its true nature away.

    Whether big-time or small-time thieves work with time constraints lest they be detected in the act of thieving. They hit the expected hiding areas like wallets jewelry boxes or the regular money safes where they have the most chances of searching booty out.

    Soda can safes camouflaged as Coca-Cola Dr. Pepper and Cherry 7-Up do the trick of securing valuable items in my bachelors pad. Intruders simply dont have time to search inside every single container in the refrigerator.

    No person has figured out the normal-looking iced tea can safe inside my bag. It certainly helps that I have surrounded it with actual beverages a few of which appear like the better thirst quenchers and would be the first to catch someone elses interest.

  • How You Can Make Sure That Your Financial Savings Are Certainly Safe

    The moment I started out working I would get 10 bucks out of my wallet daily and keep it as petty cash. Precisely what served as my own piggy bank was an unused container of chocolates being that I was far too close-fisted to snap up a much better moneybox.

    The flat in which I lived with 3 other people was burgled one day. My chocolate box was spared though as who will make an effort to try looking in it for spoils? That mere package got me an awesome idea on how to build a hidden safe cheaply.

    Thus for the next several years I would go from one used package to another one regardless of whether was an unused coffee can or perhaps ice cream cup and put those to use as storage safes. They dint ever became stolen from mainly because no one gave them the time of day.

    I am no more as destitute today as I once was. I lease a condo unit on my own and have moved some notches higher in the area of stowing my dollar bills away in reused product packaging. That is I currently save cash in diversion safes.

    These are masked safes that take the form of mundane consumer products in order that home invaders would fail to ID them as containers of valuable things. Theyre not unlike my empty cartons except that they keep better and have far longer shelf lives.

    For instance I have transferred my petty cash to three different areas. These are the Trader Joes Sea Salt can safe in the cupboard a fabric & upholstery cleaner diversion safe within the laundry area and also a carpet cleaner can safe in the utility drawer.

    Back when I initially happened on diversion safes online I read that burglars make an effort to clear out of the property they are robbing as fast as they are able to for fear of getting busted. They do not have time to check within cleaners as well as food cans for loot.

    Making use of stash cans for storage takes the uncertainty out of how to build a hidden safe securely without breaking the bank.

  • Things To Keep In Mind To Always Keep Your Precious Items Secure While On The Road

    Immediately after all of the kids have gone off to start families of their own my spouse and I obtained an RV in order that we can get on the road. We would like to enjoy travel and enjoy the great outdoors more regularly. Being in a position to see great places while keeping that homey feeling is essential to us so the RV is definitely best.

    However making use of an RV for touring is not without its disadvantages mostly on security. We used to have a problem with where to save possessions until we started using secret compartment books. These types of diversion safes have been the most suitable answers to our dilemma of secure storage.

    Our initial diversion book safe was a Christmas present from our eldest boy. He managed to trick me into believing that he had simply gifted me with a book. Since I read a great deal I wasnt the least bit surprised by his pick of present however was puzzled as soon as he advised me to glance inside.

    As I flipped the pages I came upon a rectangular box embedded within the middle. It appeared as if the pages had been hollowed out to make room for a box. When I nudged the cover off I discovered ample area inside for concealing things.

    I have to confess that this books compartment is a very smart method to hide valuable things without much effort. Goodness is aware that a thief would not hang around sorting through a bunch of books seeking money.

    Soon after asking our child where he obtained the disguised safe we browsed through web based stores and got a few more. We put some within a small library at home while keeping the rest along with my wifes cookbooks and my paperbacks inside the RV.

    We save money as well as important items within our book safes every time we are out on a trip now. My wife has put her jewelry within these hidden containers also.

    Having secret compartment books within our RV has surely decreased our worries throughout our travels. Were much more relaxed understanding that diversion safes have got us covered.

  • Very Good Approaches To Stash Your Valuables Inside A Shared House

    When I was still young I watched my daddy conceal 100-dollar bills inside hardcover books. I do that these days except that I utilize a real safe that seems like a book. Moreover the textbooks as well as first edition novels which I have make book safe compartments go well wonderfully on my shelves.

    Living in a shared household with 5 other gentlemen makes it challenging to put in a wall safe just like you see in motion pictures. That is exactly why I use diversion safes or safes that appear to be like normal things and store my valuables all over my room just like my father.

    We dont live in the very best of locations. We live in the heart of the city where rent could be divided uniformly and cheaply among 6 college students. Taking additional precaution from robbers petty thieves as well as even friends of friends is a must.

    My roommates and I always throw celebrations. Sometimes individuals who attend are strangers however I feel secured towards drunken visitors who may stumble into my room and go through my things. They wont find my belongings within my sock drawer.

    Ive got a flowerpot safe which sits in the corner of my room as well as safely holds about $3000 in cash. It has been keeping a dying fern for a long time that my ex-girlfriend gave me to take care of. No person who comes in would suspect that I would have my money in there.

    There are a ton of hidden safes on the market which are like Pringles cans or Maxwell House Coffee cans. However simply because we college students are always hungry food-looking safes are not the best options for us.

    I choose hiding locations that people particularly burglars would not even consider about. My wall socket safe is yet another excellent example. Since every single room has a wall socket who will think the one behind my bed keeps virtually any money?

    With the number of realistic-looking diversion safes on the market some make book safe containers look truly inconspicuous. Be sure to choose ones that will match perfectly with your way of life home decor and even your diet!

  • Pointers On Keeping Your Important Things Hidden From House Helpers

    My hubby and I both have regular jobs which leaves us with rarely any time to have household duties carried out. To keep our house in order we decided to hire a housekeeper to take care of all our cleaning needs.

    After some time I noticed that my personal possessions would go missing. Naturally we assumed that it was our cleaner stealing from us though we had no evidence. Instead my partner encouraged that we hide stash canisters amongst our things in which these would go undetected.

    That put the idea in my head of concealing things in plain sight. And then I stumbled upon diversion safes. These are hiding safes camouflaged as normal items seen in homes. The reason behind that is to outsmart anyone attempting to steal from you as they usually target the obvious hiding areas.

    One that I felt would seem unsurprising along with your toiletry items was a Brut shaving foam can safe. As it blends in with bathroom products were certain that the helper will not have an idea what it is or bother checking inside.

    The moment I chanced on a stone diversion safe I thought that it would appear very natural in my indoor garden together with plants and flowers. It is an excellent disguise for hiding money and jewelry which our housekeeper isnt likely to figure out.

    It truly does make sense to store ones possessions right under thieves noses. I myself would have never imagined that these secret safes were actual hiding places. If this was the way to keep our personal belongings protected then I was already sold on it.

    I feel just as positive that a gourmet saltshaker diversion safe would be undetected with the actual kitchen condiments. No person would ever imagine its true identity seeing as it looks just like the actual thing.

    Not only is it easy to hide stash containers in plain view it is effective too. So far I havent noticed anything else missing and I truly hope things will remain that way.

  • Finding Canny Solutions To Continue To Keep Your Valuables Protected

    Right after attending college I went looking for a job given that I couldnt afford to live on my own. I was glad to have discovered a group of other graduates that were seeking one other flat mate. I jumped at the opportunity to minimize costs.

    A few weeks in I started to notice that I would lose a couple of dollar bills that I would leave around as well as a few jewelry. I suppose that residing with other people is not suitable however I had no choice. My mommy informed me to look into diversion can stash safes as a solution.

    I ran across an all-purpose cleaner diversion safe and felt confident that it will remain unseen among all my cleaning products beneath the sink.

    Diversion safes are wonderful hiding places for jewelry cash and other small things. They are disguised as common household objects in order that anyone who is attempting to rob me would never think of searching in these covert safes.

    Thankfully Im the only one who drinks soda in the house. As soon as I discovered a Dr. Pepper soda can safe I was confident it would go excellent in the pantry making it a great hiding area for personal objects that I did not desire to lose.

    Keeping all my things safe is especially necessary to me since I am struggling to pay for my bills. Furthermore all the things I have I worked hard for. I didnt want another person to benefit from my belongings at my expense.

    My flat mates understand how I constantly clean the bathroom mainly because I can not stand it as soon as it is dirty. Having an Ajax household can safe within the bathroom is yet another a clever way of hiding my valuables in plain sight.

    To look into the numerous diversion can stash safes available over the internet is among the greatest pieces of advice my mommy has ever given me. Since the time that I began having these types of safes in different places of the apartment I have not lost a thing.

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