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Animal Repellents

  • Effective Means Of Safeguarding Oneself From Vicious Dog Assaults

    Ever since I was a kid Ive always been fond of animals dogs particularly. My parents gave me my very first dog a pug during my 5th birthday. He died the summer I turned 11. I requested my mother and father for another pet dog and this time around they provided me a golden retriever. I suppose that it was only normal that I went on to study animal medicine and turn into a veterinarian what with my love for wildlife.

    While I was on my morning jog once however I found a canine approaching me. I didnt mind needless to say but then it began barking intensely as it drew closer. If its owner hadnt come out of his home at the last second I probably would have been attacked. It was at that time that I understood that even with my liking for animals I should perhaps acquire a Dog Mace defense spray. After all it was precisely what I recommended to people I knew who were afraid of dogs.

    Dog defense spray is used to stop a dog from attacking you rather than push it to become more aggressive. When the effects of the canine repellant have faded away the dog is assured to have no lasting damage.

    While non-lethal just like normal defense spray dog spray should not be used on humans vice versa.

    I went on the internet to look at various dog repellents even though I did currently have a certain personal defense weapon in mind the Mace Muzzle canine repellent.

    This Environmental Protection Agency-approved dog self defense spray possesses a flip-top safety cap to keep you from discharging it by mistake.

    This has ten one-second bursts that can reach a distance of 8 to 10 feet. If a hostile canine were getting close to me I would still have plenty of time to launch my dog spray at it.

    It may seem a bit odd that I a veterinarian am prepared to use some Dog Mace on mans best friend. But maybe not: Im 100% sure that this specific personal defense weapon is risk-free for both man and also animal.

  • Using The Appropriate Protection While Enjoying The Outdoors

    Im a real city gal but since my own guy is an outdoorsy individual I decided to give that a try. I figured if something went at me I could make use of anything I find for protection.

    Apparently this is a no-no. My partner told me that utilizing wasp spray for self defense wasnt advisable whatsoever. So I researched and found that sprays ideal for insects could cause a lot more harm than good whenever utilized on people.

    I was worried about keeping myself protected during our very first camping trip together. I had learned about bear assaults in the past so I wished to obtain a bear pepper spray for protection. The thing was I could not utilize one as an all-around defense spray either.

    While reading I learned that bear sprays are made especially for bears. These cant be utilized on individuals as well as the other way around. It can be confusing as they work like usual defense spray in that they cause an unpleasant burning discomfort in the face of the bear. They are wonderful bear deterrents providing you with enough time to escape.

    My sweetheart stated that he used his Mace bear repellent spray before to escape successfully from a bear. It was a strong magnum fogger within a 260-gram can that sprayed for thirty feet in distance.

    I found out that self defense spray for bears is non deadly as well as helps reduce deaths among bears that attack. This is because bears is going to recuperate from the pepper spray effects allowing them to go back to their own population. Making use of these sprays also lowers deaths in the humans being assaulted.

    Therefore I made a decision to use the Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent. This is ecologically safe and registered with the EPA as repellant for all types of bear.

    Opening myself to the outdoors has helped me learn a lot already. Now I know not to make use of wasp spray for self defense. Plus now that Im ready I am getting excited about our trip.

  • What Self-Defense To Have In What Situation

    I was planning on taking my girlfriend on a camping adventure outdoors. As an outdoorsy individual I used to only guard myself using anything I could grab however I realized this was not going to cut it for my girl.

    I conducted some research and discovered that using wasp spray for personal protection was not encouraged. Using sprays meant for insects could do far more injury than good whenever utilized on human beings or animals.

    My problem was to keep my girlfriend and me safe during our trip. I understood that bear attacks should not be taken lightly so I was thinking about buying bear spray for personal defense. I was thinking that I could make use of it as an all-around spray but I was wrong.

    Bear sprays are manufactured specifically for bears. These cannot be utilized on people and vice versa. But these work just like ordinary self defense sprays in that they also leave an agonizing burning discomfort in the face of the target. They could deter bears giving you a chance to flee.

    One of my pals said to me that he was able to save himself from a bear using his Mace bear repellant spray. It was a powerful magnum fogger that sprayed at a distance of thirty feet via a 260-gram can.

    While I read more about bear self defense spray I learned that they are non-lethal. Using these will minimize the death among bears that attack. Bears can recuperate from the self defense spray effects and return to their population. Utilizing bear repellent also lowers fatality in people being assaulted as it is an effective deterrent.

    I acquired a Guard Alaska bear repellant. This particular hot self defense spray for bears is eco-friendly and registered with EPA as a suitable repellent for all species of bears.

    I am glad for my research as it taught me to avoid using wasp spray for personal protection. Right now I know that it is important to utilize a suitable defense spray depending on the protection that you require.

  • Suggestions On How To Safeguard Yourself From An Angry Pet Dog

    One of my fiances most significant issues when it comes to jogging are dogs-that is the thought of dogs going after him. He told me that he used to really like mans best friend especially since he was raised within a household that constantly had pet cats and dogs. However the moment he took up a summer job being a newspaper boy he was pursued down the street by dogs frequently. Since then he had always been scared of them.

    I was surfing the web one day as soon as I read an article regarding a device known as the Super Dog Chaser electronic dog repeller. Interested I read on believing that it would ultimately be the solution to my mans fear of dogs.

    Apparently there is such a device that can repel dogs using a high frequency sound that can only be heard by dogs. This noise affects their hearing too much so that they are pushed to run away from it.

    I contacted up my fiance and asked him his opinion on acquiring a dog repellant. Given that he wasnt a huge fan of working out at the fitness center he decided to give it a go. Thus I purchased one.

    This kind of electronic canine repellent is equipped with ultrasonic technology which releases a 20000- to 25000-Hz sound that is unpleasant to a dogs keen sense of hearing.

    Furthermore it has a brilliant LED blinking strobe that can blind and confuse a pet dog for a short moment of time.

    Those two methods to stop a dog attack work even when the animal is 40 feet away from you. Thus you will be comforted with the knowledge that you wont have to get close before you can fend off a dog. It even features a training setting to assist you prepare yourself.

    Getting the electronic dog chaser indeed helped my fiance with his dog problem. Certainly hes still afraid of them but at least the canines will be the ones going away from him instead of the other way around.

  • Effective Way Of Keeping You And Your Family Secure Whenever Camping

    Outdoor camping has long been our main type of recreation and also family activity. But as you know camping is not at all times safe. We must depend on our hands alone for safety and so we constantly brought our wasp spray for self defense. We had no idea how completely wrong we were until a ranger set us straight.

    We had been using wasp spray not only to fend off bugs but also to keep safe from wildlife as well as snatchers and robbers we would encounter while traveling. The ranger was surprised to hear this and relieved that we didnt harm ourselves.

    He mentioned that wasp spray has an element yet to be tested on humans. While it proves to be toxic to insects by going through their central nervous system and killing them its dangerous effects on humans and wildlife can probably be much more damaging or a lot less effective than predicted.

    The ranger reminded us that wasp sprays are not developed to be utilized directly on humans or bears and should not be relied upon as a type of non-lethal self-defense. We realized then how close we were to harming ourselves as well as the wild animals.

    He recommended that we make use of bear sprays and pepper sprays instead. They are defense sprays specifically developed to fend off bears as well as offending people respectively.

    Bear sprays are to be used only in fending off bears and not on humans either. These are extremely recommended than other personal defense devices because they lower the chances of permanent damage and loss of life among people as well as bears as well.

    For our subsequent camping getaway we bought a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent that works on all bear species. It does not contain combustible elements or even dangerous substances that may harm the ozone layer. We specifically got the 260-gram can that has a range of 15 to 20 feet.

    We are so delighted we encountered that ranger. Although we still carry it we no longer use our wasp spray for self defense. Today its just for the purpose of fending off insects.

  • Methods To Ward Off Bear Attacks

    A college friend and I scheduled a nature hiking trip within Tennessee. He informed me to look for a potent pepper spray bear assaults would be deterred with in that specific place.

    Ordinary pepper sprays can surprise aggressors due to the concealed design. It is a strategic advantage over any enemy. Many are extremely light small and could fit conveniently in a bag or pocket. They may be hidden inside your hand that is perfect for a quick spray into the eyes. But they are not to be utilized for bears.

    Bear spray isnt for repelling human beings either. It is a non-lethal defense tool which lessens the odds of invariable harm or death (in bears and in human beings) as a bear assault progresses. It is an effective means to keep away a bear instead of confront it in battle. When you spray a bear using bear pepper spray it has a chance to recuperate and return to the wild.

    I was able to obtain Mace bear repellant spray that is safe and humane. It could spray for around 30 feet. In only 5.4 seconds the container will be empty. I selected one which was filled with 260 grams of repellent.

    As soon as everything was set in place my good friend and I geared up for our nature hike. We made it into the woods at around four in the afternoon.

    We saw a clearing and made a decision that it is going to be a good place to set up camp for the night. By the time that the campfire was in full blaze rustling in the surrounding bushes began.

    It was just the wind or at least that was precisely what I kept on telling myself that evening. I slowly brought out my bear repellant while we remained alert.

    Suddenly a huge black bear came out virtually in front of us. I utilized my pepper spray for bears right away and the animal retreated. But even though I saved our lives I worried a bit about what pepper spray bear damages could be caused.

  • Effective Way Of Keeping Your Whole Family Protected Whenever Camping Out On The Wilderness

    My family really loves to head out camping. This is a bonding adventure for us. Meanwhile not every camping areas are safe. Thus we have to ensure our own security every time we head out camping.

    Because of the continuous danger and threats of nature all of us always carry tools and also devices to keep us safe. These include Bear Mace that is a kind of defense spray created only for use against bears.

    Defense sprays are non-lethal weapons that immobize an opponent temporarily. These target the eyes and/or skin of the enemy causing a painful burning sensation within these areas. As the attacker works on relieving his pained eyes/skin the victim then has enough time to run away and find help.

    Strong pepper sprays can obstruct respiration or trigger coughing and choking. You will find defense sprays meant for use with people and others with bears. The latter is surely beneficial to my loved ones and all those who go camping regularly.

    Bear spray works similarly to an ordinary pepper spray. Only it is designed specifically for bears. It will not work on humans just as ordinary defense sprays is not going to work with bears.

    We have a Mace bear repellent spray in particular. It is good at repelling bears and providing them with a warning to stay away from people. Its non-lethal so you do not have to worry about killing or injuring bears unintentionally. No person gets hurt and no bear dies due to your effort at self-defense.

    Everybody in the family has a bear spray. It came in handy the moment my cousin found himself face to face with a grizzly bear! He simply sprayed the bear right into the eyes and it fled. After that we no longer heard from the bear and continued quietly with our camping.

    Something like a Bear Mace is really required if you plan to go camping especially on mountaintops where there are lots of bears. With this you keep yourselves safe while helping to conserve bear populations.

  • Ways To Keep Pet Dogs At A Distance

    After working as a deliveryman for 5 years now and having been attacked by pet dogs many times I have eventually discovered the best solution to dog hostility - dog repellent spray. Its a specific kind of pepper spray to be used only for dogs.

    Pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons that bring about momentary incapacitation by leaving behind a burning feeling within the assailants eyes or on the skin. Besides ordinary pepper sprays there are those intended for use on bears and others still on dogs.

    Dog pepper spray functions similarly to a common pepper spray however it should be used just on dogs and not on humans. Similarly regular pepper spray must not be utilized on dogs as it might have different effects. The former was fashioned purely to defend against dogs.

    Its a non-lethal defense spray that effectively decreases the possibility of long term injury in both people as well as dogs throughout a canine attack. Much like regular defense sprays however its effects let a canine to recuperate.

    I particularly utilize a Mace canine repellent. It has 17 grams of pepper spray for dogs that can last for up to 10 one-second sprays. It can reach dogs which are 8 to 10 feet away so I dont need to wait for the canine to be close just before I spray. Furthermore it features a flip-top safety cover so I wont dispense it accidentally.

    I constantly place my very own dog spray on my person whenever I am making a delivery. So when I went to deliver to someone who had a scary pet dog on the loose within his backyard I pulled it out right away and sprayed the incoming very angry canine.

    The dog got distracted giving me time to go to my van. The pepper spray did not really hurt the canine. It simply kept him busy while I fled to safety.

    After that I never removed my dog repellent spray in my pocket again. It saved me as well as the dog both from injuries.

  • Ideas For Warding Off Attacking Bears

    Becoming an adult in Freeport instills in anybody a unique love for the great outdoors. My high school buddies and I used to enjoy our summer months in the different campsites dotted throughout our place. Now nearly 20 years later my best pals and I still spend one week each and every summer camping as well as hunting together.

    This year we intend to get our game up and visit Alaska for our yearly summer season get-together. My friends have been on enough outdoor journeys to be aware of the dangers in the wild though. That is why we have made a decision to add a number of pepper spray for bears to our huge collection of security equipment.

    A bear repellent is a type of pepper spray formulated exclusively for bears. As such defense sprays made for human beings wont work against bears. The same is true for the utilization of bear sprays on humans.

    Bear pepper spray cuts down on the occurrence of permanent injury or fatality among both the human beings and bears. It provides a non-lethal however temporarily incapacitating impact on the bear upon contact with the skin.

    The defense spray effects allow the human to escape to safety and the bear to rejoin its population. As for the bear once these effects fade away it endures no permanent injury.

    While searching the internet I found a couple of bear sprays which we could add to our packs for Alaska. The initial one was a Mace bear repellent spray. It is a magnum fogger that could spray inside a distance as far as 30 feet. The variant Im intending to acquire contains 260 grams which it can empty within 5.4 seconds.

    Another one was a Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent. It is preferred by the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation. This kind of bear pepper spray is the only one listed in the EPA being a repellent for all bear kinds.

    Im very sure that all of us will have a great deal of fun as well as enjoyment as soon as we set off to Alaska this summer. Although geared up I really hope we never find the need to utilize our pepper spray for bears throughout our time there.

  • Pointers On How To Defend Yourself From An Unfriendly Pet Dog

    In order to keep myself physically fit I run for about 5 kilometers every morning. But our area is full of dogs which bark at me each and every time I pass by their homes. There are even instances when I have to change my course given that a number of dogs chase after me.

    Getting a shot for a dog bite is a bit expensive. And although it is included in my health insurance I do not want to get bitten by a canine simply put. So if I wished to carry on running I needed to get the appropriate kind of self-protection like dog pepper spray in particular.

    A dog spray is non-lethal to both dogs and human beings although it should not be utilized on the latter. Likewise pepper spray intended for humans should not be used against canines.

    A dog repellent is a non-combative tool for protecting yourself. That is it doesnt provoke a canine to attack you. Rather it wards it off.

    What I wanted was a product that was authorized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be sure that it was indeed risk-free for dogs.

    I checked on the net for effective dog sprays that were EPA-approved and stumbled on the Mace Muzzle dog repellent. It was claimed to be perfect for use by mailmen joggers cyclists newspaper boys and delivery guys.

    This particular defense spray for dogs features a flip-top safety cap to prevent any unintended discharge. It could spray up to a range of eight to ten feet so you can take comfort in knowing that the dog will not need to be as near to you as possible before you spray on it. The 17-gram cylinder features 10 one-second bursts. Thus in case your aim is inaccurate you can have another go at it.

    The morning following the dog pepper spray was brought to my house I began taking it beside me every time I ran. Today I can run wherever I would like as well as just change routes whenever I want.

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