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  • Tips Regarding How To Safeguard Your Family From Bears When Camping Out In The Wilds

    It is almost camping time within Colorado and my kids are looking forward to experiencing and enjoying the outdoors. As much as I want to share their exhilaration I couldnt help but be concerned about our security towards the dangers of the forest specially the bears which might appear all of a sudden.

    I discussed this dilemma with a good friend that enjoys camping regularly. He informed me that owning a bear repellent spray in my arsenal might help. With nothing to lose I took his advice and started browsing the internet for one.

    Bear pepper sprays are self-defense tools designed entirely to ward off as well as incapacitate bears for a short period of time. When the bear gets a dose of the mist this will offer a small window of opportunity for the users to flee and call for help.

    Considering that all defense sprays are non-lethal the bears will neither pass away nor undergo irreversible injury making them able to come back to their own group. Moreover research has shown that utilizing bear sprays against these mammals will condition them to become cautious from human beings.

    I came across and eventually bought a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent that is an EPA-approved bear spray confirmed to be effective against all types of bears. Its also environmentally safe since it doesnt include any kind of flammable or harmful substances.

    The mist which it releases can easily reach from 15 to 20 feet away keeping the users inside a secure range from the beast. The size of the cylinder is quite small and it can be fastened along the straps of the backpack or through a belt loop by its holster.

    I have come to realize that bear pepper spray is indeed a helpful device for the people who wish to explore the great outdoors.

    Having a bear repellent spray within your camping gear is definitely an advantage. But also it is essential to remember that a persons capability to think clearly throughout a distressing situation is the greatest tool to acquire.

  • Protecting Yourself Versus Wild Bears

    As a ranger working for one of the biggest national parks in the country Im in charge of safeguarding as well as preserving the park and its surrounding forest. My job takes me deep into the wilderness in which I inspect and record my discoveries.

    In the course of my job I normally encounter wild bears foraging for food or tending to their young. Normally they are peaceful however occasionally they may mistake you for a predator and face you. For situations such as these I have a bear repellent.

    It is a self-defense spray just like pepper spray and works in the same way but it is intended for use on bears. Its purpose is to drive the bear away so that you can escape.

    The effects do not cause any permanent harm and wear off in order that the bear can rejoin its population. But its not safe for use on humans. The use of bear spray can lessen the risk of permanent damage and loss of life among bears and humans as well.

    I encounter a number of different species of bears while on patrol so I carry a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent. Its registered solely with the EPA as a repellent which is effective against all species of bears and is eco-friendly.

    My patrol routes take me along several of the more popular hiking trails. The bears normally avoid these areas as there is not much food to be found. However in the summertime they are seen to wander out onto the trail.

    My fellow rangers and I were taught to keep our distance from bears especially when being faced with one. The bear pepper spray which I bring helps me with this as it is effective up to 20 feet.

    Over the years I have seen numerous park rangers and hikers saved because of the use of bear repellent spray. I find it to be a very useful tool for wildlife professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  • Effective But Humane Manner Of Avoiding Dog Assaults

    Pet dogs can be rather unpredictable. My mother said that the more silent the dog the more frightening it is to get close to it. She advised me to constantly arm myself with a dog repellent whenever I run during the morning.

    We reside in a quiet neighborhood that loves dogs. Every single residence possibly has at least one that stands on guard. While there are several mutts that know me probably by smell there are many others that always bare their fangs whenever I pass by.

    By using the faster jogging route I run the possibility of getting chased by these crazy pet dogs. Had I not committed myself to burning off thirty pounds by the end of the week I would not even dare to jog in this way.

    However I am determined. And the sole thing that gets me through is my Mace Muzzle canine repellent. While providing me with safe entry to dog-infested areas it also provides a humane means of taking care of these gnarling creatures.

    Dog pepper spray is manufactured specifically for these animals and not human beings. Neither should you use a pepper spray for people on dogs. I love dogs however we do not own one. My mommy is allergic to animal fur and we learned that when I brought home a wet puppy when I was 5 years old.

    The moment my mommy bought me a pepper spray for dogs I vehemently refused thinking that I could critically hurt the pet dog. She informed me that this would not happen unless I strike the mutt with the spray can in the head in which case the dog would have bitten off my ear just before I possibly could do so.

    Pepper spray is non-lethal and also meant as a defense weapon by spraying the contents directly unto the canine. This is to ward off the creature from seeking any physical attack on you.

    Given that I wouldnt be bringing about any long term harm or something that would make the dog remember me permanently I could safely make use of the dog repellent every time that I feel endangered by the animal.

  • Recommendations On How To Ensure Safety Whenever Camping Outdoors In The Forests

    My groom-to-be is an outdoor type of person. Whenever possible or at the very least once per month he schedules a hiking adventure together with his buddies or his colleagues.

    Worried for his safety from wild animal assaults while camping I purchased him a Bear Mace which I stumbled on while shopping on the web. I have read all about bear sprays from online ads and exactly how theyve saved the lives of many campers.

    Hikers that go into national forests that are usually the natural habitat of bears are urged to take bear pepper spray along with them. Having one of those handy whenever camping or hiking can lower the number of deaths caused by bear assaults. Similarly the amount of bears slain as an act of self-defense is also reduced.

    Bear repellents whenever sprayed on a bear make it go away rather than inciting it to strike as a type of defense versus the individual.

    As self-defense weapons bear sprays produce momentary incapacitating effects only hence no environmental law is being disobeyed. The bear can continue to rejoin its group as soon as the repellents effects have faded away.

    I have learned however that bear pepper spray should not be used on someone else. Im a bit worried about this actually considering that my fiance as well as his buddies become a little rowdy at times.

    The Mace Bear Repellent Spray which I purchased for my fiance could spray about 30 feet a safe enough distance in between the bear and my partner. It can be utilized just once since the container empties at about 5.4 seconds.

    Right now I have bought two more sprays as reserves. I could just hope that a bear attack never occurs but if it does then at least let my fiance do not forget that he has a Bear Mace in his belt pack. After all it is always alertness as well as common sense that will help save somebody in the end.

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