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Diversion Safes

  • The Best Method To Keep Your Personal Items Safe At Home

    Just like other house owners my spouse and I have a conventional safe in the home to keep our important documents and things safe. We were so positive that it would be foolproof and no person would be able to break into it. Well we thought wrong.

    One early morning we woke up to find out that an intruder had came into our home and broken into that safe. From that point onwards we have sought alternatives by looking into residential safes that can avoid being found by robbers.

    It helped that we found diversion stash safes. These are hiding safes meant to resemble common items seen around the home. Seeing as they appear so ordinary and look just like real products they are great for storage inside any home.

    We became quite fascinated with these covert safes that are perfect for any home setting. A fabric and upholstery cleaner can safe for example would blend perfectly with the real cleaning products that we have in the cupboard.

    Something we thought would go well amongst my husbands toiletry items was a Barbasol shaving cream can safe. Its a great disguise that simply no burglar would bother to look inside.

    It became really clear to us that the purpose of camouflaging safes as regular products would be to trick robbers during a break-in.

    Any individual attempting to rob us definitely will not bother looking within regular-looking safes making them perfect for hiding cash and jewelry.

    A Country Time lemonade can safe was another that I was sure would fit in with our kitchen items. It would go undetected when placed with our real beverages.

    Following the undesirable experience that we had it became clear that regular safes are not completely effective.

    It was very good that we came upon residential safes for hiding our personal belongings in plain sight. We feel that this is a smart method to outsmart anybody seeking to steal from us.

  • Tips On How To Safekeep Precious Items In A Small Household

    John was leaving his parents home to live on his own in a New York apartment, this was among the most important milestones to adulthood that he made before he became twenty-five. The conveniences of home were absent, but the challenges of being able to live alone in the Big Apple were enough to keep his going.

    Upon my arrival at his very first studio he understood immediately that he must be wise in saving space and securing his things. For safekeeping reasons, he decided to invest in storage safes to protect his important items.

    Keeping money and also jewelry protected is a very important thing to give attention to. Given that purchasing a security vault seemed unwise particularly because of its size and also price he ended up using numerous diversion safes spread throughout the house to keep his small fortune secure. Here is how he used them in his own words.

    "To safeguard documents just like my passport and identification cards I made a decision to put them inside a hollowed book safe which blended flawlessly with my overhead bookshelf.

    I used a flowerpot safe to secure my jewelry and accessories just like my wristwatches and a little lock box for my rings. I intended on keeping the plant alive so that my hiding safe appeared more convincing.

    Aside from those two diversion safes the best one that I have at home would be the bathroom cleaner safe which I placed along with the toilet brushes beneath the sink. Yes the idea might seem gross, however it is the most secure place for me to hide rolled-up bills that I can use for emergency situations.

    The covert safes that I use are unusual but they promise great results given that many burglars would check out drawers and closets directly for the important things. When I think of it would burglars even bother looking at the bathroom cleaners that I use? I don't think so."

    Storage safes are simply some of the quirkiest and most interesting belongings that you can have. It is just that you may prefer to keep them a secret.

  • Safe Options For Keeping Your Possessions At Home

    Many people buy safes that are overpriced and useless. These safes may be made of heavy-duty metal with tricky or hi-tech locks, but I think that if thieves are aware of where to find your safe it can be broken into and you have already lost half the battle.

    After researching the various security options out there for keeping my belongings at home I found that diversion safes are the most useful to purchase. These are safes that look like regular objects found within most anyones house and go undetected by thieves.

    Many come in styles that look like containers of Mortons salt, while some appear like cans of Scotch Guard. The point is that they keep your belongings safely at home and stop robbers from stealing those since they are overlooked during a break-in.

    Diversion safes have numerous benefits apart from the fact they look cool and fit well into any home decor. Consider the 2 other benefits below when considering a diversion safe for your house.

    First they're affordable. Do not mistake low cost for ineffective. The benefit of this is that you can buy more than one safe and spread your money and jewelry in these hiding places all around the house.

    Second they can be placed in areas that thieves won't bother searching through. The pantry is one place if you decide upon a Chef Boyardee Beefaroni can safe for instance. Unless thieves are dumb enough to stop and make a snack, a money safe hidden inside your cupboard or fridge won't be touched.

    Research has shown that thieves devote an average of ten minutes within a house during a burglary. You can't prevent your home completely from being burglarized, but having a well-hidden safe for your valuables is one victory.

    If you are worried about home security as numerous people are make sure to buy safes that have the above mentioned qualities. You'll be shocked to find however that only diversion safes provide these benefits and work just as well as their more expensive counterparts.

  • Helping Elderly Persons Keep Their Personal Possessions Secure

    Ever since my pops passed away my senior-aged mommy has been living by herself in a suburb near Chicago. She has a cleaning lady that comes in daily and church friends who visit regularly. Apart from them she has the house all to herself.

    During our very last phone call my mother was distraught over missing jewelry. I did not wish to pass it off as forgetfulness kicking in because she was always careful with her things. I told her that it might be best to acquire a covert jewelry safe for her precious belongings.

    I did not want for mother to get a metal safe which could make another person feel that she had plenty of money all around the house. Thus I drove down one weekend to find out how she was and to show her exactly what diversion safes were.

    Soda can safes were ones that I started making use of soon after relocating to the busy downtown. In my apartment burglary was always a possibility, while figuring out my concealed safes was not. I wanted my mommy to have the same peace of mind that her possessions were securely hidden.

    I showed her the numerous disguised safes on the internet through my laptop computer. I also let her take a look at my Dr. Pepper stash can just to prove my point. Just like dad, mother can be stubborn sometimes, but she gave in grudgingly after seeing precisely how uncanny the resemblance was. Even this can safes weight got her fooled.

    We selected diversion safes that no person but her would touch. She does all the cooking, so designs just like a gourmet saltshaker safe which can be placed in the kitchen are a great idea.

    An Arizona iced tea can safe could be held in the refrigerator and her petty money would be safe. She found it easy to take the secret lid off, thus it was just suitable for her.

    For her jewelry safe she selected a hairbrush diversion safe that she could leave on her vanity. I am just glad that I helped mommy secure the prized trinkets which had come from father.

  • Successfully Tricking Robbers And Even Your Own Family Members

    Nobody teaches us how to hide valuables inside our home. The education which we obtain regarding this matter typically comes from films where jewelry and cash are hidden in large costly safes.

    If you ask me one example to follow is that of a person that died lately. As his children were emptying his residence after his death they were stunned to discover over 2 million dollars hidden in the oddest but blatantly seen places!

    This guy spent many years concealing his savings within containers where nobody would ever imagine precious possessions to be stored in. He collected money for many years inside cookie tins as well as toolboxes never to be noticed by neighbors robbers and also his children.

    How did that much cash stay safe in a house that welcomed numerous family members and visitors throughout the years? The answer lies in choosing the right hiding place.

    Normal objects seen in plain sight would never be looked at as hiding places for anything valuable. Diversion safes operate with the exact same concept as they are safes camouflaged as regular items.

    From cans of Del Monte fruit cocktail to containers of old-fashioned peanut butter and cans of Scotch Guard the mentioned things look precisely like the consumable products obtained in stores. The only difference is that they are really covert safes and therefore offer more security for your valuable things.

    The benefit of utilizing a diversion safe is that you will be fooling thieves who only seek out the large expensive safes made of titanium alloy. It is uncommon that a robber would raid your cupboards fridge medicine cabinet and mudroom so that your belongings will stay unnoticed.

    We can learn an excellent lesson on how to hide valuables from the elderly guy who hid 2 million dollars successfully under his familys noses. Being wary of banks he must have known that the greatest place to keep his money is nearby and in places no one would ever suspect.

  • The Ideal Approach To Continue To Keep Important Things Hidden From Burglars

    To our familys great shock thieves broke into my sisters downtown residence. It was a great thing that she was working during the break-in or it would have been truly more devastating. Soon after the police came by to check on her place I went and stayed with her as she sorted through her things.

    I was shocked when my sibling turned to the kitchen to look around for her valuable items. It turned out that she had been making use of a hidden home safe to conceal money and jewelry. As she taken out the surface of a soda can I found that the object she was holding was a diversion safe.

    Not merely glad that her jewels escaped the looting of thieves I was also impressed with simply how much a simple thing could be such a huge help. My sisters diversion safe pretending to be a soda can was one of the simplest things inside the kitchen. It is no wonder that the robbers didnt find it as there was totally no way any individual would have considered that it contained valuables.

    Inspired by my sisters good sense when it came to the protection of belongings I asked her where she got her stash can. She pointed to an Internet store.

    I went on the web that very same day to know if there was any that I can use for my very own house. There was apparently no need to worry about finding a diversion safe which would fit my place.

    All the designs for sale could fit most parts of any home easily. You just needed to choose which room you felt was the very best area to keep a concealed storage safe.

    There were flowerpots as well as fake stones meant for a spare key that can blend into a porch or garden. Salt and beverage tins are unrecognizable as diversion safes in the kitchen area.

    After choosing a disguised safe in the form of a lint remover I can lastly stop utilizing imprudent places to store my prized belongings. Burglars would need x-ray vision to locate my hidden home safe where I left it.

  • The Best Way To Make Home Secure From Thieves And Also Burglars

    Our past cleaning lady could not be trusted when it came to money and also jewelry. She had been stealing from our household for several weeks just before we noticed. We wanted to avoid this type of crime from taking place again so we brainstormed for practical ideas.

    My hubby eventually came up with a solution after browsing on the net. He discovered hidden containers which could blend into any room. It was also extremely convenient for us that these kinds of secret safes for sale at reasonable rates could fit any budget.

    We were really very happy to find different designs for these diversion safes which could help us keep our valuable belongings hidden. It was amusing to see normal household things turned into crafty containers.

    My hubby preferred a car parts cleaner can safe and lint remover stash can because he could put them in the garage. Burglars wouldnt look a second time at these containers never knowing that valuable items were stored inside.

    I was partial to the shaving cream and hairbrush disguised safes. These are insignificant objects which I could leave lying around in our personal bathroom cabinet. Even the weights of these products were considered as the disguised safes would always seem full.

    Grocery and pizza cash can be left in the kitchen for the kids to find. The soda can and also cookie tin safes are really convincing that even my children could be tricked. The tops of the stash cans may be pried off easily to show cash within if youre in the know.

    A stone safe and a wall socket safe appear to be a brilliant way to hide our spare home key. It will be a lot safer and smarter as compared to keeping it continually under our Welcome dog figurine.

    We had a tough time picking what we desired as the diversion safes for sale on the Web all looked genuinely commonplace. In the end we ended up purchasing several since they were reasonably priced. Now all we need to find is a new as well as dependable cleaning lady.

  • Tips On How To Cover Your Possessions From Prying Eyes

    Living within a New York apartment along with a friend had its obvious advantages. First I had somebody to share finances with. Next I had another person to look after my belongings every time I needed to travel for work. But sharing had its downsides and that included hiding my belongings as well as keeping my other personal items hidden.

    So when a cousin told me about his prized can safe I got curious right away. This wasnt truly my very first time hearing about diversion safes or safes that were built to appear like household or personal products.

    I knew also that can safes were covert safes built to mimic canned items. In fact other such secret safes looked much like toothbrushes books electrical outlets and flowerpots.

    And since I wanted to keep certain things really private safe cans supplied a marvelous idea. My very first choice was a 7-UP safe can. I would have a specific compartment within my room where I held my stash and simply the 7-UP safe was a perfect disguise.

    This somehow reminded me of the Pringles diversion safe which my cousin intentionally held within their cupboard saying that his siblings being full-pledged vegans didnt usually make an effort to check on his stash.

    Diversion safes masked as utility merchandise never fail to impress me. I recall how my auntie related this particular story regarding my uncle who deliberately held his vehicle keys within a Barbasol safe to prevent my other cousin from using the family car.

    Hiding safes that appeared like canned goods fascinated me the most. And the more I informed myself of the several options the more I got really hooked.

    Acquiring the 7-UP safe was certainly a wise decision for I can now store my extra keys as well as extra cash without giving any stranger hints. More so acquiring my sister a present this coming month proved simpler as she didnt mind owning a can safe where to keep her own valuable items also.

  • Ways To Hide Your Things From Robbers

    Soon after several robbery occurrences in the apartments of our neighbors my hubby and I came to the conclusion that we were living in a building that got the worst security. For concern that we would be targeted next we had to think of something fast.

    Carrying out a search on the internet brought us to diversion safes. We came across hollow book safes which are simply real books with a hollow center making them excellent spots to hold valuable items. These actually are clever inventions that are great solutions for us.

    In essence these kinds of covert safes are hiding safes that are produced in such a way that they appear to be true items or items seen around a house.

    We like to read and have books all around the apartment. So when we discovered a book diversion safe we thought that it would be the perfect disguise to put amongst all our trinkets at home. The interesting thing about it is that it is a genuine book with a secret place inside enough to keep our funds or jewelry.

    I liked the idea of using a true book with a hiding spot in the middle to hold our personal belongings. A robber would not think to look through our books especially since this book safe would naturally blend into our home.

    We never knew that such safes existed that would allow us to hide our belongings without thieves ever guessing where they are kept. Considering that they would not have an idea that one book is an actual safe I believe it to be much more effective than traditional safes.

    The empty area in between the book is adequate for hiding stuff such as cash jewelry and even a watch. With the disguise of this safe as a book the empty center is truly a good area to keep our things hidden.

    Hollow book safes are ideal for keeping burglars away from your important items. My husband and I now feel a lot more secure by concealing our valuable items at the center of these books.

  • The Most Effective Approach To Stash Valuable Items At The Place Of Work

    The perks of holding a highly paid job around the premier business area are countless. The tradeoff is that I practically live at my place of work so much so that I have a ready change of dresses and accessories as well as a lot of liquid cash stored over there.

    When I discovered that a coworker of mine lost a really expensive watch that he left unintentionally in the washroom I considered getting a strongbox to utilize at my workstation. Precisely how effectively can a normal safe hide stuff of value though?

    I would usually read that evident storage containers are the targets of theft exactly. Burglars know enough to hit the wall and floor safes moneybags jewelry holders and cashboxes where they have a better possibility of digging out something well worth stealing.

    Having that knowledge dissuaded me from procuring a strongbox. Rather I got on the internet to find a different option and it was then that I happened on diversion safes. These are made to appear like familiar containers just like sodas and household cleaners.

    While I was sold in theory I wished to place these ingenious hiding safes to a test. So I put a few hundred-dollar bills in a Nutter Butter Bites can safe that I then kept along with the real coffee packets and chocolate bars in my desks bottom drawer.

    Just like in most any office you never touch someone elses stash of nibbles knowing that they are certain to need it in an extremely stressful situation. When they reach for it and dont find their snack where they have left it you understand there will be blood.

    Sure enough no person dared touch what everybody simply thought were actually cookie bites. Soon after I added a Coffee Mate Creamer can safe for holding my jewelry and a lint roller diversion safe elsewhere in my work area for storing more money.

    Today I pay regular visits to all the Web sites that gave me the brilliant idea to allow a disguised safe hide the important stuff. I like changing up my containers to ensure that my work areas contents never become predictable.

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