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Diversion Safes

  • How You Can Secure Your Business From Internal Theft

    Being a small business proprietor I have employed people with all sorts of character. Even though I screen prospective staff there are instances when even a background check cant guarantee the trustworthiness of somebody.

    I went hunting for portable safes right after I encountered several theft occurrences that turned out to have all been perpetrated by someone in my staff. He appeared to have a sixth sense when it came to guessing where I placed my cash since he always discovered where I stored them.

    I opted for diversion safes which can be relocated around because I wanted to outsmart the stealer. These kinds of safety tools are meant to appear like ordinary objects to provide effective disguises. I can put in them my cash and jewelry without making them look like obvious hiding places.

    So I acquired a brush free toilet bowl cleaner safe to store my extra money. It went right along with the other things in the stores utility cabinet. Even if I forgot to put it back in the cabinet everyone simply ignored it thinking it was an ordinary cleaning item.

    I have also obtained a beer can safe to hide my keys. One of those keys unlocked the cash register so I wanted to make certain that it was in a safe spot and also prevent it from getting misplaced.

    Furthermore I have put a flowerpot safe in one corners of the store. The money which I could no more deposit for the day was securely stored inside it.

    The great thing about these secret hiding safes is that they could be transported from one place to another to make them blend perfectly with their surroundings. They could be positioned where a cleaning item or a soda can is meant to end up.

    By using portable safes I am able to save my possessions from the prying hands of a dishonest staff. Any two-faced individual that I might hire unfortunately in the future will not have such a grand time looking for pillage.

  • The Way To Keep Your Valuables Secure From A Dorm Thief

    In the past couple of months burglaries have been taking place in our dormitory. Even when everybody kept the rooms closed somehow this thief knew just how to pick the locks open and has managed to get a hold of our valuable items.

    So far my roommate and I have not been victims of theft and we do not ever intend to be. We played it smart and looked into covert safes. Smart cover-ups make diversion safe gadgets far more ideal areas to hold personal belongings in compared to the usual hiding spots.

    As sodas are staples in many dorm rooms I was really positive that an A&W root beer soda can diversion safe will merge well with all our stuff. It is a great solution for keeping my money and some jewelry hidden.

    Diversion safes are technically hiding safes or money safes that are made to look like traditional things around the house. The reason for their disguises is so that robbers will not have a clue that they are real safes whenever trying to rob you.

    Books are definitely something that there a lot of in school so a book diversion safe would go flawlessly in a dorm room setting. With all the books we have lying around this cover is a clever one.

    Using a secret safe is definitely a good idea since the greatest method to truly hide your things is in plain view. Thieves make an effort to spend the least amount of time in your home given that they do not wish to get caught which is why they search the obvious areas initially.

    My roommate was interested in a hair brush diversion safe. She was very certain that no one would think this brush for a safe. I agreed also given that we both have long hair and having hairbrushes inside our room is just natural.

    Great disguises truly make diversion safe products an awesome means of hiding money as well as jewelry. My dorm mate and I are happy with the solution that we found out and feel secure that our things are safe.

  • Keeping Valuables In An Affordable And Effective Burglarproof Safes

    One way to make hiding safes look like books would be to hollow out the pages and use that space as a compartment to keep ones valuable possessions. This amazing idea offered me a way to hide my personal possessions without relying upon traditional safes that can be easily broken into.

    My husband and I had dealt with awful experience with a conventional safe before. We thought that a heavy-duty safe would keep all our money secure because it cost a great deal of money itself.

    One night a burglar came into our home and made a beeline to our bedroom. In there he swiftly got our safe open and emptied its contents. Nothing else was touched and we discovered that it just took the thief ten minutes to steal all the things.

    After that experience we began considering diversion safes for our safety. The design of these covert safes makes them undetectable to even the greatest burglar.

    Home invaders often would like to get in and out of a home in a jiffy. They are under time constraint so they would opt for locations in which cash is normally stored. They would not take a look at a stone safe twice or waste their time looking within common household objects.

    We decided to purchase a book safe for the master bedroom. Our room has a shelf filled with books that my hubby and I love reading. The book safe amongst the other books wouldnt look unnatural or in any way interesting.

    For our sons room we got him a Coca-cola can safe which could easily be stored anyplace without it appearing conspicuous. We wanted him to feel that he could hide his important things and not have them stolen.

    My partner and I are happy for the individuals who thought of making storage safes appear like books. Because of them we currently have a safe place to hold our money without worrying about another break-in.

  • Great Method To Hide Things Of Value When Traveling

    Security was the very first problem which I encountered the moment I started work as a flight stewardess in the past. It was not even that I often thought coworkers filched from me. Just as much it seemed like I would leave my stuff so unsecured that I had these types of losses coming.

    I had not been keen on using money and jewelry boxes since a long-time buddy warned me that their familiar looks make the regular safes home security no-nos. It took falling victim to burglary too for him to discover that lesson.

    Apparently the burglars raided only a wall safe within the study and jewelry boxes concealed in drawers. Police offered that this was expected behavior. Robbers aim for the no-brainer storage areas to get in and out quickly before being detected.

    Considering the mobility and turbo pace associated with my job the safekeeping of my possessions got to be a real problem. That was until I chanced on diversion safes on the internet that are the opposites of normal safes in conspicuousness.

    These hiding safes take the form of functional products from jars of coffee creamer to lint rollers. They are not predictable places to ransack but rather to waste no time ransacking since they appear like they are really worth nothing.

    It does not hurt any that many styles are small and also very portable. A constant presence within my luggage now is a Sprite soda can holding jewelry. Within my hand-carry is a hairbrush diversion safe that conceals some money.

    Let us say that a thieving bellhop or chambermaid or workmate walks in on my opened luggage and takes a couple of minutes to poke around. My disguised safes would still be the very last things that they would consider to search inside.

    Based on personal experience I consider these stealth safes home security must-haves as well as travel essentials. For valuables that you never leave home without do not go without airtight hiding places for them either.

  • Exactly Why Keep Your Things Safe Under The Radar

    I got an unexpected telephone call from my sibling one morning. Her apartment had been broken into when she was spending a trip out of town with her fiance. Her jewelry hidden inside her drawer had been wiped out.

    Learning from her experience I thought of buttressing our home with advanced home safety products despite the fact that I could hardly afford it. Luckily I came across a range of decoy safes or diversion safes while browsing online.

    Not like the normal safe that is usually made of steel as well as costs a lot of money these types of decoy safes are hidden as regular items. The disguises are products usually seen within the house in order that whenever a burglar sees them he would think that they are normal house items.

    While sorting through different diversion safes I was hit quickly with an idea. I obtained an Ajax household cleaner safe to hide my valuable jewelry. Along with other cleaning merchandise it is unnoticeable and strategically placed.

    Since I tend to get locked out of our home a lot I got a stone safe in order that I could utilize it to hide the front door key. It may be an old trick to hide a key beneath a rug or rock but this one hides it within. When an intruder suspects that a key is hidden beneath it he will be disappointed to discover nothing there.

    A wall socket safe is one more favorite of mine. Who would think to examine an innocent-looking electrical outlet and risk getting electrocuted? That is the reason why I feel positive regarding concealing our weekly allowance and an emergency credit card inside it.

    Home robbers will spend only a couple of minutes ransacking a home. They have their target spots where to seek out valuables. When those valuables are hidden inside covert hiding safes instead their time will be up before they can find anything at all.

    I find decoy safes or diversion safes the best hiding spots for the small but expensive items that I hold dear. Housebreakers can be ruthlessly thorough so I am happy to be well prepared for that.

  • Tips Regarding How To Conceal Possessions In A Dorm

    Most people claim that college life is incomplete if you have never stayed within a dormitory. Certainly dorm life is fun and you can share unique experiences with roommates. There are downsides to residing in a dorm however and privacy is one of them.

    Our dorm room is a place that is visited by friends and classmates. I believed that I was fine with this scenario until a pair of my earrings went missing. That was when I began utilizing a hollowed book to store my things as well as petty cash.

    I was not aware of diversions safes until I went on the net to search for security storage. Originally searching for a safe box I was disheartened by the expensive prices. It was a very good thing I followed a link leading to a web site that showcased unique hiding places.

    Seeing the clever items that can be used to store my stash was a real eye-opener for me. It is a real shame that I wasnt responsible enough to get items like those before moving into a dorm. Realizing that I was careless with my valuable items I made a decision to try using a disguised book safe.

    When I first obtained the package I was surprised by how well the safe resembled a book. It could have easily fooled me had I not known its real use.

    Soon after putting it among my other books it was extremely hard to view the difference. I thought it was crafty utilizing a real book and hollowing out the center to ensure that a hidden box can be placed. It is not like other book safes as I learned eventually which are clearly made of plastic.

    The usage of actual pages and its convincing weight give this covert safe the feel of a true book. I can conceal my things right there on my desk and it will continue to be untouched.

    Soon after obtaining a hollowed book for a diversion safe I had no more troubles with missing things. Dorm life may sometimes be chaotic but I have found a brilliant approach to stay on top of that chaos.

  • The Way To Secure Your Valuables In A Shared Household

    In my junior year in college I made a decision to make an early start on grown-up life. I reduced my school load found a six-hour work and also left the dormitory. I joined a rental apartment for 5 in which I obtained the bigger bedroom which I will be sharing with two other individuals.

    Since I was now gainfully employed but hardly knew my housemates I wanted a way to keep safe safes which would keep my ready funds as well as jewelry. As to what those holding cells could be my knowledge was restricted to the usual safes back then.

    However I doubted the effectiveness of regular safes no sooner than finding one roommate deposit a jewelry box into the bottom of her socks drawer. She moved swiftly before I or the other woman could catch on but not fast enough.

    If I were the thieving sort I would have filched from that female by now. For instance if I were a robber I would have hit the bags lying around reached into all the jeans pockets and flipped the drawers over.

    A real time of epiphany showed me that jewelry boxes cashboxes coin banks also wallets are the worst type of locations where you can have things safe. Being painfully obvious hiding places they are the first objectives of burglars and also filchers.

    Luckily for me I chanced on diversion safes for sale online. These are hiding safes that masquerade as the common household products anything from a jar of peanut butter to a Love My Carpet deodorizer can safe.

    The concept I guess is that intruders would never to think to look within cleaners or food containers. A pilferer will walk past my Desenex household can diversion safe and go for another tenants dresser drawers where a thing valuable awaits more likely.

    I almost lost hope of being able to keep safe safes which were going to have my money and jewels until stumbling on these kinds of disguised safes. As soon as my roommate with a jewelry box gains my trust I may let her in on it.

  • Where You Should Effectively Put Your Secret Hiding Devices

    Diversion safes are useful storage units that resemble regular household things where one can hide items of great value that you wouldnt want a thief to get his hands on. These include your cash jewelry as well as important files. A diversion safe is expertly camouflaged to look like a real can of soda fruit cocktail dog food or any other such items normally found at home.

    But keeping your valuables in just any secret hiding safe does not routinely imply that they will be totally safe. You ought to learn how to make a can safe as discreet as possible.

    Location is one aspect. You must know where to keep your stash can. You cannot simply put it anywhere you want or you might arouse suspicion from thieves.

    One blunder that people at times do with a disguised can safe is to keep it in a safe place. They put it in a location where it will be difficult to find such as inside a drawer.

    When a burglar broke into their residence what do you assume the burglar would think if he noticed a can of soup in the drawer? The can of soup would promptly raise suspicion and instead of safeguarding its contents it becomes a clear target for theft.

    The concept of making use of a hiding can safe would be to make it blend with its surroundings. A can of soup belongs in the cupboard. The simplest way to conceal a diversion safe is to keep it with other items that it can blend with.

    You have to also keep your disguised safe someplace where it wont easily catch fire or be susceptible to other forms of damage. Many can safes are disguised as food containers and best kept in the kitchen. Nevertheless ensure that you keep them away from the stove and also other hot areas.

    Learning how to make a can safe appear like it belongs by keeping it in the best place will make your diversion safe doubly effective.

  • Hiding Important Things In Plain Sight To Be Able To Avoid Theft

    Every now and then I would lose several dollar bills and small pieces of jewelry. I usually have people within the house like the nanny and the housekeeper so I can not determine exactly who is stealing from me.

    My spouse blamed me for leaving my things everywhere but also advised that I obtain a small home safe. This way I can keep my money and also small jewelry hidden properly where no one can get a hold of those.

    He told me to look into covert safes like a dried soup diversion safe that can be mixed easily with different food items in the kitchen. It is small in size and its camouflage offers the advantage of an ordinary appearance allowing it to blend very well with regular items in the home.

    I discovered how diversion safes are hiding safes that appear as ordinary items. Considering that they resemble everyday things any individual trying to steal my belongings wont think about looking in these covert safes.

    As I looked for options I discovered a stone diversion safe that would go well with all the other stones within the garden. It was offered in a small size making it easy to carry and also adequate for hiding my possessions.

    These types of secret safes are an awesome idea mainly because thieves are under time pressure so the first spots that they will aim for are the obvious hiding areas just like bedrooms. They would not bother searching through regular-looking items for things to pilfer.

    I felt that a hair brush diversion safe would also make the perfect disguise. It came in a great handy size as well as blended easily among toiletries as well as other products on my dresser. This enables me to keep my precious things close by but hidden as well.

    From the time which I purchased a small home safe for myself I have not lost anything at all yet. Thanks to my spouse I now know how to keep all my personal belongings safe so that they do not fall into the hands of burglars.

  • Using Disguised Safes To Be Able To Hide Your Possessions In Plain Sight

    The moment I was promoted to the upper management I was provided a lot of benefits. The most significant of these was the opportunity to relocate. Since my brand new workplace was going to be in a different city they offered me a company-sponsored condominium unit also.

    I accepted the offer and in just a month I had moved and was residing in an upscale condominium in the one of the citys wealthiest business zones. This was where I was first introduced to the use of disguised safes for covert storage.

    Living in an affluent area can make you a primary target of thieves. Certainly enough only a week immediately after I had moved in my neighbor claimed that his own house was burglarized and his personal lock box stolen.

    Amazingly enough the only thing in which the robbers appeared to take interest was the safe. A pal who is employed by a security company explained to me that burglars spend around 8 minutes only in someone elses house.

    Thieves will go for the most valuable objects that they can carry away in the least moment possible. Having a safe will usually suggest that you have something valuable inside of it.

    In contrast diversion safes are essentially empty storage units which look unimportant. Theyre meant to look like common household items like a soda or peanut butter on the outside but are empty internally so that you can stash things. The idea would be to place them in an environment in which they wont look odd.

    This will effectively hide your possessions in plain view and thieves is not going to imagine that such simple storage containers have anything of value. For instance a Barbasol shaving cream can safe and also a lint roller safe within your bathroom medicine cabinet can save priceless jewelry.

    Within your fridge you could place a 7-Up soda can safe and also a beer can safe to keep extra cash. I have since obtained disguised safes for my own personal use and am intending on purchasing much more for my own office.

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